How to Resolve Conflict Between Mother and Daughter

3 Steps to Heal a Frayed Mom-Daughter Relationship

Sometimes, even our most cherished relationships suffer from misunderstandings, misconceptions and distrust. If your bond with your daughter or mom has strained with time and you are wondering how to fix your relationship, don’t worry. It really is true when they say mutual understanding and a little extra effort heals most wounds!

What do you do when your happy relationship with your mom or daughter turns sour? The relationship between moms and daughters is a special one but not insulated from the wrath of circumstances. If your bond has turned into a cold war, endeavour to rebuild the connection and make amends. Yes, it is totally possible to regain all you’ve lost!

Tips on How to Improve Mother-daughter Relationships

Before starting your quest, remember that you can’t do anything if you don’t talk. If it’s been a while since the two of you spoke, it’s time to initiate healing conversations. It’s only through speaking that you will be able to resolve conflicts.

1. Stay Calm

It’s easier said than done but staying calm and focused is half the battle won. Most times, we blow off steam when the other person doesn’t even see our perspective. When thinking about the ways to resolve a conflict, begin by putting yourself in a calm frame of mind. Practice deep breathing and yoga if you need to. Even if your sentiments are hurt and you want nothing better than to yell, keep cool and think before you speak. You don’t want to say something that will shatter your child or old girl!

2. Don’t Hesitate to Make Amends

Emotional disconnect between a mother and a daughter can cause distress not only among them, but also affect the whole family. Everyone feels the pressure and they need to tiptoe around you. To heal your mother-daughter relationship, accept that you too may have been at fault and own up to such instances. When she sees you doing that, she’s likely to do the same. Always be prepared to listen to each other even if you don’t quite agree on the other’s perspective. Lending her a non-judgemental ear will make repairing mother-daughter relationships much easier.

3. Don’t Pre- or Misjudge

A mandatory rule for mother-daughter conflict resolution is to never assume things on your own. Leave subjectivity behind and place yourself in the shoes of your mom or daughter to understand how you would have acted in her situation. Do you dislike your daughter’s choice of friends? It could just be teenage rebellion. Or is your mom demanding you to do something you hate? Try and figure out why. Respect the individuality of the special woman in your life even if her way of doing things differs from yours. You never know – perhaps her way is also correct, only different!

How to fix a mother-daughter relationship is a question with many answers. But it can’t be done in a day. As long as underlying issues aren’t dealt with, you’ll have problems. Try to follow this mother-daughter relationship advice to redevelop your bond and give up control on issues that aren’t yours to control. It’s only fair that you make extra effort for a relationship that’s undoubtedly worth preserving.

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