List of 25 Best Kids Playroom Ideas

25 Best Playroom Ideas to Make a Fun Kid Area At Home

While thinking of decorating a playroom for your little one, the two most important aspects that come to your mind are colours and creativity. All children are different, and there will be various aspects and perspectives that need to be taken into consideration while decorating a playroom. Here, in this post, we have come up with 25 playroom ideas that you may consider while planning to decorate or set up your kid’s playroom!

Beautiful Playroom Decor Ideas for Your Kiddo

So here’s a list of the most beautiful children’s playroom ideas!

1. Create a Tiny Tent for Your Tiny Tot!

A cosy tent stuffed with comfortable pillows and rugs would be perfect for your child! You may add a tiny play kitchen too for the fun element. Children love to spend time in their own den which you can build using a fabric tepee! You can either buy the tent online or customise it with your own fabric and cut-outs!

2. A Beautiful Dressing-Up Corner

This one would be perfect for your little princess or prince! Just hang up a rail to the wall and display the most fashionable dresses of your kids on them and attach a tiny dressing mirror too!

3. Create a Scribble in Blackboard

This is the perfect idea to save your freshly painted walls from baby scribbles! Attach a blackboard on the wall of your kid’s room or a cupboard door, so that your kids can scribble as much as they like! You may also opt for a whiteboard with a marker pen to avoid the chalk dust!

4. A Tiny Reading Space cum Library

If you wish to instil the habit of reading in your kids, then this is an excellent way of doing it! A cosy area with soft cushions, a tiny table, chair, and plenty of books would do the trick! You can make a shelf to stack the books neatly in the corner.

5. Floor Mat Play Area

An excellent way to encourage your child’s imagination and a lot of active playtime is to set up a themed floor mat. This will be perfect for the kids to drive their toy cars, vehicles, and trucks too! It can be easily rolled up and would serve as the perfect floor mat for your kid’s room.

6. Imaginative Wall Decor

When it comes to playroom wall décor, your imagination can fly! Indulge in a fun DIY with your kids to make wall art décor using coloured paper and old newspapers which you can then affix as wall decals!

7. Add Some Colours and Patterns

Kids just love colours! You have plenty of options when it comes to kids’ playroom colour ideas, go for one that your kid loves the most! You can match it with colourful rugs and tiny furniture in your kid’s room!

8. Create a Toy Storage Area

A great way to keep the toys neatly stacked up and reserve a play space for all the mess is to create storage space. Tiny wooden floating shelves with a low table and small chairs would be enough for this. This will keep the toys neatly arranged all the time.

9. Create DIY Memories

Fun activities and DIYs with your kids can have surprising outcomes! Create beautiful memories by indulging in fun DIYs like paintings, artwork, etc. which you can use to decorate your kid’s playroom!

10. Go for a Unique Bed

Nowadays, you get a variety of unique bed for kids that can be converted into its own capsule playroom. Invest in one such cabin bed that can be added to your kid’s room, and then the room will be ready for your kid’s adventures!

11. Chic and Sophisticated

Yes, playrooms can be chic and sophisticated too. You can add in tiny furniture, rustic wooden floors, matching rugs, and curtains for a modern appeal!

12. Clean and White

Basement playroom ideas are very common these days. You can make it stylish and inviting by painting it in a shade of white with all white furniture in there. This one is more suitable for slightly older kids who will help you in keeping the space clean and not ruin the white in the room.

13. Treehouse-Inspired Playroom

Kids simply adore treehouses, so why not get them one at home? Plan a faux treehouse inspired playroom with built in-floor storage which will be perfect for sleepovers.

14. Create a Tiny Playroom in the Attic

Utilise your attic in the best possible manner by creating a cosy playroom for your kids—dump in a dozen of floor cushions, accent pillows, and soft rugs for added comfort.

15. Balcony Den

If you stay in an apartment and can’t find the perfect spot for a playroom then create one in the balcony. Set up a tiny tent or tepee and add in some rugs and cushions and you’re done!

16. Invest in a Bunk Bed

Bunk beds look cool and offer enough lounge space to set up a play space beneath the bed. A bunk bed with a tiny ladder would be the perfect addition to your kid’s room.

17. Playroom Furniture Ideas

If you already have a well set up children’s playroom and are looking to enhance its appeal then simply add in some furniture. A tiny study table with a chair, all in white would go well with any existing theme.

18. Elegant and Stylish

Design a stylish playroom for your kiddo that would be warm and inviting. Colourful pint-size furniture, textured wall décor, and soft furnishings would do the trick!

19. DIY Playroom

A smart way to spark your kids’ imagination is to indulge in a DIY playroom. Instead of setting it up on your own, involve the kids and make some creative DIYs like wall hangings, storage set up, tiny toy kitchen, etc. to decorate the playroom.

20. Playroom Flooring Ideas

Make sure that your kids feel comfortable in the playroom. You can use a soft rug or a play mat in beautiful colours and patterns to make it more suitable for kids, especially for their

Kid's Gym Playroom Idea

21. Set-Up a Tiny Kid’s Gym

How about setting up a monkey bar or a climbing wall or a tiny kid’s gym? It can be a mini-activity centre for your kids, and most kids love such play space.

22. Avengers-Inspired Playroom

It’s one of the most favourite ideas among the boys’ playroom ideas! Go for classic avengers themed playroom and match it with soft furnishings and pint-sized furniture for the perfect look.

23. Create a Beautiful Dollhouse

This one is just perfect if you are looking for cosy girls playroom ideas. Girls just love their dolls, and a dollhouse in the corner of the room would be their perfect escapade.

24. Create an Art Studio

Kids love to indulge in art and craftwork! Make a dedicated workspace for kids where they can freely make their own creations. You can add a board on the wall, a tiny work station with all the art and craft accessories!

25. Theme Oriented Playroom

Choose an appropriate theme on the basis of your child’s preferences and personality. Something like a fairy tale theme or a nautical theme would go well with kids. Add soft furnishings and comfortable furniture to complete the look.

Whether it is playroom design ideas or playroom extension ideas that you’re looking for, we hope that the tips given above help. Decorating small kids’ playroom with ideas is quite fun and exciting. Make sure that you enjoy this task with your kids!

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