Twin Pregnancy Week 19: Symptoms, Baby Size, Ultrasound & more

19 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples

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When you carry twins in the 19th week of your pregnancy or even multiple babies, know that you have come a long way since you conceived them. Undoubtedly, you would be more relaxed and in control of your body and the subtle changes that might be making themselves known to you over the weeks. Keeping your babies safe within your belly holds priority if you have twin pregnancy at 19 weeks. A proper nourishment programme that ensures the intake of the right nutrients for the baby’s growth, combined with a balance of exercise and fitness for your own, can help prep the both of you together for the final months of your pregnancy.

Growth of the Babies At 19 Weeks

The 19th week of pregnancy holds numerous events for you that will leave you astounded. Your babies are getting more and more aware of themselves and the environment around them through the coming weeks and will continue to do so in the months that arrive.

With the little ones having improved control over their limbs, the babies would be able to clench their fingers together to form a fist and probably continue to do so for a long time now. Some can even cross their arms over their chests, and the sucking of the thumb can initiate as well if it hasn’t already.

Even though different parts of your body are taking all the actions needed to keep them alive and happy, the various senses that are present in a human being are activated within your children, too. When you speak or hum a tune or listen to a song, or when you eat anything, a lot of sensory perception is achieved by the babies within the womb, as their brain begins to process these signals and attempts to make sense of them. This is how the nervous system creates a massive network connecting every inch of the body to the brain.

If your children have not been covered with vernix in the previous week of your pregnancy, it should ideally happen around this week for sure. With the body hair and fluid layer covering the bodies of your babies, they remain protected with their body temperature regulated to its optimal level. Bone development continues to progress ahead and harden over time, as well as an improvement in the functioning of the heart and kidneys.

What Is the Size of the Babies?

If you pull out the ultrasound scan of the baby you had in your 8th or 9th week of pregnancy and try to compare it with what you see now, the change in size will be no less than a surprise. Babies usually weigh around 200 grams, which is again lower for multiple babies. Their physical size, however, would be as large as that of mango or a tomato. Most babies are around 14 to 15 centimetres in length, with twins or triplets being a tad smaller in comparison. Similarly, their weight usually hovers around 200 grams, which is again lower for multiple babies. Their physical size, however, would be as large as that of a mango or a tomato.

mangoesCommon Bodily Changes

The changes that your body undergoes in the 19th week of your pregnancy are usually all physical, as your body tries its best to cope with the increasing weight and internal changes to support the growth of the babies within your womb.

  • The blood circulation in your body is still going pretty strong. The increasing size of your little ones requires a lot of nutrition and oxygen to support it. That increment in the volume of your blood and boosted circulation, makes its presence felt in various regions of your body as well, especially your nose. All women do not experience nosebleeds, but nearly 15 to 20 per cent of women tend to have it, which is highly present in cases of multiple babies present in the pregnancy. The more the babies, the higher the pressure experienced by the blood vessels present within the nostrils. At times, these rupture under that pressure and start bleeding. Similarly, there can be bleeding from rectal veins which may cause piles.
  • A strange phenomenon that also takes place is the shift in blood supply from other portions of the body towards the pelvic region, which is where the uterus is located. This results in a pressure on the growing uterus and on the pelvic vessels, and hence the blood flow to the veins of the legs is reduced.  This ends up in displaying the veins present under the skin, in the form of swollen, twisted and large lines in dark blue or purple colour. Such a phenomenon is termed as varicose veins. While most conditions only tend to look disastrous but rarely cause any issues, you might occasionally find them painful.
  • Another aspect that blood circulation causes is the possibility of blood pooling in specific regions of the body, unable to move away from there. Also, even if a woman has a balanced diet, there are chances that the quantity of potassium present in the body might take a dip. All of these work together and result in swelling of various areas of the body. Furthermore, if you are used to standing for long hours or are stepping out in the summer heat while you are pregnant, your face, legs and feet would quite literally be swollen due to it. Adjusting your diet to reduce caffeine and increase potassium can usually help resolve the situation effectively.

