30 Unique Gifts Ideas for New Moms from Husband

30 Thoughtful Gifts for New Moms from New Dads

Growing another little person inside your body is not an easy task, and after nine months of crazy hormonal changes, bloating, swelling, constipation and so many other problems, a new mother deserves to be treated with love. It doesn’t end there though, looking after the baby is another herculean task that new mothers have to undertake, even though their bodies are still trying to recover.

As a new dad, you can play your part in looking after your wife and making her life as comfortable as you can. The smallest of gestures on your part is bound to make her feel loved and special and can give her the strength to keep moving forward, even though the sleepless nights and almost no downtime.

Best Gift Ideas for New Moms

Are you wondering what will make a good gift for a new mom from the husband? Here are some ideas to think about:

  • Hospital gifts for new moms
  • Pampering gifts for new moms
  • Creative gift basket ideas for new mothers
  • Push presents for new moms
  • Other useful gifts for new mothers

Hospital Gifts for New Moms

Here are some lovely ideas to get your wife while she is still in the hospital:

1. Nursing Pillow

It is undoubtedly tiring having to feed the little one so often, and after the physical ordeal that your wife has gracefully pushed through, she will certainly appreciate nursing in comfort. A nursing pillow will offer her some support for her back and also gives a soft cushion for your precious little one.

Nursing Pillow

2. Nursing Pads

Nursing pads can be one of the greatest solutions for a mother as she can become uncomfortable having leaky breasts. It isn’t easy for her to get enough time to clean herself up, for every little movement she makes may disturb your baby. The nursing pads will absorb any leakage, allowing her to remain clean and comfortable.

3. Healthy Snacks

Breastfeeding can drain her of her energy and the food at the hospital is not always the best, so go ahead and get her some delicious and healthy snacks that will energise and satiate any cravings she may have.

Healthy Snacks

4. Diapers

A mother can never have too many diapers as the little one can need a lot of changes. Make sure to get the best type so that your baby is comfortable.

5. Nursing Scarf

She can turn the scarf into a nursing wrap or use it to give her some privacy as she is nursing. It can get pretty uncomfortable pulling out a breast to feed the child when there visitors dropping by to check on her and the little one.

Nursing Scarf

Pampering Gifts for New Mums

Here are some ideas for relaxing gifts for new moms:

1. Himalayan Salt Bath

As Himalayan salt contains minerals that will help reenergize the body, your wife will appreciate a good soak in a hot tub that has some of it infused into the water. The spa-like feeling, detoxing and rejuvenating experience is sure to relax her sore body.

Himalayan Salt Bath

2. Post-Partum Doula

These are professionals on all things newborn. Not only do they have the educational knowledge, but provide hands-on expert help to your wife. Some mothers can even go through postpartum stress disorder, so having one around will certainly ease the burden and make your wife feel special.

3. Body Massage Oil

A woman is filled with aches and pains after delivery, so a relaxing body massage oil will be a great gift. You can always offer your own services or hire a masseuse for your special woman. A bonus is that the oil will help lighten any stretch marks she may have and will also help work out the newer aches and pains she will develop as she will now have to spend every waking moment tending to and caring for the little one.

Body Massage Oil

4. Spa Day

There is nothing a new mother will appreciate more than a spa day. The pampering by professionals will definitely work its way into her sore muscles and make her feel amazing. The silence and time away from the crying will be a gift by itself, and she will have the mental, physical and emotional break that she so badly needs and deserves.

5. House Help

To try and keep the home clean and food prepared while nursing a new baby is complicated, so hire some help for her so that she can relax instead of stressing out over all the things that need to get done.

House Help

Creative Gift Basket Ideas for New Mothers

Here are some ideas for useful gift basket ideas for your special lady:

1. Emergency Basket

Put together a basket for emergencies such as a thermometer, baby suction bulb, baby pain medication and other essentials that may be needed in an emergency.

2. Handy-Dandy Basket

New mothers find it hard to move about, either because the baby is feeding or sleeping, so it will be helpful to have a few essentials that she may need for herself such as hand cream, nipple cream, a nail cutter, lip balm, cotton swabs and some rosewater.

Handy-Dandy Basket

3. Self-Love Basket

There is nothing a woman loves more than a self-love package as it can help her make herself feel and smell beautiful. Getting her some cleansing oils, hand cream, shower gel and the works will make her feel pampered and loved. Not to mention, it will bring back the glow after the stress her body has been through.

