Shopping Addiction - Signs, Symptoms and Effects

5 Funny Things Shopping Addicts Can Relate To

Who cares if people think you like to shop. You can always pass it off as a hobby. But there are funny tell-tale signs that make you look like the one with the shopaholic addiction. If being fashionable and shopping loving is a crime, then you might admit to being guilty!

If you put in more research when shopping than while completing a work assignment, you’re surely addicted to retail therapy. As long as the addiction doesn’t leave you bankrupt, shopping never killed anybody! Here are some funny things you can relate to if you always have shopping on your mind with an overworked credit card to boot.

5 Funny Things Shopping Addicts Can Relate To

1. Remember?

You know you are a shopaholic when you can’t keep track of the stuff you’ve ordered. You might have packages arriving at your doorstep that you don’t remember ordering. Of course! The joy of seeing a package might make you get over the initial shock. You might have to start maintaining a book to keep a track of your orders. Girl, you have a shopaholic addiction.

2. Argue and Then Shop

You know you have a shopping problem when an argument can trigger a shopping spree. You might need to shop to fill an empty void. Getting professional help could be the solution here. You would not want to make debts for yourself. On the flip side, it could help you control your temper too. The thought of buying a new pair of shoes could help you get distracted and get over anger easily.

3. Got it Memorised

One of the symptoms of shopping addiction is heightened memory. You may ask – why is that a bad thing? Well, memorising your debit card number means more shopping. You’ll be compelled to pick up things just because you have the required buying information memorised. This means you would not need to choose the ‘save password for later’ option. Your debit card number could be the only thing you remember by heart, of course after your birthday!

4. No Repeats

Have you ever repeated outfits? No? Well, you might just be a shopping junkie. One of the first signs of a shopaholic is not remembering what you bought last. You probably haven’t worn the same outfit for years. This also means you must definitely have more than one cupboard dedicated to clothes. It also means your shopping bills amount to obscene amounts. You might want to start donating clothes to charity. There may come a time when you have to make space for your next few rounds of shopping.

5. Friends with Benefit

Do you shop so often that your contact list has more numbers of salespersons than your own friends? Er! You have a problem lady. The need to always shop means you have a social circle comprising influential people from your favourite stores. You probably get the best treatment and first-hand scoop on the best deals. This is definitely one of the funniest effects of shopping addiction, one that can invite snide remarks too.

All said and done, shopping is, after all, fun. Just make sure you keep a check on your addiction (and your wallet)!

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