How to Remove Stains From White Clothes at Home

5 Easy Tips to Keep your White Clothes Dazzling

White clothes make you feel fresh and confident. However, with age, your white shirts, tees and dresses tend to become yellow. Retain the look of your white clothes with these simple and easy white clothes washing tips. Go ahead, make heads turn!

Over time and with use, your white clothes tend to turn yellow. You would probably know by now how difficult it is to keep all white laundry looking new for long periods. Stain removal processes and other washing means for bringing back the original shine take up a lot of your time—right? Well, you’re not alone. Millions of ladies, globally, are always on the lookout for keeping their whites clean and sparkling. These quick and easy washing tips promise to help this cause.

How to Keep Your White Wardrobe White

1. Separate Your Stock

Separate your coloured clothes from the whites. It’s essential to keep the light coloured clothes at bay too. This is because, sometimes, lightly tinted fabrics also end up transferring their hues to your white laundry, thereby making them look pale and old. This is one of the best white clothes washing tips, you could adopt.

2. Lesser Detergent? You’ll Get More Shine

It’s a wrong notion that white fabrics need plenty of detergent to make them look pristine white. Rather, use of excessive detergent often makes your white clothes look dirtier and duller. Err! Confused about how to wash white clothes in that case? Consider rinsing your clothes several times with water post washing them with detergent—you won’t be disappointed.

3. Bleach Your Cottons, Lemon Works Too!

Bleaching is workable only for absolutely cotton whites and is the best answer to how to remove stains from your white clothes. Mix half a cup of lemon juice (or white vinegar) in hot water and soak your white fabrics for five to six hours. You may like to reduce the timeframe to an hour if the clothes aren’t too dirty. Once done, wash normally with detergent and see your white fabrics sparkle with renewed vigour.

4. Soften Your Water

Hard water makes your white clothes wear out faster. Borax is a proven softening agent that’s also helpful in removing accumulated dirt and stains from your clothes. If you have hard water running through your taps and washing machines, then consider using recommended quantities of borax for water softening purposes. Thereafter, use treated water for your washing needs and see its magic work. This is one of the easy tips to keep your white clothes dazzling.

5. Timely Stain Removals Are Important

Still thinking of ways to remove stubborn stains from your white clothes? Go the DIY way and make yourself an effective stain remover from hydrogen peroxide. Mix your regular detergent and hydrogen peroxide in one by two proportions. Apply this safe-to-use mixture on the stain and brush it well. You may also use baking soda and water along with hydrogen peroxide.

These ‘how to clean white clothes’ hacks can save you from wearing drab and not-so-white clothes. You just need to bring about small changes in your daily washing patterns and regain the white look of your once-bright fabric. You’ll love what you see!

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