Ways You Can Help Yourself When You Ask Why Me

4 Ways to Forget The “Why Me?” Mindset

Self-pity is said to be a form of seeking attention from others. Are you craving pity from external sources for some sort of validation for your actions? For happiness and success in life, you need to up your self-esteem.

Ways you can Help Quit the “Why Me” Mentality

1. Analyse

In order to tackle such a problem, you must first understand what the causes are and when or how these feelings get triggered off. These feelings of self-pity can stem from anything from falling sick too often to not getting that promotion. It could be anything. Once there, you need to ward off all the defeating thoughts and actions that tend to put you on the self-pity wagon.

2. Face Your Feelings

Stop hiding from your feelings. Be it disappointment, grief, or loneliness, face them head-on. Avoiding emotions that make you feel uncomfortable will not reduce your problems. At the same time, stop convincing yourself that you’ve suffered more than your friends, colleagues or neighbors. You’ll never know what one really faces in life unless you step into their shoes.

Face your Feelings

3. Beware of Negative Thoughts

It has been observed that when you spend too much time dwelling on the things that you think are not happening right in your life, your general outlook becomes negative and pessimistic. This in turn adversely affects your behaviour with others around you. Therefore, it’s essential that you recognize when you’re being exposed to such risks. Then, take proper actions to prevent yourself from living a life full of self-pity.

4. Practice Gratitude

It’s time that you stopped pitying yourself and started appreciating (and being grateful for) all those things that have been meted out to you. Look into your life and instead of pining for what you don’t have, be grateful for all that you have even if it is little. Yes, in order to build up your mental strength, you need to eradicate destructive thoughts and set yourself for optimism, at the earliest.

So, get rid of your ‘victim mentality’. Start accepting your faults. Consider building up your self-esteem. It’s true that all of us need appreciation from others to encourage us further in our endeavors. But striving for extra attention, all the time, will only make you feel more insecure. Believe in yourself and don’t lose hope.

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