How to Exercise with Your Dog to Keep Yourself Fit

5 Fun Exercises To Do With your Darling Dog!

Exercising with your dog can leave you and your pawlove super fit and ensconced in an unshakable bond in no time. From brisk walking, cycling to even yoga, your pooch can be your fitness partner like no one else. Indulge in a workout and stay slim, happy, and healthy together.

Do know that your pet dog, who’s your best friend, may be battling obesity and other fitness challenges? From heart diseases to arthritis and other severe health issues, dogs can fall prey to nasty diseases. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if your dog could be your fitness pal and in the process stay fit himself? Studies suggest that people who exercise with their dogs are likelier to adhere to their fitness regimes!

Fun Ways to Exercise With your Dog

1. Walk around till you drop:

Be it hound or human, brisk walking is one of best ways of remaining fit. The many advantages of regular walking include higher energy levels, controlled blood pressure, denser bones, a healthier heart, and reduced risks of depression. In case of dogs, common behavioural problems are greatly reduced by walking for 40-45 minutes daily. Make sure both you and your doggy friend check with the doctor in advance.

2. The thrills of a good jog

Jogging or exercising with your dog can be very exciting! Remember, all dogs are not built for long-distance runs and may end up panting. For instance, if you happen to own a Greyhound, be prepared for short-distance sprinting, not jogs. A Labrador will take you miles, even more than what you may have bargained for. Try to create a 30-minute excursion with your full-grown pup—5 minutes of warming up, followed by 20 minutes of hard-core jogging, and 5 minutes of cooling down.

The thrills of a good jog

3. Does your dog love swimming?

A favourite all-in-one workout for dogs suffering from arthritis, swimming is highly beneficial for you too. This low-impact sport doesn’t stress out your joints too much and acts on various muscle groups. It makes for better endurance levels, as well as stronger lungs. As your dog may not fall in love with your swimming sessions right away, start slowly. You may like to bring along treats or toys for further motivation.

4. Who jumps higher for the Frisbee?

If you’re in search for a classic canine workout with your dog, then go pick a Frisbee. They make you twist, spin, jump and do many other things that’ll keep you and your dog fit and hearty. Create a “Disc Dog” team or join one. The right motivation and the spirit to compete will leave your doggy wanting for more. But hey, remember, you need to go back indoors too!

5. Doga or yoga?

Involve your pet into some dog-centric Hatha yoga poses and see a complete health twist. Well, you heard that right. For instance, a popular doga posture will make you recline with your legs close to the pet’s torso. These classes may not be very popular where you stay, but are great for nurturing new owner-pet bonds—right away!

Cycling, hiking, dancing, skipping, and more, the lists of fitness challenges that you may like to take up with your pet are indeed many. Go for it. You won’t be disappointed when you know how to exercise with your dog!

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