What are Common Diet and Weight Loss Mistakes

5 Diet Sins You are Committing Daily!

A sedentary lifestyle can cause many disruptions in life. Couple it with poor eating choices and you have bad habits that cause weight gain. Dump these bad habits right away and be on the road to getting healthy and trim again.

You get up in the morning, resolving to start the day by eating healthy and going on that long-thought of diet. You start off by having a little breakfast and leaving for work. By the time you finish two meetings and three presentations, you’re so tired that you grab that burger without a second thought. Beware, this is one of those habits that may lead to weight gain! Stay away from the sins of dieting to make shedding those pounds easier.

Top Reasons You are Not Losing Weight

1. Breakfast Not Being Made The King

You may start your day on a glass of juice or skip even that entirely if you think breakfast is not an important meal. But this is one reason – in fact, it is one of the most common diet mistakes, that will result in you not losing weight. Skipping breakfast means you’ll be starving by lunchtime and tempted to eat too much. This will only add to weight gain as the excess food gets stored as fat.

2. Substituting Healthy Foods for Artificial Stuff

For some women, losing weight means means drinking soups and juices; and eating processed calorie-free food items. While that is great, stay away from so-called ‘health foods’ that claim to substitute sugar, salt and oil with other ingredients. Ditching the real stuff for ready-to-eat soups and packaged items does more harm than good; it is in fact one of the biggest reasons of not losing weight. These items contain harmful additives that whole veggies and fruits don’t.

3. Not Having Enough Complex Carbs

Carbohydrates is an important component of food and does aid in weight loss. Look for complex carbs to include in your diet. These are abundant in foods like pasta, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Eat them with enough proteins, vitamins and minerals so your body gets the nutrients it needs.

Not having enough complex carbs

4. Wrong Exercise-to-Eating Ratio

This is one of the most common and yet oft neglected reasons for not losing weight. Exercise goes hand-in-hand with weight loss. If you want the best results, working out and following a healthy diet puts you on the correct path to losing weight. Quit or at least reduce bad habits like smoking, a sedentary lifestyle and stressing out. Eat according to how much fat you burn when working out. Don’t binge eat or eat double and triple helpings of food thinking you’re restoring what you lost during exercise.

5. Eating After 7 PM and Over-Eating

The body’s metabolism works according to the cycle of the sun. This means that your metabolism works at its best capacity early in the morning and dwindles with sundown. A common bad habit that restricts weight loss is to eat late and eat a lot. Try to have an early dinner even if 7 PM sounds impossible, so your food is digested well before you get to bed.

Committing diet sins is common especially when you’re stretched for time and have kids and family clamnouring for attention. But correcting these sins and moving forward is the key to losing weight. After all, there are no short cuts in life and long routes hold many delights! So make a goal of curbing your diet mistakes – the sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll see results.

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