Things About Women That Men Never Understand

4 ‘Women’ Things Men Just Never Get!

From intense labour pains to menstrual cycles, women have to deal with so much! Whatever men say or do, there are things about women that men will never understand. Gear up to see what men fail to decipher about women, no matter how much they truly try!

While you may share an amazing understanding with your man, he is still in the dark about a lot of girlie things. He may know about menstrual cycles and your shoe obsession, but could be clueless about the woes of chipped nails or your belt not matching your bag. Don’t twitch your nose, just yet! To be clear, here is a list of things men don’t really get about women.

4 Girly Things Your Man is Clueless About

1. Cramp Confusion

Your menstrual cycle or months of pregnancy can make you wince. Sometimes, the pain can make you cry and shriek too. While men understand the bookish knowledge that leads to your cramps, they may not understand the intensity of the pain you’ve to deal with. Cramps can leave men in a daze and how!

2. Discriminatory Actions by Superiors

Your man may see nothing sexist in the way your management feels you’re taking too many leaves because of your baby. Or what’s wrong in your not becoming the boss even after years in the same company. You may be mad about the discriminatory behaviour coming your way, but only a handful of men appreciate gender parity and the fuss we’ve to fight at work.

3. Make Up Your Mind, Please

You need to look good. Period. But he will forever gripe about “never-ending” makeup application before leaving for that “has-to-be-boring” party! Men are totally confused when you want to wear a lipstick that matches the shade of your top and when you’re aiming for that perfectly winged eyeliner in the mirror. Relax. It’s just the long wait while you get ready in front of the mirror that tires him out.

4. What’s That Word?

How can your school time girlfriend rate as a “creep”? Is this word not meant solely for those spineless, measly looking creatures on walls and floors? They frown when you utter “creep” after a nasty parent comments on the way your baby’s teething. Men can also fail to understand how women use words such as “cute” or even “cheesy”. It’s biological; give your man a break.

From shopping in 6-inches of heels to wearing a backless dress without the bra straps showing, men can be left quite confused and shocked with the way women function. While the things about women men don’t understand are funny, you know you can’t do without hubby dear. He loves you to the moon and back – yes, even after being clueless about a ton of girlie things!

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