4 Times of the Day When Kids Are At Maximum Risk of Mosquito Borne Diseases

4 Times of the Day When Kids Are At Maximum Risk of Mosquito Borne Diseases

Nothing can be more annoying than a buzzing, biting mosquito causing bumps and bites on your child’s skin. But apart from being a nuisance, mosquitoes spread fatal diseases too. So, how does a mum keep her child safe from them? Other than covering up, we decided to observe these pests and figure out which time in the day is safe and when you need extra vigilance!

Kids are at a time of life when they learn invaluable lessons from the outdoor world. There is a new lesson to be learnt at the playground every day, a new thought that will strike them during every conversation with a neighbourhood friend. No matter what fears we have about the world outside home, it is not recommended to let kids be cooped up indoors. But neither is it safe to let them become the target of disease-causing mosquitoes that lurk outside. However inevitable both scenarios may be, a mother will always want to protect her child. A common plan of action amongst mothers is to avoid sending kids out during the times of the day that mosquitoes are the most active. So what time of the time are mosquitoes most active? Let’s find out!

What Time of Day are Mosquitoes Most Active?

The common house mosquitoes are most active during the night. Their bodies naturally wake them up in the evenings. This is because daylight and extreme sun exposure can actually kill them. These mosquitoes hide out in cool, shaded areas that are wet until dusk. These are most likely to bite early in the evening when they wake up and fly out from their hiding places. This continues through the night.

The Aedes mosquito that is linked to causing dengue is one that bites in the day time. Once this mosquito gains entry into your home, the temperature and light control spares it from dehydration, keeping it more active and energetic.

When Is Your Child at Greatest Risk Of Getting Bitten?

Based on the times of day when mosquitoes are most active, here are the high-risk times all mothers need to guard against.

1. School-Time

School means that you and your child are up early in the morning – the time when the dengue carrier mosquitoes are looking for victims. There are several risky areas for mosquito breeding even in the school premises, especially swimming pools, gardens, dark playroom cupboards, etc. Do a quick dab of Good knight Fabric Roll-On on your child’s uniform to keep mosquitoes away throughout the day. All you need to do is apply 4 well-spaced dots of repellent over your child’s clothes. This repels mosquitoes for as long as 8 hours which means your child will be protected all through the school day.

2. Post-School Activity Time

After school, kids like to spend time watching television, doing indoor activities, or simply running around the house. But this is also when common house-dwelling mosquitoes wake up and are blood-thirsty. Spraying a repellent or using a vaporizer is a good idea to safeguard your home at this time.

3. Outdoor Play Time

Come evening, play-time outdoors with friends is what kids look forward to. Unfortunately, this has been identified by experts as one of the highest-risk time for mosquito bites. Mosquitoes love active bodies because they are warm and the carbon dioxide from all that panting attracts them. Make sure you protect your child during outdoor play by dressing them in covered clothes. Also don’t let them leave the house without a quick dab of Good Knight Fabric Roll-On. The citronella and eucalyptus oil in the roll-on will successfully repel mosquitoes while your kids enjoy play-time.

4. Sleep Time

Many mosquitoes are nocturnal in nature. They are also drawn to carbon dioxide which is emitted during our breathing. This is why we find them buzzing near our faces during night time. Keep a vaporizer on through the night to ensure your child sleeps peacefully. You can also use a mosquito net. You won’t have to wake up to bumps and itchy bites.

What Places to Avoid when Mosquitoes are Around

Now that you know the “when”, think about the “where” as well. There are some areas which are geographically more prone to mosquitoes, increasing your chances of getting bitten. Areas such are farms, marshes, still water bodies or gardens have a higher density of mosquito breeding grounds. Places with gutters or ditches around are also unsafe in terms of swarms of mosquitoes.

3 Tips to Protect Your Child from Mosquitoes

Kids run and play much more than adults and are more likely to sweat. Mosquitoes are attracted to warm bodies, certain blood types, darker colours and carbon dioxide. This makes an active kid the juiciest juicy target! Scared? Don’t be! With some precautions, your little one can still enjoy being a kid without any major irritation.

  • Prepare Beforehand

Most people assume that mosquitoes are most rampant during late summer time. However, since we live in a tropical climate, we are at risk all year round. It is good to keep insect repellent ready when the temperature gets warmer.

  • Add Protection Before They Step Out

Since morning, late afternoon and evenings are prime time for mosquito bites, strictly adhere to protection before the child steps out of the house. Light coloured full-sleeved clothing can protect them outdoors. Good Knight offers a solution that lasts 8 hours which means children can be protected throughout the duration of an outdoor picnic, road trip, etc. The best part is that the repellent is totally child-safe so even infants can be well-protected when you venture outdoors with them. You can dab it onto the pram or stroller to keep mosquitoes away from your baby.

  • Keep Mosquitoes Out Of The House

Add mosquito screens or nets to your home to keep mosquitoes out. This is particularly important during late afternoon and early evening which is when mosquitoes can fly inside your house.

Now that you are armed with knowledge and have protective tips in place, you and your family do not have to change your schedule around mosquito timings. Just observe extra precaution during the high-risk times and your household will be disease-free.

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