How to Save Money Every Day

5 Everyday Money Saving Tips that Work

These days, it seems like the cost of everything is shooting up. But you don’t have to fall victim to empty wallets just yet. It’s time to turn yourself into a motivated saver and find out everyday ways to save money. You can implement these ideas every day and turn things around.

Life is expensive, especially when you have children. But the good news is that you can separate yourself from this downward financial journey in the smartest way. All it takes is a few steps in the right direction to make a difference.

5 Useful Tips to Save Money Every Day

1. Turn off The Lights, Please!

Save money by saving electricity. Not just the lights, but unplugging electronic appliances when not in use, will save money over time. Make it a habit to turn off the lights, the fan and the TV when you’re leaving a room. If your children need the light turned on when sleeping, opt for a low wattage bulb. This is one the most effective ways to save money that anyone can do, even the kids.

2. Say No to Non-Reusable Diapers when Possible

Store bought diapers cannot be reused; washable cotton nappies are your solution! They are gentle on the skin, can be reused till they wear out and their cleanliness is assured when you wash them yourself. When your child has soiled his diaper and you’re done washing him, leave him without a diaper for a while. He’ll enjoy the freedom!

3. Stitch Instead of Approaching a Tailor

You don’t have to visit the tailor every time a top or skirt has a tear or if a stitching loosens up. Sew them at home and save a lot of money. Learn how to sew if you don’t know it. A little bit of practice will go a long way in helping you become a decent seamstress. You’ll also like being able to take care of rips and tears on the spot.

Stitch Instead Of Approaching A Tailor

4. Plan The Menu

Just like you plan your budget, you can plan your food. This one small step will help you see a reduction in grocery bills. Packaged food comes with hefty price tags and isn’t all that healthy. It’s much smarter to cook food from scratch. The best way is to plan two or three items with what’s available in your kitchen instead of running out and getting packaged stuff. While it may not exactly save time, it’ll certainly save you money.

5. Make Yummy Treats at Home

Eating out isn’t a good option and not just for money’s sake. It doesn’t do much good for your health. Don’t get tempted over excuses to eat out if you can’t afford to. You can always prepare mouth-watering treats at home. Surprise your family with delicious Indian sweets or baked food. You can also pull out the old recipe book and prepare an exotic dish.

Follow these simple money-saving tips and you’ll certainly see your wallet stay fuller for longer. Get back to basics and teach the kids to do the same. You and your husband can join in and have a fabulous family holiday with the savings!

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