40 Unique 3 Syllable Girl Names for Your Baby

Are you looking for a cute name for your newborn baby girl? Having a fun and catchy name can go a long way in helping your little one build a good first impression wherever she goes. The following article consists of cute three-syllable girl names which might be just the right pick for your baby girl. Having a baby name with three syllables can be understood as a desirable option as it is not too long nor too short, it seems just the right length in terms of impact. The list has such names that are unique and unconventional in just the right amount and which might look good as a choice for your little one. Read on to find if you like any of the following options for a perfect three-syllable baby girl name.


Popular 3 Syllable Baby Names for Girls With Meanings

Take a look at this list of baby girl names with three syllables

1. Aaliyah

This name is albeit a unique and uncommon one. It means ‘the act of rising up against all evil.’


2. Abigail

This sweet name is sort of a mandatory pick in the list of unique three-syllable girl names. It means ‘a father’s joy.’

3. Adabelle

This name has French roots and has a very attractive vibe attached to it. Its meaning is ‘the noble and beautiful one.’


4. Adalynn

Next up is this sweet name which is an alternate variant of ‘Adaline’. The name refers to ‘one who is noble by virtue.’


5. Addison

This name can be construed as a unisex name as it is exceedingly used by both the genders. The name means ‘the child of Adam.’


6. Adelaide

This pretty and attractive name refers to the meaning ‘noble and gentle.’

7. Adeline

The name Adaline exudes serenity and gentleness in all bounds. The origin of this name can be traced down to the German language.


8. Adrienne

This name is a feminine variant of the name Adrian. The meaning of this name is ‘one who is of the Adriatic.’

9. Aisha

This name has somewhat eastern origins. The meaning of this beautiful sounding name is ‘life.’


10. Alaina

Another beautiful name in this collection of beautiful baby girl names with three syllables is this. The name has French and Scottish origins and means ‘one who gives light.’

11. Alaiya

This unusual name might be a good pick for your baby girl. It means ‘one who is joyful in all walks of life.’


12. Alani

This is a name that has Hawaiian origins. The meaning of this adorable name is ‘orange,’ where the word can refer to the fruit and the tree and even the color.

13. Alaska

This name can be associated with territorial connotations. The meaning of the word Alaska is ‘a great land.’


14. Belcalis

This name is inspired by the rapper Cardi B. It has a fun vibe attached to it and can be a good pick among the other three-syllable girl names.

15. Bellamy

This is a name that has French origins and sounds pretty uncommon. It means ‘one who is a fine friend.’


16. Bethany

This Aramaic name is a reference for the Biblical town of the same name. The name means ‘a house of figs.’

17. Camila

The name is a feminine version of the Roman name ‘Camillus.’ It is highly common name nowadays.


18. Caroline

This is an ultra-feminine name that sounds really beautiful. The meaning of this name is ‘one who is strong.’

19. Coretta

This is an anglicized version of the Greek name ‘Cora’ which refers to the meaning ‘a strong and smart maiden.’

20. Delilah

This beautiful name rose to popularity after the song “Hey There, Delilah.” The meaning of this name is ‘amorous temptress.’

21. Destiny

The meaning of this name is obviously clear. It can be a good pick if you want to pick a name that exudes hope and positivity.


22. Elisa

This name is a shortened variant of the popular name ‘Elizabeth.’ The meaning of this name is ‘a pledge to God.’

23. Emery

This name is one that has German origins. The meaning of this exotic-sounding name is ‘a brave and powerful ruler.’


24. Fiona

This name was one that was highly popular in 90s America. The meaning of the name is ‘fair and white.’

25. Imogen

Imogen is a name with Celtic origins and sounds highly noble. The meaning of the name is ‘a maiden.’


26. Jennifer

Now, this can be said to one of the most popular three syllable girl names in America. The meaning of this name is ‘a fair lady.’

27. Julia

This name is the feminine form of the Roman name ‘Julius’ and is associated with the meaning ‘one who is young.’

28. Katherine

The meaning of this name can be traced down by getting to the Greek adjective ‘katharos’ which means ‘something which is pure.’

29. Loretta

The meaning of this beautiful and soft-sounding name is ‘bay laurel.’


30. Maryam

This name has an Arabic origin and is pretty common throughout the world. The name means ‘bitter.’

31. Meredith

Meredith exudes a great deal of strength and sturdiness on an emotional level. The meaning of this name is ‘a powerful ruler.’

32. Monica

This is also a common name for girls and sounds really cute. The meaning of the name is ‘an advisor.’

33. Nadia

The meaning of the name Nadia is ‘hope’ in certain Slavic languages across the world.

34. Naomi

This is a Biblical name that refers to the meaning ‘one who is sweet and pleasant.’

35. Renata

This pretty name has Latin origins and it means ‘one who is reborn into the world.’

36. Rihanna

This name has Arabic roots attached to it and can be considered to be a popular pick among baby girl names with three syllables. It means ‘sweet basil.’

37. Rosalie

The meaning of this name can be associated with the word ‘rose’ which refers to a beautiful flower.

38. Sofia

This name sounds enigmatic and is used to refer to ‘one who possesses wisdom.’

39. Valerie

The meaning of this name is ‘one who is strong and valiant.’

40. Zariah

This is an Arabic name which is used with variants all over the world. The meaning of this name is ‘a blooming flower.’

As a parent, one of the first and most important tasks you undertake is picking a name for your beautiful newborn. A name is something that lingers on to one’s persona all through their life and even beyond. This is why having an impactful name which is unique goes a long way in ensuring that this purpose is taken care of. We just hope that you make the most out of this journey.

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