25 Interesting Vastu Shastra Tips for Home

25 Vastu Tips for Home You Should Know About

Vastu Shastra or Vastu is the traditional science of architecture practised in the Hindu community. The basic principle of Vastu is to integrate the architecture with the five natural elements, namely, fire, water, air, sky, and earth. Nowadays, we prefer to live in luxurious multi-storied apartments wherein every aspect of the directions cannot be considered. Nevertheless, there are many alternatives suitable to our requirements. You can always follow the below mentioned Vastu tips to attract positive energy in your living space.

25 Tips of Vastu Shastra for Home

Home is where happiness begins! Designing your own personal space according to your tastes and preferences can be exciting and overwhelming. Vastu defines a specific corner and direction for each important room of your house. For instance, the south-east corner of the house is considered to be the best for the kitchen and the north-east corner for the temple room. The traditional science of Vastu also helps you decorate your living space in harmony with natural elements, bringing positivity in your life. So, follow these highly recommended Vastu tips and see a change in yourself.

For Entrance and Doorway

Let’s enter the house with a free flow of energy and positivity! The entrance and doorway of the house are of great importance in Vastu Shastra as all the positivity enters your house from the doors. Follow these Vastu tips for your home to bring in joy and prosperity, and for your well-being!

  • According to Vastu Shastra, your doorway should face towards north direction, east direction, or north-east direction. That means when you step out of your house you must be facing towards the north, east, or north-east direction. If you are going for a new home, then avoid buying south facing home or a home facing west.
  • The main door of the house should look appealing and must be constructed out of strong and durable wood. Also, ensure that the length of the main door should be greater than the length of all other doors at home.Entrance door of the house
  • The main entrance should always be well-lit.
  • If there is space outside your house or an empty wall, then place a Ganesha idol or a frame. Lord Ganesha is considered to ward off the evil and bring prosperity to the house.
  • It is better to place a shoe rack inside the house and not outside the main door.
  • The main door should not be in black colour.
  • Decorative items like water fountains must not be placed outside the main door.
  • Get an attractive home nameplate made and place it on your main door. You may even decorate it with beautiful torans in the archway. It is believed that the positive energy and success which enters your house from the doorway finds its way to the bearer of the nameplate.
  • The main door should open in a clockwise direction.

For Meditation or Puja Room

Every home must have a designated puja room or a meditation room. A meditation room ensures that you take some time off and connect with your inner self, and dedicating a room for your daily prayers will keep you well connected with the holy almighty. Follow these unique Vastu tips for the temple at home:

  • The north-east corner of your house is the perfect place for a temple, meditation room, or a yoga room.
  • While setting up a puja room in your home, create an altar and place incense candles and diyas along with the pictures of God on it.Puja room in a house
  • To remove the negative energy from your home, light diyas or incense candles every day in the morning and evening.
  • The walls can be painted with pleasing and light colours like white, yellow, or beige. These colours will ensure a pleasant and welcoming ambience in this spiritual room.
  • Set up a spiritual room in a way that while meditating or praying you are facing the east direction.

For Living Room

Here you celebrate your special moments with family, welcome your guests, friends, and relatives. Probably that’s the reason why it’s called a ‘living’ room as you tend to be more candid and lively here.

  • A tastefully designed living room speaks highly of the inmates of the house! Ensure that the living room is well arranged and clutter-free.
  • A wind chime with metal balls can be placed on the windows of the living room; it is believed that the soothing tinkling sound of the bells will destroy the negative energy.A painting in the living room
  • You may hang paintings depicting the free-flowing river, water, or fish on the walls of your living room; it will bring luck and positivity to your family. Placing an aquarium with beautiful, healthy, and active fish on the north-east corner of your living room is also a good option.
  • The heavy furniture like sofa set, couches, or divans can be placed on the south-west corner, while the electronic appliances can be placed on the south-east section of the living room.

For Courtyard

The courtyard also called as the Brahmasthan is considered as the most powerful zone of the house. The courtyard of the house can be set up either in the interior or the exterior of your home, but traditionally it is set in the interior centre part of the home.

  • The courtyard is the exact centre point of your house and should have a circumference of approximately 1.5 centimetres. Ensure that the courtyard is free of any obstructions and is super-clean.
  • Courtyard floor should be of concrete, marble, or pebbles to give it a traditional look; additionally, you may also decorate it with planters and herbs.Courtyard

For Bedroom

A bedroom is your own personal haven where you can enjoy some ‘me time’. It’s all the more important to design your bedroom beautifully according to your tastes and style. At the same time, Vastu compliance will ensure that your bedroom exudes optimism and peace.

  • Southwest direction is an ideal location for your bedroom; it brings good health and well-being.
  • Beautiful bright colours and earthy shades on the bedroom walls will have a positive impact on your body and mind.A bedroom in the house
  • The mirror in the bedroom should be kept in a way that it never reflects your bed.
  • Ensure that bed is placed in the south-west corner of the room and you sleep with your head pointed towards west.
  • Couples must use the single mattress on the bed, and the wife should sleep on the left side of the bed. Mood lightings and aroma oil diffusers can be kept in the bedroom for a romantic ambience.

Vastu Shastra helps us surround ourselves with positivity by circulating a kind of cheerful and vibrant energy at our home. By following these tips, you will realize that Vastu Shastra with the help of its ancient science of architecture and techniques can influence us to practice a disciplined and harmonious lifestyle.

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