Top 80 Plant Names for Boys With Meanings

80 Plant Names for Boys

The world is changing and becoming more ecological. So, modern parents want to name their little boys with a nature-inspired name. Nature is beautiful and so are nature-based names. As boys grow up to become men, a plant-based name suits them and adds a certain softness. Choosing a plant-based name is also a way for parents to show their gratitude to nature.
Plant names for boys can express your appreciation of the outdoors. Boy names that end in “plant” are ideal for a developing child because they are full of greenery and natural appeal. Let’s get to know a few of these names for green boys.

80 Plant Names for Baby Boys

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A meaningful name always impresses everyone and creates a favourable impression of the person. So naming your little boy with a meaningful plant-inspired boy name tells others that the child is grounded and unique. As the plant grows up to become a tree, give fruits, seeds and shade, so the young boy will grow to become a responsible man who takes cares of his family. The plant-based name is the statement of the boy’s character.

Choose one of the boy names after plants for the perfect name for your little one:

1. Acker

Acker is of Dutch and German origin meaning “cultivated field” or “someone living by the piece of cultivated land”.

2. Aciano

Aciano as a boy’s name is of Spanish origin, and the meaning of Aciano is ‘the blue bottle flower’.

3. Admon

Admon is a popular boy’s name meaning ‘red flower’.

4. Alder

This name English origin name means “old” and refers to the alder tree.

5. Alon

Alon is a Hebrew origin name meaning “oak tree” or “tree”. Another variation of the name is Elon.

6. Ash

Ash is a Hebrew origin name meaning “happy”. It also refers to the tree of the same name.

7. Ashton

Ashton meaning ” ash tree town” is of English origin.

8. Aaron

Aaron is primarily a male name of Hebrew origin that means Exalted or strong

9. Balsam

Balsam is an occupational name for a seller of spices and perfumes. This is a name having Latin origins.

10. Basil

Basil is a popular boy’s name of Greek origin. Apart from being the name of the herb, Basil also means ‘royal and kingly’.

11. Birch

This name of English origin means “bright; shining” and also refers to the birch tree.

12. Brier

Brier is one of the popular boy plant names. This English origin name is derived from the tree of the same name.

13. Calendula

The name Calendula means ‘little months’. It also is a popular variety for the English flower marigold.

14. Cedar

This is one of the beautiful boy names from plantsThis name is of English origin and is the name of a tree of the same name.

15. Chyrsanthos

Chyrsanthos is a beautiful plant name of Greek origin meaning “a golden flower”.

16. Cress

This name is a derivation of the French word “creste” which means “peak of a hill” and refers a biennial herb found in Asia and Europe.

17. Cypress

Cypress is a name for boys referring to the conifer called cypress.

18. Calix

Calix is a popular male name of Greek roots, which means Very Handsome.

19. Dell

Dell is an English gender-neutral name that means ‘small valley or glen’.

20. Douglas

Douglas is a baby boy’s name of Scottish origin and means ‘dark river’.

21. Durien

This boy’s name refers to a tree of the same name found in South Asia. The name is derived from English origin word “dun” meaning “hill”.

22. Elm

Elm is a name of Old English origin meaning “someone who lives near the elm tree or grove” and is the name of a tree.

23. Elwood

This boy’s name is from Old English words “ellern wudu” meaning “elder tree wood”.

24. Fern

Fern is an ancient English origin name that means someone who lives among ferns.

25. Flax

Flax an Latin baby name that means that means linseed plant.

26. Fiore

Fiore is a beautiful boys name from Tuscany, Italy. The name means “flower blossom or flower”.

27. Florian

This Latin masculine name of Roman origin is derived from Florianus and means “flower”.

28. Grant

Grant is an English given name derived from the French grand meaning ‘tall’ or ‘large’.

29. Gulzar

Gulzar is a beautiful baby boy name that means ‘garden’.

30. Gentian

Gentian is a name referring to a plant of the same name.

31. Hawthorn

This is of an Old English origin referring to someone who lived near a bush or hedge. The name is also the name of a tree.

32. Headley

Headley is an English boy’s name meaning “heather field”.

33. Heath

Heath is an Old English baby boy, which means someone who lives on a moor.

34. Hemlock

Hemlock is a name taken from a coniferous tree with the same name.

35. Hickory

This name of Native American origin refers to a tree of the same name.

36. Iris

Iris is derived from the Greek word Iris, which means ‘rainbow’.

37. Jacek

The name Jacek is a popular baby boy name of Polish origin, meaning Hyacinth Flower.

