25 Baby Shower Poems: Magical Verses for Your Baby’s Arrival

25 Baby Shower Poems – Magical Verses for Your Baby’s Arrival

A baby’s arrival is one of the most magical and surreal experiences for a mother. Every mommy-to-be makes efforts to make everything special for her baby and it also includes celebrating her baby’s arrival or ‘The Baby Shower’! If you are an expectant mother and looking for some magical verses, poems, or words for your baby shower, well, we must say that you are lucky to have stumbled upon this blog! In this post, we shall be sharing some beautiful thoughts and feelings that every mommy-to-be is laden with in the form of beautiful verses!

25 Endearing Poems for a Baby Shower

Here are some delightful and adorable baby shower poems that can express a would-be-mommy’s feelings and sentiments for her little bundle of joy!

Baby Shower Invitation Poems

Here some cute baby shower invitation poems that you can use to invite your family and friends:

  • Nibbles, savory and sweet,

Fun games to play and yummy cake to eat

With our new baby arriving very soon

Let us all gather for an afternoon!

  • Tiny hands, little toes

Heavenly bliss is bestowed

Gentle smiles and tender cries

Surely soon brightens up our skies.

Placid eyes, feeble feet

An angel amiably sleeps

Small fingers, pointy nose

A tiny gift God has endowed!

That tiny baby we hold so dear

Will soon bring us joys in all the years

This tiny gift that makes us grin

Is a miracle sent from heaven!

Come join us to celebrate the arrival of our little munchkin!

  • The gift of life is understood and known when you are a child,

But the gift of living is understood better when you have a child!

That is why we are sending you an invite

Please come and enjoy the baby shower of our beautiful child!

  • Teensy-weensy toothless smiles

This baby will be so divine

Teensy-weensy hands and feet

Will be God’s blissful treat.

Teensy-weensy flimsy toes

That will wear little shoes

Teensy-weensy fingers too

Will be dressed in mittens that are new.

This teensy-weensy baby so dear

Will grow so fast in the coming years

This teensy-weensy angel that is bestowed

It is a big gift heaven has endowed!

My tribe of bubbly ladies,

with mutual excitement let us meet.

To welcome my unborn precious baby,

Whom I just can’t wait to greet!

  • With arms wide open, a baby we are ready to welcome,

We can’t wait to see all the things that he will do often and seldom!

From cutting his first tooth to saying his first word,

To those first steps, he’ll take, like a wobbly baby bird.

The whole world seems to await his arrival and waiting eagerly to be explored,

We wish to be with people who will always make him feel adored.

Our new baby is on the way

We’d love your presence on this special day

A baby shower will be held for our baby very soon

All the fun and frolic will make it a beautiful afternoon!

Baby Shower Poems for a Girl

Are you expecting a baby girl and wish to share your joy with your loved ones by inviting them for a shower? Well, we have some beautiful baby shower poems to welcome a baby girl:

  • Tiny little fingers, tiny little toes,

Little itty-bitty clothes.

Dresses, ribbons, and hair to curl

We’re tickled pink because we are having a girl!

  • Little bittie hands and little bittie feet

Cute puckered lips that are oh so sweet

Soon to dress in pink dresses and beautiful curls

Join us for a baby shower celebrating a new baby girl

  • The pitter-patter of little feet

Our baby girl will have the sweetest smile

Her giggles will bring joy deep inside

Her tiny hands and tiny feet

We are eagerly waiting to meet!

This bundle of joy now rests quietly

What a precious treasure rests placidly

Our baby girl will be so cute and small

Will grow so lovely for sure

This baby we amiably adore

Felicity is sweetly outpoured

This baby that will have a physique so mild

Will bring us tons of delight!

  • We have always wanted a baby girl,

And our wish is coming true.

There’s a bundle of dainty joy

Growing right inside of you.

A darling little girl for us to hold

And sing to and cuddle and kiss.

To bundle in blankets and rock to sleep,

And dress all in pink, if we wish.

Exactly the what we have hoped for,

A precious baby girl who’ll steal our heart.

We cannot resist if we wanted to,

As soon our whole world would change for a new start!

With all the laugh and a giggle

our baby girl will be arriving soon

We laughed and cried tears of joy

and promised her the moon!

