5 Completely Innovative Sarees You Should Consider Trying This Summer

5 Completely Innovative Sarees You Should Consider Trying This Summer

The oh-so-elegant drape that has the whole world in awe of Indian fashion has been around for as long as we can imagine. The saree has seen hundreds of years of women draping it in a way that’s been passed on from generations, or women inventing their own drapes. That’s the best part about sarees – they are so versatile!

The Indian Fashion industry has seriously never looked better than it does now. With the availability of fabrics, the innovation in textile, and the accessibility that young designers have to these ideas makes room for so much creativity.

Indian designers have so much to play with while revamping the good ole saree, that the most bizarre and creative trends have come out of it. Are you ready to look at some innovative sarees you could try out this wedding season?

Latest Style Of Wearing Saree

1. Denim Sarees

Jeans are perhaps the comfiest item of clothing ever and the most versatile in most women’s closets, right? So why not take the material to traditional roots? Now don’t go thinking that thick denim would be draped around you. Masaba Gupta has always been quirky with her saree designs and this denim saree by her was donned by Sonam Kapoor so gracefully that it convinced us to want to try this latest saree trend.

2. Tassel Saree

Tassels are trending majorly on tops and bags for a while now, but add them to a saree and it surprisingly adds to the elegance! Add it to the pallu or to the back of your blouse either in the colour of the saree or in brighter colours for a bolder tweak. These brightly coloured tassels make this saree stand out beautifully. Paired with a plain white/ black tee or even a sexy halter choli, this one is definitely a trend that will work well with both the elegant and the edgy kind of woman.

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3. Dhoti Saree

Dhotis in general are stylish by themselves but dhoti sarees take traditional and make it sexy! Dhoti sarees are one new saree pattern that will be perfect for a wedding function because you’ll be sure it will take everyone’s breath away. The highlight of this style is that it highlights all the curves that we Indian women are naturally blessed with.

4. Fringe Saree

Quite like the tassel saree, this fringe saree is strikingly elegant. No, it does not look like you draped a curtain around you, it actually gives the sarees a lighter fall. Combine with softer fabrics like georgette or chiffon for a delicate look and team with classic jewellery.

5. Leather Saree

We left the most risqué for the end. Leather sarees are for the woman who would like to go as edgy as ever, or someone just looking for a ride on the wild side. If you think you’d like to try one but are afraid to go all leathery, maybe you could opt for a leather choli or crop top with one of your older sarees for just a hint of edge!

If these new and different styles of saree are not really your cup of tea, you can simply go for one of your oldsarees and instead drape the saree in a new style. And if you haven’t had enough, there are plenty of other materials and embellishments you could try out like fur (yes, these exist), baubles, etc. Go on, the world of textile is your oyster! Get your creative juices flowing, for sometimes, fashion is the biggest form of expressing who you really are.

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