25 Best Tips on How to Save Electricity at Home

25 Best Ways You Can Save on Your Home Electric Bill Throughout the Year

Unlike you, insurance bills electricity bills keep varying every month. The variation depends on your consumption patterns. If in one month you consume more units then your statement will be on the higher side and vice versa. But most of the times even with your best efforts you are unable to get the electricity bills under control. There are certain things that you should bear in mind before you actively start working on reducing your electricity bills because if these points are not taken into consideration, you might still be battling high bills. Any modern house has a lot of appliances. Most of them come with an Energy star mark that tells you what would be the energy consumption of that appliance. Devices that come with these stars let you know that they consume less electricity and help in reducing your electricity bills. In case you are using the traditional incandescent type lights, its time for you to change to LED. Apart from looking nice, LED’s use very less energy and are much brighter and durable. In certain places, the rates for units of electricity consumed differs as per the demand. Check out the prices during the peak times and manage to run your appliances prudently. Even after doing this if you find yourself incurring huge electricity bills then read on to know some of the tips that we offer in this article to help you reduce your costs on electricity and maximise your savings.

How to Save Electricity at Home?

The electricity bills might have been driving you crazy off late. Identify the appliance or issue that is increasing your bills. Is it the weather for example summers usually see an increase in units consumed if you have AC in your house. Or if you have moved houses. Find out the source for the electricity drain out and fix it promptly. Let us look at some of the tips on how to save electricity at home.

1. Dry Your Dishes Naturally

Next time when you wash the dishes, instead of putting them in the dishwasher, let them dry naturally in the air. Or you can dry them using a piece of cloth.

2. Run Washing Machines or Dishwasher on Full Load

Running the dishwasher or the washing machine with minimal loads increases its frequency of usage and also consumes a lot of electricity. Try to run these machines when your loads are full to utilise them to your advantage.

3. Switch Off Equipment When Not in Use

We sometimes leave the equipment plugged to the power sockets. This way they draw in electricity even when we use them. Plug these appliances to power strips or extension boards and when you are not using them switch off the power strips directly. You can also unplug them to ensure that there is no secondary loss of electricity.

4. Usage of LED Lights

LED and CFL bulbs are widely known for their energy saving efficiency. Get hold of these and replace your old incandescent bulbs. They not only shine bright and can last long but they can also help you save on your electricity bills.

5. Turn Off Lights When Not in Use

Most of the electricity drain happens when we are careless not to switch off the lights that we are not using. Make it a habit of switching off the lights when you are not in a room.

6. Raising the Temperature of The Appliance Slowly

Usually, during the summer months when people come in from the outside, they switch on the AC to a very low temperature. This puts pressure on the appliance which invariably causes it to draw a lot of electricity to meet the required temperature. This sudden increase in power consumption also inflates the electricity bills.

7. Time to Bring in New Appliances

Nowadays appliances come with energy stars displayed on them to indicate their power consumption levels. If you see a constant increase in your electricity bills, it would be wise to consider discarding out the older appliances and bring in new appliances with a better energy star rating. The expenses incurred will eventually get offset with the savings on your electricity bill.

8. Use of Microwaves

Consider using the microwave to heat your leftovers or to cook small amounts of food. They use lesser energy compared to conventional ovens.

9. Maintain Your Appliances

Apart from the hygiene perspective, it pays to clean and maintain your appliances. An ill-maintained appliance will draw more energy than the one which is maintained regularly.

Save Money, Save Electricity

10. Install Timers for Heater

Some people have the habit of switching on the geyser in the night so that they get hot water in the morning. Setting a timer for your geyser will cut off the electricity feed to the appliance after the specified time. This helps in saving a lot of electricity and reduces the bill amount.

11. Battery Chargers

Most of the time once the mobile battery charge has been replenished we do not turn off the battery charger. These may be drawing electricity even when the mobile is not plugged on to the charger.

12. Use Your Balcony to Dry Your Clothes

Ample sunshine and air are not only healthy but can you to save on your electricity bills. Drying the clothes outside instead of the dryer can save a lot of energy and reduce the number of units consumed.

13. Usage of Rice Cooker

Work out a convenient time when all the family members can have their meals. This way the frequency of using the rice cooker to heat the food would reduce and lead to a saving of electricity.

14. Gas Stove and Electric Ovens

If used properly these appliances can help you meet your food requirements and also reduce your bills. Using small burners for smaller utensils can help you preserve energy. When you are using the oven, try not to open the door frequently so that the temperature does not drop drastically.

15. Use Natural Lighting

Sunlight is good for your health and also your pocket. Increased usage of natural lighting in your rooms can reduce the consumption of electricity.

16. Avoid Placing Appliances Near the AC Thermostat

The heat from the appliances placed near the AC thermostat will cause the AC to work harder on its cooling. Due to this change, the AC has to draw more electricity which increases the energy consumed.

17. Maintain the Appropriate Temperature in The Fridge

Maintaining the optimal temperature in the fridge helps in increasing its effectiveness and longevity. It also helps in reducing the energy consumed.

18. Do Not Keep the Tap Flowing

Be prudent enough not to waste water. Keeping the tap open while taking a shower or brushing increase not only water wastage but also increases the power consumed to keep the water warm.

19. Minimise Wastage of Food

Food that is thrown out adds up to the landfill. These create methane gas which heats the atmosphere and set a chain reaction.

Save Electricity For a Happier Planet

20. Schedule Your AC Pattern

Lot many times people leave the AC of their house running so that the temperature is maintained. Scheduling a pattern to the AC on and off times can help you save on your energy bills.

21. Ironing Clothes

Start the iron only when there is a large load to complete. This will help you to optimize its benefits and reduce the power consumption.

22. Use a Lid When Cooking

This is a straightforward solution to your rising electricity bills. Every time you cook remember to cover the lid of the pot so that food gets cooked faster.

23. Use Pressure Cookers Whenever Possible

Usage of the pressure cooker to cook food can lower the energy consumption to a great level.

24. Reduce Your Shower Time

Heating the water for shower consumes energy. Limiting time spent in the bathroom will lower your hot water consumption and also your bills.

25. Folding Clothes

Folding clothes when they are still warm and just out of the dryer will reduce the use of ironing thus saving energy consumption.

The growing need for electricity and its subsequent wastage is making it more and more expensive over the years. Reduce electricity bills with the tips offered in this article and maximise your savings.

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