5 Common Lingerie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Lingerie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

From panty lines to overflowing love handles and saggy breasts, underwear can make or break your look. Attention ladies! Here are some of the most common women lingerie mistakes to help you know the right underwear from wrong.

Is your bra stretched to its limit and do your panties not fit you like they did three years ago? The only reason you haven’t discarded them is because they provide you the comfort you’ve long grown accustomed to – comfort which comes at the cost of being unflattering. Well, the idea is not to make you throw money on sexy lingerie, but to invest in comfy bras and panties that also fit your body perfectly.

Women Lingerie Mistakes You Must Not Commit

1. Battle of the Bulges

Do you often find unsightly bulges spilling out from the edges of your bra and the sides of your knickers, even when you’re fit? That’s not suggesting you wear a loose fitting bra or granny panties. What you must do is ensure your panty fits snugly and your bra stays in place below the shoulder blades. If you’ve got extra flab, consider shape-wear camisoles and slips. They are designed to do your figure justice and provide everyday comfort.

2. Panty Lines

You know how embarrassing it can be when panty lines show up from under fitted dresses and trousers or sinuous fabrics like silk or satin. If thongs and G-strings are not your cup of tea, the best solution is to go for seamless panties. Made from soft and stretchy material, seamless panties lie flat against the skin so those visible panty lines become a thing of the past.

3. Keep your Breasts Firm

Keep your breasts firm

If you think you’ve got a small chest and your tight-fitted bra is good enough for your workout routine, you’re repeating one of the underwear mistakes women must avoid! You must invest in a good sports bra to provide extra support and prevent damage to the ligaments in your breast. Preventing breasts from sagging is key to keeping your bust shapely.

4. Wash Lingerie Right

Yet another among common underwear mistakes women make is tossing your bras for a wash in the washing machine. You must hand wash lingerie with mild detergent and lukewarm water. If you absolutely must use the machine, use a lingerie bag or wash them separately. Don’t forget to turn the machine onto its most delicate setting. Skip the dryer as the heat can cause the elastic/underwire to break and undergarments to disfigure.

5. Go Commando at Night

Just like we all need a little breather, so do our bodies. The best time is night time when our bodies undergo a repairing process from all the wear and tear of the day. Sleeping with a bra can hinder free blood circulation, not to mention the increased risk of breast cancer. As for panties, they tend to trap in moisture leaving you exposed to bacterial infection. So allow your lady parts to breathe while you get a good night’s sleep.

You can’t fix a problem unless you know what it is. By being aware of these women underwear mistakes, you can use your ‘intimate’ lesson to look gorgeous from within every day!

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