Common Bodily ChangesSymptoms of Twin Pregnancy at 19 Weeks

The signs that your body experiences when you are carrying multiples in your womb are usually an indicator of the fact, that the focus is being placed more on the safety and security of the children, which might cause an aberration in your condition, at times.

  • Your babies are growing and putting on weight and this will result in your centre of gravity shifting away from where it usually tends to be. Trust your back to take all the load in maintaining your gait and posture, at the cost of extreme stress on its self. All of this will manifest in a backache. Keeping a proper position and attempting to sleep on your left side can give it a much-needed break from it.
  • This pressure of increasingly heavy babies is not purely physical. Various nerves and muscles in the body are put under pressure as well, including blood vessels. The cramps in your legs are a result of it but can be deftly handled by quickly massaging the leg or stretching it repeatedly. Another pain that results due to the increasing size of the uterus stems from the abdomen. The ligaments present within stretch quite a bit by now, making space for the uterus to sit comfortably. In the case of triplets, this ligament pain would be even stronger than what you might assume.
  • With all the blood circulation focused on the babies and the uterus putting pressure on the diaphragm internally, the inhalation of oxygen takes a hit along with the supply of blood to the brain. Therefore, any sudden change in orientation or long periods of concentration can usually result in headaches or spells of dizziness. It is essential to keep yourself secure if these keep happening recurrently.

Twin Pregnancy – Belly At 19 Weeks

Compared to the earlier weeks, the significant increase in the size of the 19 weeks pregnant with twins belly would be pretty evident this time, causing you to adjust your balance often. With the uterus sinking even lower below the navel, this is where your tummy accepts the presence of babies inside it.

Twin Pregnancy at 19 Weeks – Ultrasound

Some doctors might postpone your ultrasound until you reach an exact midpoint of your pregnancy journey. If you decide to pre-empt it,  your 19 week twin ultrasound will show you a pretty good picture of what your babies look like. Since the skin developed over the children is partially transparent, sharp eyes can see the bone structure and numerous organs developing within the child. Most doctors also conduct a repeat check of the vital parameters and revisit their conclusion on abnormalities or any health condition.

What to Eat

As your babies progress ahead in pregnancy, the necessity of proper nutrition starts getting even more critical. Abstinence from any food items that are fried, spicy or rich in trans fats is highly recommended, along with any items that have food colours, preservatives, etc. Boiled meat, along with vegetables and nuts rich in iron and calcium should be included.

What to EatPregnancy Care Tips

Keeping a few checks on the state of your body and your habits are enough to maintain your safe nature in the pregnancy.


  • It is excellent if you can lock in a paediatrician for your children around this week.
  • Take some rest, especially in the evenings, and spend some good time with your little ones. Talk to them – they might show that love your voice by moving around in the womb.
  • Stay Hydrated. This can help prevent complications like preterm labour and dehydration-related issues. 
  • Consider more frequent monitoring beyond the standard prenatal check-ups, especially if carrying multiples.


What You Need to Shop For?

When looking to make your pregnancy an even better experience, you can opt to buy a few items, such as:


1. Can I Feel The Twins Movement at 19 Weeks Of Pregnancy?

Yes, it’s possible to feel the movement of twins at 19 weeks of pregnancy. However, this can vary from person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy. Factors such as the placenta’s position and the babies’ location can affect when you start to feel their movements. Some women may feel their twins moving earlier, while others might not feel distinct movements until later. If you’re unsure or concerned, discussing this with your healthcare provider during your prenatal check-ups is always a good idea. They can provide guidance based on your specific situation.

2. Can I Tell the Difference Between the Movements of Each Twin?

 It can be challenging to distinguish between the movements of individual twins, especially early on. As your pregnancy progresses, you may notice different patterns and positions, but it’s often difficult to attribute specific movements to each twin.

3. What Does It Feel Like to Have Twins Moving?

The sensation of twins moving in your womb can vary from person to person. Some describe it as flutters or butterflies, while others compare it to gentle tapping or rolling sensations. As your twins grow, the movements may become more pronounced and cause visible bumps on your belly.


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