20 Places In and Near Pune You Can Visit With Your Kids

Whether you live in the city and are looking for some kid-friendly places to take your children to, Pune has a lot to offer.

20 Best Places For Children In Pune

Here is a list of places to visit with the kids in tow.

Historical Monuments

Here are some historical places your kids will love!

Historical Places

1. Aga Khan Palace

It is also known as the Gandhi National Memorial because of the imprisonment of freedom fighters in 1942. Here, you can see Kasturba’s tomb as well as other portraits and artefacts portraying Gandhi’s life.

Location: Nagar Road, Pune

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Cost for Indians: Rs 15; Cost for foreigners: Rs 200

Amenities: Restrooms and parking

Children can learn more about the freedom struggle.

2. Rajgad

Rajgad is home to ancient water cisterns, caves and palaces. It is 4,600 feet above sea level and has a diameter of 40 km.

Location: 15 km to the west of Nasrapur in the Sahyadris range, and about 60 km southwest of Pune.

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Free

Amenities: Food served at the Padmavati Temple

This Fort can only be reached by trekking, so if your children are very young, you will need to consider other options.

3. Lohagad Fort

This fort, surrounded by beautiful greenery, is a wonderful combination of nature and ancient architecture. While trekking is required, the journey is easy and can be easily made even by children who are six years and above. Children can enjoy the sight of different insects and birds along the way.

Location: On a hill 52 km from Pune, close to Malavali

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Free

Amenities: Parking available at Malawi base

Do not plan a trip here during monsoon as it can get slippery during the hike and is dangerous for children. Weekdays are preferable as weekends tend to get crowded.

4. Malhargad

Also called Sonori fort, it is the youngest fort in the area, which means it is in a better condition than others. The fort is 3,100 feet above sea level and the trek to it lasts about an hour.

Location: 30 km away from Pune

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Free

Amenities: Parking is available at Sonori village

Do not visit during monsoon.

5. Torna Fort

Also known as Prachandagad, visiting Torna fort takes you back in time with its beautiful scenery. The surrounding valleys, lakes and waterfalls will take your kids’ breath away.

Location: 50 km away from Pune

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Free

Amenities: Food provided by local villagers

Wear proper shoes. Not recommended for very young children.

Famous Museums

Here are some interesting museums you can take your kids to visit:


1. Mahatma Phule Museum

This museum showcases handicrafts made for daily use as well as agricultural and industrial purposes. There are also preserved animals and models of things belonging to different eras.

Location: Ghole Road, Shivaji Nagar

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Rs 10

Amenities: Restrooms and parking space

Children above five years will appreciate it.

2. National War Museum

Built to serve as a memorial for those who died in post-independence wars, children can view the MiG 23 BN, which is from the Kargil War and still maintained well. You can also view an exact replica of the Trishul, a warship used against Portugal during the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971.

Location: Cantonment, Pune

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Free

Amenities: Parking, restrooms, and food stalls

There is an interesting weapon display showcased at this museum.

3. Pune Tribal Museum

This museum showcases the daily lives of the tribals that reside in the Sahyadris. Through the photographs, paintings, and life-sized models of the tribal people, your children can learn about a culture that is very different from their own.

Location: Bund Garden Road, Pune

Days Open: Weekdays. Closed on public holidays

Entry Fee: Free

Amenities: Food stalls, parking and restrooms are available

Children who are not interested in history or culture may get bored easily.

4. Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways

Complete with tiny railways, buildings, circus fairs, business districts and everything a city holds, Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways is the only miniature city in India and is one of the entertainment places in Pune for kids and adults alike.

Location: Kothrud, Pune

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Rs. 80

Amenities: Restrooms, parking, and restaurants

This will be enjoyable even for young children.

5. Blades Of Glory Cricket Museum

A great place to visit for cricket buffs, this museum showcases cricket bats signed by all the World Cup-winning teams as well as other autographed gear.

Location: Sahakar Nagar, Pune

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Rs. 50

Amenities: Parking and restrooms

Those kids who love cricket will learn a lot of cricket trivia.

