30+ Amazing Birthday Party Themes for Girls

30+ Amazing Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Birthdays are special. Be it the first birthday or the fifth, or the tenth. All parents love to celebrate their children’s birthdays in a special way, and theme-based birthday parties are one way to do so. But planning a theme-based birthday party can be confusing sometimes, owing to the number of themes to choose from. Your little baby girl is special to you, and so is her birthday, so why not organise a birthday party for her that she’ll cherish all her life? We have some amazing party theme ideas for a rocking party where not only your girl but her girl gang will have a blast too. Let’s take a look at some birthday theme ideas for girls below.

Colour Theme for Girls Birthday Party

Let’s take a look at some colour-based best birthday themes for girls.

1. The ‘All Pink’ Party

If your baby girl is a member of the pink brigade, this idea is for you. Keep a pink colour scheme and decorate everything in complementing shades of pink for her birthday! This theme is a stress-free choice for your girl’s first birthday.


  • Decorate the house with pink balloons and ribbons.
  • Dress your princess in a beautiful pink frock or a gown.
  • Distribute pink hats to the guests.
  • Serve pink cupcakes, candies or jellies and order a customized pink cake.
  • Distribute pink coloured stationery or small pink mirrors as a return gift.

2. ‘Shimmery’ Party

Girls’ love for shimmer and shine is not unknown. Go ahead with this theme and make way for an iconic party.


  • Decorate the venue with shimmery and shiny pom-poms and shimmery balloons.
  • Dress your girl in a shimmery golden or silver dress.
  • Organize a photoshoot for the girls in front of a sparkly, glitter background.
  • Order a customized shimmery cake.
  • Distribute glitter nail paints as return gifts.

3. ‘Tie-Dye’ Themed Party

A great theme to include all colours in your child’s birthday party in a ‘half-and-half’ way.


  • Ask the guests to come wearing tie-dye clothing.
  • Decorate your house with tie-dye balloons and ribbons
  • Order a tie-dye cake for your little girl.
  • Pack the return gifts in tie-dye gifting papers.

Creative Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Girls

Here are Creative birthday themes for girls, which will make her feel special and celebrated, just like a princess:

1. ‘Rainbow’ Party

Who doesn’t love rainbows? This theme is the right one to celebrate colours reflecting happiness and celebrations!


  • Decorate the house with balloons and flowers in all colours.
  • Dress your girl up in a dress that has all the colours of the rainbow.
  • Distribute colourful hats to the kids.
  • Stock plates, glasses, napkins and spoons in all colours.
  • Order a customized cake which has a rainbow on it.
  • Distribute colouring paints as return gifts.

2. ‘Jewellery’ Party

Girls love jewellery, and this love grows with age! This makes it a suitable theme for your teenage girl’s next birthday.


  • Decorate the venue with paper cutouts of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.
  • Dress your girl up in an elegant dress with a beautiful piece of jewellery adorning her ears, neck, ring, and wrists.
  • Serve cupcakes with different jewellery accessories crafted on them.
  • Order a customized cake in the shape of a jewellery box.
  • Distribute small jewellery boxes as return gifts.

3. ‘Pyjama’ Party

Girls love night-outs, and what could be better than staying up late in a nightdress and celebrating a party!


  • Organize a night-out party at your home.
  • Ask your guests to come in their nightdresses.
  • Decorate the house with balloons and heart-shaped pillows.
  • Order a customized cake in the shape of a bed.
  • Organize a dance session for the kids.
  • Distribute heart-shaped stuffed pillows as return gifts.

4. ‘Wonder Woman’ Party

Organize a “Wonder Woman” themed party for your super girl to make her feel powerful on her special day.


  • Decorate the venue with blue and red balloons and Wonder Woman posters.
  • Dress your girl in Wonder Woman’s outfit.
  • Distribute wonder women tiaras to the kids.
  • Organize a photo shoot for the girls.
  • Order a customized cake with a Wonder Woman figure on it.
  • Distribute Wonder Woman printed stationery as return gifts.

5. The ‘Farmageddon’ Party

This one is for the birthday girls who are ‘Shaun the Sheep’ movie fans! With this theme, she won’t just count sheep while sleeping, but she will remember the event for her entire life!


  • Get a customized cake with a scene from the mossy bottom farm.
  • Dress the birthday girl and the guests as the sheep.
  • Decorate the house in the mossy bottom farm theme.
  • Have an outdoor ‘grazing game’ or ‘save the alien’ game with your own exciting rules.
  • Give away customized merchandise as party favours.