38. Jarred

Jarred or Jared is an English name meaning “rose”.

39. Juniper

Juniper is derived from the word “juniperus” meaning “evergreen” or “youth producing”. It is also the name of a coniferous tree of the cypress family.

40. Kamal

Kamal is a beautiful boy with Persian and Sanskrit roots. In Persian it means ‘beauty or perfection’. In Sanskrit it means ‘lotus’.

41. Keifer

This boy’s name is of Gaelic origin and means “cherished” or “pine tree”.

42. Ketak

Ketak means Flower and is of Indian origins.

43. Kunal

Kunal a popular Sanskrit origin Indian name which means ‘Lotus’.

44. Lark

Lark is primarily a female name of American origin, meaning  ‘Songbird’.

45. Larch

Larch is a German origin name meaning “someone who lived by the larch tree”.

46. Leymus 

Leymus is a Scottish-rooted name that means ‘man of peace’.

47. Linden

This name is of German origin and means “linden tree hill” or refers to the linden tree. The other variation of the name is Lyndon

48. Linford

The English name means “from the linden tree ford” and refers to the  “linden tree forest”.

49. Lupin

Lupin is a prevalent gender-neutral name that means ‘related to the wolf’.

50. Mal

This name has Persian roots and means ‘Messenger of God’.

51. Mazus

Mazus has American roots and means ‘a type of flower’.

52. Nalin

Nalin is a baby boy name of Hindi origin and means ‘the lotus’.

53. Noll

Noll is a baby boy’s name having Latin roots and a diminutive of Oliver.

54. Narciso

This Italian origin boys name refers to the narcissus flower or the daffodil flower. The name also finds reference in the French word “narcisse”

55. Oakley

Oakley is the longer variation of the moniker Oak. The name from old English origin means ‘from the Oak tree’

56. O’Dell

The Anglo-Saxon name originated from “woad” and “hyll” meaning “plant which produces blue dye” and “hill”. The name means “wealthy”.

57. Oleander

This beautiful boys name with Greek origin means “evergreen tree”.

58. Oliver

This name of English origin means the “olive tree” and symbolizes beauty and dignity.

59. Oren

Oren is a Hebrew origin name means “the pine tree” or “ash”.

60. Oxalis

Oxalis is a name having British roots that represents a tendency to exhibit extremes in terms of material success.

61. Perrin

This gender-neutral name is related to the English name Perkin and means ‘rock’.

62. Palmer

Palmer is an English boys name with Latin origin word referring to the palm tree. The name means “pilgrim” or “bearing a palm tree branch”

63. Reed

Earlier used as an English surname, this boy’s name is from Old English reade meaning “red”. It refers to a person who has red hair or a red complexion.

64. Roosevelt

Roosevelt is a Dutch origin name meaning ” a field of roses”.

65. Rowan

Rowan of Celtic origin means “little red-haired one” refers to the rowan tree.

66. Rye

This is an English boys name which refers to the grain crop barley. The name means “island meadow”.

67. Spruce

Spruce of English origin refers to the conifer with the same name. The adjective spruce means “dapper or neat”.

68. Sumac

Sumac with origin in Middle English, Old French and Latin refers to a plant by the same name.

69. Zahar

The name means shine, bloom and sparkle.

70. Zinnia

The name is related to sunflowers and daises. 

Gender Neutral Names

1. Aloe

Aloe is a charming gender-neutral name that means ‘precious’.

2. Aspen

Aspen is a gender-neutral name of American origin that means ‘Quaking Tree’.

3. Briar

Briar is a popular gender-neutral name of British roots, that means ‘thorny bush of wild roses’.

4. Celandine

Celandine is a popular gender-neutral name that means a small yellow flower from the poppy family.

5. Clover

Clover is a gender-neutral name of British roots meaning ‘meadow flower’.

6. Gentian

 Gentian is a Latin origin name that means belonging to the tree.

7. Ivy

The name Ivy has English and Latin origins and means ‘vine’. It also means ‘the sign of fidelity’.

8. Kaede

The name Kaede is both a boy’s and a girl’s name meaning ‘maple tree’.

9. Linden

Linden is both a popular gender-neutral name that means ‘linden tree hill’.

10. Oakley

Oakley is a gender-neutral name of English origin that means ‘meadow of Oak trees’.

Parents want to name their little boy with a distinct and meaningful name and a name referring to a plant or associated with a plant is a great idea. Plant names are trendy and impressive. So, choosing a beautiful plant name for the little boy is the best gift from his parents.

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