19 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

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It is time to congratulate yourself as you have successfully completed the half cycle of your pregnancy, with a bump or two on the way. This week also comes loaded with a lot of surprises and excitement. And as always, keep doing the right things at the right time and before you realize, it will be the time for delivering your little bundle or bundles of joy.

Your Baby’s Growth During Pregnancy – Week 19

Let’s just say that at the onset and by the end of the 19th week, your baby should be the size of a large banana or a mango. But more importantly, your baby’s skin now has protection in your womb in the form of vernix caseosa while it continues to grow.

Your baby’s body is also being protected by lanugo, which may look wrinkled at the time of birth, but the sensitive skin is certainly being protected from the amniotic fluid. As always, your baby will continue growing! Don’t forget to check out what to expect from the 20th week of pregnancy below.

What is the Baby’s Size?

As mentioned, at 19 weeks pregnant the baby size can be compared to that of a mango or a banana. At this point your baby should weigh anywhere between 240-250 grams and should be around 6-6.5 inches. However, you can expect rapid growth from this point onward if you are doing everything right.

Other changes that you can expect to see are the development of the sensory parts of your baby’s brains, the appearance of distinct hairs on your baby’s head and finally the almost complete functions of your baby’s kidneys.

Common Body Changes

As your little baby’s body changes rapidly inside your belly, you too may feel some extra body changes during pregnancy during the 19th week. For one, you should definitely be feeling more energetic or active, unless of course, you are still facing morning sickness or nausea. You may also feel a little tired than usual as your body is working twice as hard to accommodate your rapidly growing baby.

More importantly, your breasts will most likely be double the size of what is your usual size. Also, you must have gained considerable weight, and it is most certainly advised to gain proper weight, neither more nor less as this will prove to be detrimental.

Symptoms of Pregnancy at Week 19

As always, you can expect new symptoms to come up during the 19th week of pregnancy, along with the existing symptoms that you might have already gotten used to by now.

  • Hot Flashes: This should definitely be a new addition to the list of symptoms you must have already seen throughout your pregnancy. You will sweat and feel warmer owing to the fact that the blood flow in your system has increased
  • Pains and aches everywhere: No surprises there. Your body is holding quite a bit of weight and should have enough strength to accommodate more, but that’s not to say that it will happen without some hitches.
  • Pain in the hip: This can be expected due to the loosening of the ligaments
  • Cramps: A series of leg cramps will continue due to weight gain, hormones, and fatigue
  • Dizziness: You can expect some lightheadedness and dizziness
  • Abdominal pain: You will find that your abdomen will experience some pain due to the growth of the uterus

Belly at 19 Weeks of Pregnancy

With sufficient weight gain, you can expect your belly to be rotund and to be more than just a bloating from gas. Several women will probably start showing quite a bump at this stage of the pregnancy. Others might possibly do a better job of just about hiding the bump.

The most important update is that you will no longer be able to waive away the activity inside your belly as just gas or minor pain seeing that your baby’s movement that will include some kicking will be more pronounced and have a pattern.

19 Weeks Ultrasound

The ultrasound on the 19th week will certainly have a few surprises of its own. For one, the 5 senses are on their way to being developed. Your baby already senses light and will continue to work on the nerve cells for smell, taste, and hearing.

Your baby also has a new protective layer roughly translated as varnish cheese that keeps it safe from the amniotic fluid. Most of you will be able to see it during birth and recognise it as the whitish oily substance on your baby’s sensitive skin. The baby’s reproductive organs to will have fully developed.

Besides that, you may once again want to see more of the baby movements and listen to the heartbeat. Basically, you can expect to see the heart, brain, and spine at this particular scan.

What to Eat

Since your baby eats through you and has been and will continue to eat, till delivery, it is not surprising to fuss over 19th week’s pregnancy food. Keep in mind the essentials that you need to incorporate into your diet for both the baby and you.

  • Eating foods rich in Vitamin B is important for the development of the baby’s brain and nervous system. Add milk, meat, cheese, and soy to your plate
  • Good fats can help your baby grow well. These can be obtained from assorted nuts and seeds
  • Ensure you add milk to your diet to promote bone health of the baby as it contains calcium
  • Leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits reduce the risk of anaemia and control blood pressure
  • Nuts and seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids for the baby’s brain development
  • Soya beans provide protein, fibre, and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Don’t forget fish, especially oily ones, which are good for the baby’s growth
  • Lean meat and some red meat are rich in protein and can be a good option for non-vegetarians

Tips & Care

Pregnancy is certainly one of the most beautiful journeys of your life. However, it becomes increasingly important to keep yourself and your baby safe by doing everything right. Find a list of the anticipated pregnancy Dos and Don’ts that can help you with this. Above all, keep yourself in prime condition that should help you carry your kid without a hitch until the time of your delivery.


Below is a list of all the things you should do during your 19th week of pregnancy.

  • Stay positive and cheerful
  • Ask for help if you need it since you will have some mood swings
  • Eat properly and at proper times
  • Stay hydrated with water and juices
  • Buy good pillows to help you with the aches
  • Exercise meditate and do some yoga
  • Take medications that your doctor advises
  • Get plenty of rest and regular hours of sleep


Below is a list of all the things you should not do during your 19th week of pregnancy.

  • Smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs
  • Stay in questionable hygiene conditions
  • Expose yourself to smells, sounds or contaminants that will prove to be detrimental
  • Stress yourself out
  • Overeat or under eat
  • Shy away from consulting your doctor if something does not feel right
  • Neglect oral health

What You Need to Shop for

Shopping during pregnancy should be paid attention to as you need to be as comfortable as possible. Make sure that you pick cotton maternity clothes. Buy roomy clothes that can help you breathe. Buy good quality flat shoes as well as books on pregnancy and parenting. Oral care and sanitation products should be bought too as you are more vulnerable to infections due to a lowered immunity. Stock up on snacks such as nuts, fruit, and yogurt to promote healthy eating.

Prepare ahead of time and follow the rules for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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