Classic Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Let’s look at some classic birthday party ideas for a girl’s birthday.  

1. ‘Picnic’ Party

A picnic party forms the best birthday party theme in case your girl’s birthday falls in the summer.


  • Organize a party in a nearby park or your garden.
  • Decorate the venue with picnic blankets and baskets.
  • Dress your girl in a beautiful, colourful frock.
  • Organize outdoor games for the kids.
  • Order a customized cake in the shape of a watermelon.
  • Distribute skipping ropes as return gifts.

Kid's ‘Picnic’ Party

2. ‘Ice Cream Cone’ Party

Not only kids but adults love ice cream too. Imagine having all flavours at one place at one time. Great, right? Wait no more and go for an ice cream themed party for your princess!


  • Decorate the venue with ice cream cone cutouts.
  • Dress your girl up in a colourful frock.
  • Stock a lot of cones with all available ice cream flavours.
  • Stock ice cream candy sticks as well.
  • Order a customized cake with ice cream layered on it, or go for an ice cream cake!
  • Distribute ice cream lip gloss as a return gift.

‘Ice Cream Cone’ Party

3. The ‘Princess’ Party

Girls love to dress up as a princess. Why not use it as a theme for your girl’s next birthday party?


  • Dress up your little one as her favourite princess.
  • Ask the guests to come dressed as different princesses or princes.
  • Get the birthday a customised princess cake.
  • Decorate the house with princess theme décor with an entry gate decorated as a castle.

4. ‘Unicorn’ Party

Unicorn party themes are here to stay. Unicorn-themed parties were and are still the most popular party themes out there, and girls love them.


  • Arrange for a beautiful unicorn cake.
  • Dress up your princess in a beautiful unicorn frock.
  • Decorate the house with unicorn-coloured ribbons.
  • Give your guests a unicorn stuffed toy as a return gift.

5. ‘Pool’ Party

A perfect party theme for a summer party to beat the heat the right way!


  • Set up some inflatable pools in the garden and throw in some balloons.
  • Set the table with some popping and beach colours.
  • Set up an open snack table to keep your little guests.
  • Engage the children in games like water balloon piñata and sponge ball toss.
  • Buy some shades, towels, water bottles, or spray bottles for return gifts.

6. ‘Cupcake’ Party

We all love delicious cupcakes. So, why not arrange for a cupcake party by just pulling out or buying some baking and cake decorating tools for the party?


  • Send out party invitations, and mention that you are having a ‘cupcake’ themed celebration.
  • Let your party be creative by making your guest frost the cupcakes and decorating them with tiny fruits, sprinkles, etc.
  • Decorate the party place with cupcake cutouts and cupcake-shaped balloons.

Unique Custom Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Here are some unique birthday decoration themes for a girl party that you both will love.

1. ‘Mermaid’ Party

We’re sure that your little angel loves Ariel, the mermaid. Then why not try throwing her a mermaid themed party?


  • Decorate the venue in blue or sea green.
  • Birthday decoration ideas for your baby girl’s party could also include sea shell and mermaid cutout hangings.
  • Dress your little girl up in a mermaid dress, which you can buy readymade or get stitched.
  • Order a customized cake with the figure of Ariel, the mermaid, on it.
  • Distribute personalized items with mermaid printed on them as return gifts.

2. ‘Floral’ Party

Flowers help in creating a fresh, fragrant and happy vibe. If your baby girls loved flowers, this theme is a must-try for her birthday party!


  • Decorate the venue with different real or artificial flowers like roses, lilies or orchids.
  • Make paper cutouts of flowers and hang them around the venue.
  • Distribute flower tiaras to the kids.
  • Dress your girl in a floral frock or gown.
  • Organize a game where kids have to name the flower that appears on a projector screen.
  • Order a customized cake with loads of sugar flowers on them.
  • Distribute rosebuds as party favours.

3. ‘Circus’ Party

‘A trip to the circus’ is one birthday theme that is widely adored by kids. Try this theme on your girl’s birthday and let her enjoy the show.


  • Decorate the venue with red and white balloons.
  • Hang up some clown and circus animals’ cutouts.
  • Dress your girl up in a polka-dotted red and white frock.
  • Book a magician for entertaining the kids.
  • Order a customized cake with a clown figure on it.
  • Distribute clown stuffed toys as a return gift.

Kid's ‘Circus’ Party

4. ‘Bubble’ Party

Bubbles are beautiful and a favourable birthday theme for partying in summers.