  • Tiny fingers, curly toes

Little itty pink clothes

Tiaras, dolls, hair full of curls

You guessed it…it is going to be a girl

Baby Shower Poems For a Boy

A baby boy will bring so much excitement, joy, and adventure in your life. Here are some heart-warming verses or welcome poems to celebrate the arrival of your little baby boy:

  • A little boy is wonderful

A very special part

Of all the hopes, dreams and plans

We cherish in our hearts

  • Our baby boy is on the way

Mommy expect creepie crawlies

Football, baseball, and fire trucks

But first, let’s celebrate in a special way!

  • A sweet baby boy we can’t wait to meet

In the meantime, let us chat and eat

A celebration with lots of blue

To help mommy prepare

She’d love to see you there

  • There’s something special about a baby boy…

Maybe it’s the way he clenches his little fists

As though he’ll conquer the world one day.

Maybe it’s those heavy sighs he makes

As he wearily drifts off to sleep.

Perhaps it’s in the way his lips randomly smile

As if he’s dreaming of his mama.

Or it could be the way he thrusts out his chin

That seems so much like his father.

Whatever it is that makes a baby boy so special.

We are sure about to find out!

  • With gifts and love

To show our appreciation

Of our baby boy, who is to come

Let’s gather around

To celebrate this surprise

Let’s celebrate, as our happiness will rise!

Baby Shower Favor Poems

Make your baby shower more memorable by writing a small shower favor or gift poem that you can write on a small card or tag and attach with the shower favors! Here are some poems that you can write:

  • Please accept this little token

To say the words perhaps unspoken

The words I guess you already know

Are thank-you wrapped and tied with a bow.

  • Just want to thank you,

your gift was really kind.

You brought me your smile,

it’s engraved in my mind!

  • You have showered me

With oodles of gifts and tea

But this little gift

Is from baby and me.

  • Just wanted to remind you,

of the fun that we had.

My baby shower turned out great,

Thanks for coming, I’m super glad!

  • I hope you find,

this favor quite sweet.

It’s just a little,

memorable treat.

Baby Shower Thank You Poems for the Mom-to-be

Baby Shower Thank You Poems for the Mom-to-be

The mother needs to express her gratitude to her guests for making her special day ultra-special. So, here are some baby shower poems for cards that a would-be-mommy can use in expressing her gratitude:

  • What a treasure trove you brought,

With kind words and warm thought,

For a day full of joys and laughter,

Bubbling up to the rafter.

The fun we had,

The food we shared,

Makes us confident for baby’s future,

With such friends to look after her.

Thank you for the memory,

And your pure generosity.

  • When an angel comes to earth,

It is such a happy day.

You cannot believe the little one

is finally here to stay.

A tiny little baby

brings joy to everyone.

With the cutest little smiles

and all the baby fun.

Thank you for your gift

and all good wishes too.

It will really come in handy

with all there is to do.

We never raise our children

without a little magic.

without great friends like you,

life would be so tragic.

  • Our baby will be here soon,

and we cannot wait to meet.

We thank you for your patience

to touch its little feet.

Your gift is very welcomed

and will help us make our start

With our little baby bundle

who is already in our hearts.

Life is very precious,

especially a life that is new

It is wonderful to share our joy

with great people like you.

I’m not sure what to say.

Will the words even have the strength…

  • To convey the love and appreciation

that I feel towards you right now?

Does a word exist, in any language at all,

that will explain my thankfulness, once and for all?

I may not know the answer to that,

so I hope that this will suffice,

Thank you for your support,

thanks, for being here.

  • The little baby doesn’t have the vocabulary,

For this vital necessity,

We must express our joy and thanks,

For all the smiles and party pranks,

The kindness and love,

The presents and hugs.

We can’t fully put it into words,

But the happiness that we taste

It can be read on our little baby’s face.

A baby shower is certainly one of the most memorable moments for a would-be-mother as it is about celebrating a new life into this world. It is a time to share hopes, emotions, and dreams associated with the arrival of her bundle of joy and what better than some heartfelt thoughts, words, and verses!

We hope that you like our selection of adorable baby shower verses! You can add or tweak them as per your liking or requirements and make your baby shower more special and memorable with your loved ones! The idea is to provide you with a source of inspiration, if you wish to write or pen down something on your own, some of the above-mentioned verses can come handy!

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