5 Funny Things You Should Never Say to Your Hairstylist

5 Crazy Things We Tell Our Hairdressers

Want to show off a terrific new hair style? Next time you have a salon appointment, remember these things you should never say to your hairdresser. Just let your stylist know how you want your hair done and let his creativity work wonders for you!

More often than not, women keep going from one salon to another in search of that perfect hairdresser. You should consider yourself lucky if you’ve found the right hairdresser for yourself! So, if you’d like a haircut that makes you the head turner wherever you go, there are things that you should refrain from saying to your hair stylist.

Funny Things We Say to Our Hairdressers

1. Make me look like (name any celebrity)

This is one thing you should never say to your hairdresser. Never! Your favourite celebrity has a team of stylists. Instead of asking your stylist to make you look like a certain someone, share what exactly you like about that celebrity’s particular hairstyle. Your hairstylist will judge the quality, texture and nature of your hair and decide if that kind of style would suit you. For example, a bob is not the ideal choice if you have a long jawline.

2. Style my hair like the previous stylist

Have you relocated to a new place and are visiting a particular salon for the first time? You could tell your new hairdresser how you liked styling your hair previously. Alternatively, you may like to show a photograph of yourself to explain how your hair looked after the last set. That way, your new hairdresser will get a better idea of what you’re looking for. He doesn’t know your previous hairdresser, remember?


Style my hair like the previous stylist

3. Give me a new look, but don’t shorten my hair

This is one of the common funny things we tell our hairstylists. It’s best to refrain from setting too many limitations for your hairdresser. If you’re looking for a completely new look, a few inches of your hair need to go! There’s no eating the cake and having it too!

4. I wasn’t really expecting this!

Sometimes, you might not end up getting the exact style or colour you wished for. Instead of being rude to your hairdresser, inform her politely about what you didn’t like and how you wanted things to be. Being too straightforward about how you hate the new mirror reflection is among the things you should not say to your hairstylist. It won’t help, you see.

5. How can I add volume to my hair without using any product?

Your hairdresser can show you a few tricks of combing and setting your hair to get that voluminous look. But only a hair volumising spray or powder can give you the puffed up look that you so desire. Instead of sounding too naïve or uninformed, take a quick peek at the product your stylist is using and procure it later on. Easy!

Communication is the key to your hairdressing success. Give suggestions and be open to new ideas. In other words, work together with your hairdresser for a mind-blowing hair-do, which you can flaunt away to glory!

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