  • Decorate the venue with perfectly circular transparent balloons.
  • Decorate the venue with jelly bubbles that swell when put in water.
  • Dress your girl up in a beautiful summer outfit.
  • Serve round sandwiches and cupcakes with sugar bubbles on them.
  • Spread bubble wraps on the floor and, let the kids pop them.
  • Organize a play party in the garden with giant bubbles that can easily be made at home.
  • Distribute toys made to blow bubbles as party favours.

5. ‘Butterfly’ Party

A butterfly party theme is a simple theme that can be easily implemented for your little princess.


  • Decorate the venue with butterfly printed balloons and butterfly paper cutouts.
  • Dress your girl up in a beautiful frock with small wings pinned to her back.
  • Distribute hats with butterflies printed on them.
  • Order a customized cake with butterflies on it.
  • Distribute butterfly stamps or sticker as party favours.

6. ‘Fashionista’ Party

It is no surprise that girls love fashion. A fashionista theme is a good choice for your teenage girl.


  • Decorate the venue with dress, mirror, heels and lipstick paper cutouts.
  • Distribute tiaras to the guests.
  • Dress your girl up to look like a model with light makeup.
  • Organize a fashion show for the girls.
  • Order a customized cake in the shape of a dress, or cupcakes with different makeup accessories crafted on them.
  • Distribute makeup accessory kits as party favours.

7. ‘Fairy’ Party

Themes that include magic and fairies can make your birthday girl go wow! Everyone in their lives has once hoped for a fairy to transform their lives, just like Cinderella’s!


  • Decorate the venue with fairy and butterfly cutouts.
  • Dress your girl up just like a fairy with a set of paper made wings pinned to the back of the dress.
  • Distribute star wands, tiaras, and paper made wings to the guests,
  • Serve cupcakes with fairies crafted on them.
  • Order a customized cake with a fairy figure on it.
  • Distribute mugs with fairies printed on them as return gifts.

8. ‘Polka Party’

Polka dots do have a retro feel; however, nobody can deny their style quotient! This theme is a great idea for your girl’s first birthday!


  • Decorate the venue with polka-dotted balloons, curtains, and tablecloths.
  • Dress the birthday girl in a polka-dotted dress.
  • Serve drinks in polka-dotted cups and snacks in polka-dotted plates.
  • Order a customized polka dot patterned cake.
  • Distribute polka-dotted mugs as a return gift.

Polka Party

9. ‘Animated’ Party  

Children are huge fans of the blockbuster animated films. The computer-animated fantasy films are the perfect choice for your little girl’s birthday party.   


  • Dress up the birthday girl in a blue tutu dress.   
  • Buy party accessories, banners, and cake.  
  • Arrange for a blue-coloured welcome drink.  

Fun Birthday Themes for Girls  

Now that you have read about some best birthday theme ideas for girls, let’s look at some fun ideas as well:

1. ‘Frozen Party’

Elsa and Anna are all-time favourite Disney princesses, and the winter theme associated with the movie makes this party idea even more happening.


  • Decorate the venue in all white and blue theme.
  • Make DIY snowflakes with paper and hang them up with thread.
  • Dress the birthday girl as Elsa.
  • Distribute tiaras to the kids.
  • Order a customized cake with Elsa and Anna figures on it.
  • Distribute personalized party favours with Elsa, Anna or Olaf printed on them.

2. ‘Disney’ Party

Girls love Disney princesses!. Girls have at least one princess as their favourite. So, why not let your girl be their favourite Disney princess for one day?


  • Ask your guests to dress their girls as Disney princesses.
  • Dress your girl as her favourite Disney princess.
  • Distribute tiaras to the girls.
  • Decorate the venue with cutouts of different Disney Princesses.
  • Order a customized cake in the shape of a castle.
  • Distribute mugs or stationery with Disney princesses printed on them.

3. ‘Barbie’ Party

Barbie dolls are loved by girls, which, in turn, makes this theme a must-try.


  • Decorate the venue with Barbie cutouts and Barbie dolls.
  • Dress your girl in a customized Barbie doll outfit.
  • Organize a Barbie fashion show or a photo shoot for the girl gang.
  • Order a customized cake with Barbie doll figure on it.
  • Distribute Barbie doll sets or Barbie printed stationery as a return gift.

4. ‘Minnie Mouse’ Party

Minnie Mouse is an all-time favourite! Try a Minnie Mouse theme; it will definitely make your girl happy!


