Simple Tips on How to Exercise With Your Dog

5 Fun Ways to Let your Dog Be your Fitness Pal

Dogs are our true friends. They not only take care of our property but also aim to keep us happy. These furry companions are great stress-busters too. Use some fun ways to exercise with your dog and take woofy strides in the fitness challenge!

Research over the years has shown that a dog can be a great route to a healthy heart and mind. Animals help us de-stress and make our lives richer. If you have a dog, connect with him on a deeper level by taking him along on your workouts.

Workout with Your Dog in 5 Easy Ways

1. Regular Walks Should Head Your List

We’ve all heard how frequent walks can benefit the body and mind and this applies to dogs as well. Take your furry companion for a brisk walk or a leisurely stroll. Medium to large-sized dogs can have a lot of energy to expend so half an hour of walking will do them and you a world of good. For pups and small dogs, short walks are recommended. This is a great activity for your no or “less intense” workout day too!

2. Opt for Agility Training

Agility training is one of the super fun ways to exercise with your dog. Jumping over hurdles and passing through tunnels is not only physically challenging but mentally too. Your dog gets a complete mind and body workout while you learn how to connect with him and communicate. It’s a great feeling to successfully train your dog through love and patience.

3. Pass That Ball

Play fetch by throwing a ball and having your dog catch it and bring it to you. You can also kick the ball if you prefer. There are special doggy balls in particular sizes for particular breeds. Get one that he’s comfortable holding in his mouth.

4. Letting Him Jog while You Cycle

Dogs are natural runners. They may slow down when tired but given the chance, they love a good sprint. One way to exercise with your dog is to cycle and have him run alongside you. This could take some practice as you want him to learn to synchronise his speed with yours. Animals are smart, however, and he’s sure to pick up quickly. Give him a couple of treats every time he gets it right.

5. Swim with Him

Like running, swimming is a terrific workout too. It’s especially great if you have joint problems or don’t like how running can impact your knees and ankles. You can include toys like balls to get him excited about being in water.

Practice how to exercise with your dog and discover how much fun it can be. Working out with your furry friend can do more than tone your body. It’s great for the mind and spirit, both yours and his!

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