Malls and Parks for Children in Pune

Here are some great malls and parks that you can take the kids to in Pune:


1. Amanora Mall

Featuring everything from gaming arcades to shops, theatres and restaurants, this mall guarantees loads of fun. It also has exquisite architecture and something of interest for the entire family.

Location: Hadapsar-Khardi Bypass

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Free

Amenities: Wheelchair assistance, ATMs, restaurants, restrooms, parking and free wifi

The entire family can enjoy.

2. Krushnai Water Park

With more than a dozen water rides, both kids and adults can enjoy this fun-filled park. Rides like Magic Sway, Pirate Island, the Tipping Bucket, Twister and many others make this water park one of the best entertainment places in Pune for kids.

Location: Donje Gaon, Sinhagad Base, Pune

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Rs 400 for kids, Rs 500 for adults on weekdays; Rs 500 for kids, Rs 600 for adults on weekends

Amenities: Lockers, parking, swimming suits, restaurants and restrooms

Group discounts can be availed on entry tickets.

3. Seasons Mall

This mall is also one of the most fun places in Pune for kids, as it has 15 multiplexes, 100 brand stores, an exclusive gaming zone and activities like rock climbing, Go-Karting, F1 simulation and bowling.

Location: Hadapsar, Pune

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Free

Amenities: Parking, restrooms, restaurants

The mall gets crowded on weekends.

4. Phoenix Market City

Featuring many restaurants, stores and a multiplex, this popular shopping destination has everything you need. It also has a gaming zone where adults and children can enjoy.

Location: Viman Nagar, Pune

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Free

Amenities: Free wi-fi, wheelchair and pram assistance, and parking

The place is so entertaining that your kids may refuse to go home.

5. Imagica Snow Park

 With rafts and toboggans available for your kids to play on, this snow park has ice sculptures, snow castles, and snow rocks. It even offers a chance to play snow basketball and simply frolic about in the snow.

Location: Lonavla

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Rs 199 and above

Amenities: Boots and jackets are provided for free, and the place has real, edible snow.

Your children will get to experience snow.

Other Places to Visit in Pune With Children

Here are some other places that your children will enjoy visiting in Pune:

Other Places in Pune

1. Della Adventure

This park features many wonderful activities for kids such as paintball, water games, joy rides, swoop swing and is one of the places to visit near Pune with the kids.

Location: Lonavla, Pune

Days Open: Every day except public holidays

Entry Fee: Rs. 2,000 for adults and Rs 1,438 for kids for a day pass

Amenities: Restrooms, parking, and restaurants

Children who are seven and above will enjoy more, while those younger may not get to enjoy as much.

2. Mulshi Lake and Dam

Those who love nature and bird watching will enjoy the trip to the Mulshi lake and dam. There are also adventure activities put together by resorts in the area.

Location: Mulshi Taluka

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Free

Amenities: Restrooms, food stalls and parking available

Only nature lovers will appreciate this place.

3. Katraj Snake Park and Zoo

If your kids love animals, they will truly be awed by the variety of snakes and other animals that are at the location. There is even an on-site animal orphanage.

Location: Katraj, Pune

Days Open: Every day except Wednesday

Entry Fee: Rs. 2 for children, Rs. 3 for adults

Amenities: Food stalls, parking, and restrooms

Your children will get to see animals that are fast becoming extinct.

4. Chokhi Dhani

This village tourist destination is where you will get the authentic taste of Rajasthani culture.

Location: Wagholi, Pune

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Rs. 350 for kids, Rs. 650 for adults

Amenities: Restaurant, restrooms, and parking

Your kids will have a good time.

5. Kolad

This little rustic village lying between the Sahyadris offers rock climbing, water rafting, camping, etc.  You can also take hot air balloon rides and have a picnic with your family.

Location: 144 km away from Pune

Days Open: Every day

Entry Fee: Varies according to package

Amenities: Parking, restaurants, and restrooms

If you prefer more relaxing days out with the family, this is for you.

No matter what kind of interest you and your children have, there is something for everyone to enjoy, and most of them are completely affordable.

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