  • Decorate the venue with pink and black balloons.
  • Dress your girl up in a black and red frock.
  • Distribute Minnie Mouse headbands to the guests.
  • Order a customized cake with a Minnie Mouse figure on it.
  • Organize a dance party for the kids.
  • Distribute mugs or stationery with Minnie Mouse printed on them as return gifts.

5. ‘Minion’ Party

Minions are the talk of the town. ‘Despicable Me’, an animated film which features these characters is widely popular, which makes this birthday theme an interesting one.


  • Decorate the venue with yellow and blue balloons and minion cutouts.
  • Dress your girl in a yellow t-shirt with blue shoulder strap pants.
  • Serve cold drinks in printed disposable cups.
  • Order a customized cake with the minions’ figures on it.
  • Stock blue and yellow cutlery for serving snacks.
  • Distribute minion printed mugs or stationary as return gifts.

6. The ‘Lion King’ Party

The Lion King theme is another latest addition to the favourite birthday party themes even for girls. The event is sure to be a hit with this fantastic theme!


  • Dress our little angel as Nala or any of her favourite characters from Lion King.
  • Decorate the house to resemble the Pride Lands of Africa.
  • Have cutlery to go along with the theme.
  • Have all the guests come dressed as the characters of the movie, or give them masks of the characters to wear at the party.
  • Get a personalized cake with a picture of Simba on it along with your baby girl.
  • Purchase themed merchandise to give away as party favours.

7. ‘Finding Dory’ Party

Finding Dory is a popular animated movie among kids. Try this birthday theme on her next birthday and let her find happiness.


  • Decorate the venue in blue to create an underwater scene.
  • Decorate the venue with Dory and Nemo paper cutouts.
  • Dress your girl up in a blue dress with a cap with Dory printed on it.
  • Distribute Dory printed caps to the guests as well.
  • Order a customized cake in the shape of Dory.
  • Distribute Finding Dory themed customized items as return gifts.

8. ‘Harry Potter’ Party

Harry Potter is a popular option irrespective of gender and age, so why not go for this adventurous theme for your girl’s next birthday?


  • Send invites with the Hogwarts stamp on it.
  • Decorate the venue with posters of characters from the movie.
  • Decorate the gate with a banner titled “Welcome to Hogwarts.”
  • Dress your girl as Hermione from Harry Potter, or as her favourite character.
  • Distribute handmade wands and robes to the guests.
  • Order a customized cake in the shape of a sorting hat.
  • Distribute Hogwarts logo printed mugs to the guests.

9. ‘Hello Kitty’ Party

Hello Kitty is another all-time favourite animated character that makes a great party theme.


  • Decorate the venue with Hello Kitty cutouts.
  • Dress your baby girl up in a beautiful frock with Hello Kitty badge on her dress.
  • Distribute headbands with red bows on it.
  • Order a customized cake with a Hello Kitty figure on it.
  • Distribute Hello Kitty printed stationery as return gifts.

10. ‘Hannah Montana’ Party

When planning a birthday for your teen girl, this theme could save the day!


  • Decorate the venue with Hannah Montana, microphone, and guitar cutouts.
  • Dress your girl up just like Hannah Montana.
  • Organize a Karaoke singing competition for the girls.
  • Order a customized cake with a Hannah Montana figure on it.
  • Distribute guitar key rings or Hannah Montana printed tote bags as return gifts.

11. ‘Cowgirl’ Party

For fans of farm animals, this idea will take the cake.


  • Create a small farm at your house by including cute cow-themed centrepieces.
  • Arrange for farm-related games, like pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Arrange for a moo-themed cake.

12. ‘Tutti-Fruiti’ Party

Make your little guests dive into the fruit bowl at your Tutti-Fruti party.


  • Make your child dress in a beautiful and colourful dress.
  • Keep some colourful tutti-frutti in a bowl for little guests to eat.
  • Bake or buy a delicious tutti-fruit cake for the birthday girls to cut.

13. ‘Sky-Cloud’ Themed Party

The décor of this themed party will transport you and your guests high into the sky with fluffy clouds all around.


  • Decorate with plain blue sheets and some paper cuttings of hot air balloons and clouds.
  • Keep the tableware in white and customise your cake and desserts in a blue and white theme.
  • Replace your tablecloth with a white furry rug or sheets of cotton.
  • Make the birthday girl wear a light blue and white dress.

Having listed so many ideas, your little girl is sure to look forward to her special day. Choose the one you think is the best and watch them all have a blast on your little darling’s birthday!

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