5 Things That Husbands Find Important in a Marriage

5 Amazingly Small Things that are Important to Men

Some things that are important to men only surface in an argument or are conveyed to you through subtle hints. You can start by openly asking your husband what he thinks is important or by just trusting your intuition. You’ll hit the bull’s eye sooner or later!

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Well, while that may be debatable, both sexes do think differently. Men have been trying to decipher what women think for years on end. Ladies, it’s time you tried figuring out what your man finds important!

The 5 Seemingly Small Things That Men Find Important

1. Attention

Men love having their wives’ undivided attention when spending quality time together. The next time you go out, keep your phone away and get intimate instead! He hates not being the centre of attention as much as you do! Limit the interruptions that can get on his nerves and make the night about him!

2. Respect

Respect is important to men. You have to respect him for him to make you happy and respect you too. They like being respected by their peers and friends. However, respect from their spouse gives them added confidence. If he feels disrespected, it could have an adverse effect on his self-esteem.

Seemingly Small Things That Men Find Important

3. Gratitude

All men love being appreciated and thanked for the deeds they do. All you need to do is say a ‘thank you’ or ‘honey, you’re the best!’ to make his day! Tell him how grateful you are to have a husband who drops the kids to school or takes them for their game practices. These are some of the small things you can do to make your husband happy.

4. Shared interests

To win your husband over, get interested in what interests him. When you do that, you can push for that new washing machine you’ve been eyeing! Once you cater to these basic needs of your husband it also gives you a chance to bond with him openly. If you cannot bring yourself to love cricket or bowling, encourage him nonetheless. Allow him to go out with his friends for beer and football. Simply listening to him while he talks about an upcoming football or cricket match can make all the difference!

5. Family matters

Family matters at the end of the day. Make the effort to get to know his immediate and extended family. It might not be something you may be looking forward to, but it’ll make him happy. When you make the effort, it sends a positive signal to him. He then knows that you care about his family and he’ll be grateful to you for it.

Making a man happy is not too difficult. A word of appreciation or a compliment means the world to him. The things that are important to men are things you can do with a wee bit effort. It does not need you to spend sleepless nights thinking about it. Men can be rational at times, but they can also be demanding. The trick is to figure out what they need!

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