4. Baby Essentials Basket

This can include a variety of things your baby will need such as washcloths, nappies, bibs, shampoo, soap and some socks.

Baby Essentials Basket

5. Fruit Basket

 Fruits are the healthiest and quickest kind of snack that you can give to your tired wife, and she will not really need to do much with them to make them taste good.

Push Presents for New Moms

Your wife has worked hard to push your baby out into this world, and she definitely deserves a big thank you for it.

1. Fruit Juicer

Some fresh juice can work wonders in giving back some energy, so if you don’t already have one, a juicer will make a wonderful present for your wife as she will be able to quickly make herself some juice without any effort.

2. Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is a great addition to the nursery as it can be a comfortable place for mum to nurse your baby, or just rock the precious one to sleep. The rocking motion is very comforting and soothing, both for mother and child.

Rocking Chair

3. Books

If your wife loves to read, she will truly appreciate this gift as it can be dull when the baby is asleep. These books can be anything she likes to read, but don’t forget to slip in some books on motherhood to help her learn more about parenting.

4. Day You Were Born Box

Grab some newspaper clippings of the day your baby was born, take some photos and add some other things that may be interesting such as the robe mum wore when she gave birth to the little one or the watch that you wore, stopped at the time of birth.

Day You Were Born Box

5. Time

With all the work stress and important meetings to attend, we understand how difficult it can be to make some time for each other. If you can take some time off work to spend with her and the baby, it will be a great gift for her.

Other Useful Gifts for New Mothers

Are you wondering what to gift a new mom? Here are some other useful gift ideas for new mothers that they will be touched and relieved to receive:

1. Bathrobe

With baby continuously making a mess of her, it will be nice for your wife to have a good supply of clean bathrobes to slip into.


2. Netflix

A rather odd present indeed, but as she will not be able to leave the house, and because not everyone likes to read, Netflix can be a great option to cure a mother’s boredom while the baby is sleeping. It is one of the cheap gifts that every new mama will truly appreciate.

3. Stylish Diaper Bag

As mum is going to have to cart around a diaper bag everywhere she goes, along with the little one, carrying another bag for her own personal items will make things all the harder. Get her a stylish diaper bag that will look good with any outfit, and that also has some space for her things. This is taking cool gifts to another, more fashionable level.

Stylish Diaper Bag

4. Pretty Cotton Pyjamas

Worried about what is the best birthday gift for your wife? New mamas are bound to spend a lot of time in their jammies for the first six months, so buying her a set of pyjamas she feels good in, can be a blessing. Nobody wants to be seen in her faded and worn out pyjamas when they have guests over.

5. Professional Photo Shoot

An album of beautiful pictures of your newborn child will certainly be useful as it provides you with both lifelong memories to hold onto. Taking pictures of the important moments with mother and child will warm her heart when she sees them. Add it to your list of Christmas gifts and then feature the best one on your family Christmas cards.

Professional Maternity Photo Shoot

6. Foot Bath

Look into giving her a foot bath as the jets of warm water are just what she needs to pamper those tired feet after months of carrying the extra weight around, and after the long days she is going to experience carrying your little bundle of joy around with her as she cares for and nurtures your baby during this time when he is completely dependent on her for everything.

7. Dry Shampoo

While this may seem like a funny gift idea, with hardly any time for herself, it can be difficult for your wife to spare time to wash her long locks, so a dry shampoo will be a very useful and thoughtful gift as it helps her feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Dry Shampoo

8. Comfortable Slippers

 Exhausted mothers are not going to want to wear anything that is going to make their feet hurt even more, so a pair of comfortable slippers can make things much easier for her.

9. Family Portrait

Having a new baby is a sure sign that you are going to need to start buying new frames to put up pictures of the newest addition to the family. Frame a picture of the family for her so that she has one less thing to do, but one more beautiful memory to look at.

Family Portrait

10. Notes of Encouragement

Make a scrapbook with notes of encouragement from family and friends. This can give new mothers a lot of encouragement on the days when they are exhausted and wonder if they can get through things. Add her favourite pictures of her friends and the family, as well as a few with you and your little bundle of joy.

No matter what gift you choose to get your wife, remember that she is most probably going to love it! After all, the very fact that you went out of your way in the middle of the crazy schedules between work, Lamaze classes, doctors appointments and trying to find her exactly the right nutritious snack that she needs while pregnant to satiate her cravings will touch her heart.

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