4 Parenting Lessons By SRK That Are Truly Awesome

4 Parenting Lessons By SRK That Are Giving Us Major Parenting Goals!

He is always in the news – for his films, his public appearances, his stage shows…but did you also know that SRK is an extremely loving and affectionate Daddy? In fact, some of the parenting principles we have observed him using over time are so sweet that we couldn’t help but share them with you!

Daddies play a very important role in their kids’ lives. They are the ones the little ones look up to, the role models, the superheroes, the cars on whose backs they ride. This is why it is critical that as a parent, your behaviour reflects what you’d like your children to grow up and emulate. Shahrukh Khan, all his stardom notwithstanding, is a regular Dad in real life. Who’s a regular Dad? Someone who plays with the kids, is their best friend, always protects them, and is forever up to a game as messy for Mamma as possible!

Here are the parenting lessons we loved best. They are great lessons to imbibe not just in your life as a parent but in all your relationships.

Let Your Kids Choose The Important Things In Life

We make a lot of choices for our kids – their clothes, their crib, their toys, the books they read…While all of this is certainly important and up to us to decide, there are some things in life that need to be left to your children. Even though it may seem to you that they are too little or too immature to make such grown up choices, trust us, they will love you for it.

SRK has never imposed a choice of religion on his kids. At home, he keeps idols of Hindu Gods next to the Quran. His love for Gauri, and acceptance for the ways of the world, has made him a person who wants his kids to decide for their own. This is probably why he named his youngest son AbRam – a combination of the names of Prophet Abraham and Lord Ram. Needless to say, little AbRam already seems to be growing up into a lively young man, thanks to the blessings of the Gods!

Be Their Best Friend (the kind who also scold their friends when they’re wrong!)

Suhana and Aryan are Shahrukh Khan's best friends

Source: https://www.khaama.com/

We are often advised to be parents first, friends later. It doesn’t do to be too tolerant of our kids’ misbehaviour or give them more freedom than they can handle. While this is definitely valid, being a friend has its own set of perks. SRK is the kind of friend who has no qualms about telling his friends off when they are wrong! He is the friend who is great fun, participating in all the activities his kids love best. But he is also the pal who knows where to draw the line and make sure life is balanced.

“I love my children not because they are my children, but because I have garnered a friendship with them. I am realising this… as they are getting older, they are my greatest friends.”

We say, wthis eternal sense of warmth and security is definitely the biggest motivation for cultivating such a friendship, right parents?

Give Your Kids a Gift Every Day – the Gift of Time

Our lives are chaotic – to say the least. There are a million things to do every day and seemingly no time. In families where both spouses work, giving children time is even more difficult. We end up equating time to expensive gifts, instead. But unlike time, gifts don’t have the power to create lasting memories of togetherness. This is why SRK makes it a point to never miss the important moments in his children’s lives.

“Make time to be with your little ones. Presentations will come and go, but your baby’s childhood will never return.”

So, right from his daughter Suhana’s first bike ride to taekwondo tournaments, family vacations to graduation ceremonies, SRK is always there for his kids. Whenever they look in the crowd, or behind them when times are difficult, he is always there in sight.

Always Have Their Back (and make sure they know that you do!)

Shahrukh Khan always has daughter Suhana's back

Source: dnaindia.com

Our kids need to become independent, right? They have to stand up for themselves, fight their own battles. But hey, they are your kids first and foremost. Just as they needed you when they were a baby and had no means of expression but crying, they still are children. They need to know that you are there for them and that they are never alone in sorrow. This is why SRK does whatever he can to keep his children safe. He tries and shields his youngest from the media glare. He makes sure his son Aryan is happy in his school in London. And recently, when the internet was full of Suhana’s vacation pictures, he spoke out against it and said how it made him uncomfortable.

“I don’t want him to be a participant in this circus of public life that I am a part of. That is what I do… Public life… The good, bad, ugly, goodness of media, the strangeness… I am part of it, not my children.”

No matter what problems crop up in our life, we want our kids to be away from it all, right? It is harder for celebrities because they have the persistent limelight to tackle. But for his kids, SRK is always ready to fight.

They say love makes the world go around. Love helps us grow up to be happy, well-rounded individuals who can take on any challenges. We must say SRK is doing a fine job of keeping his family snug and safe, even in the mad world we live in. Here’s to you, King Khan!

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