Funny Situations For Women Who Wear No Make-Up Stage All

5 Funny Situations For Women Who Hate Makeup

You are not keen on using cosmetics to look prettier; you prefer the natural look. Indeed, spending time patiently in front of the mirror isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But not wearing makeup can land you in situations too hard to not laugh at!

So what if you’re different from your friends who love to cake up to look good? You’re happy with the beauty that nature has bestowed you with and not interested in spoiling it with makeup. Going makeup free is totally acceptable – or is it? We are sure you’ll find a lot in common with the list that follows—you naturally beautiful lady, you!

Funny Things that Happen to Women Without Makeup

1. You wonder about the queue in the lady’s room

“Hey, what’s happening here?” You utter these words and get funny glances from women touching up their makeup. Be it a discotheque, pub, club, restaurant or wedding hall, you barely get space in the washrooms. These popular places are packed with strangers doing everything possible to keep their mascara, eye liner or lipstick in place. You’re obviously the odd one out. After all, HOW can you just come to pee and not fix that lip colour?

2. You’re assumed to be a tomboy

While you would rather enjoy your clubbing hours with a squeaky-clean look, you’re expected to have all that colourful makeup to make you look ‘feminine.’ More often than not, women without makeup are either assumed to have no knowledge about self-grooming or tagged as a tomboy. Go your way girl; how many have the guts to face people with a no makeup face? Just enjoy your unclogged pores and be proud in your skin!

3. You’re kept waiting for hours that seem like forever

You look dazed when your friends seem to go on and on in front of their dressers and ask you to wait. “Just a minute more” is what you keep hearing every other minute till you choose to let go of the count. As a woman not wearing makeup, you find it amusing that there’s so much more to getting ready than merely throwing on some clothes!

4. What are bare-faced selfies?

“Aren’t all selfies meant to be bare-faced?” Ask this and get ready for those slanting looks again. All your pictures, leave alone selfies, are sans makeup. You don’t get the fuss about ‘bare-faced selfies’ and find yourself in an odd place – again. Sigh!

5. Wearing makeup for a natural look?

You just cannot align yourself with the idea that women spend hours and money on cosmetics that make them appear as if they are wearing no makeup. They actually attempt to look ‘naturally beautiful’ by applying sheer toned and ‘go nude’ cosmetics. Whatever they do, they often fail to appear as good as women with natural beauty like you.

Walking around without makeup does need a bit of an adjustment, especially with the way other women look at you. However, there’s no reason whatsoever to join the party if you’re not comfy with the idea of looking caked. Go ahead, enjoy your bare looks—not many can flaunt their natural beauty anyway!

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