16 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Size, Body Changes & more

16 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

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At the onset of the 16th week of pregnancy, your body will expand and change in terms of size as well as functionality. This is yet another exciting part of your pregnancy as you should be able to feel your baby move in some weeks time. Another huge development that happens during this time is that the baby may start recognising voices. It’s the perfect time to start talking to your little one. There’s a lot that will happen this week. Read to find out!

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Growth of the Baby at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy

This week is the real deal as your baby is likely to have fully formed genitals, eyes that are still fused but sensitive to light. Your baby may also start yawning inside your tummy now. The tiny muscles and backbone have gained strength, which means that your baby can now straighten their head and neck further than the last few weeks. Your baby’s facial features have matured, thereby enabling him to frown or squint. However, your baby’s skin will still be transparent.

Size of the Baby

This is probably the most exciting part as your tummy is now home to a 4-5-inch foetus that weighs around 100 grams now. The other exciting part of your baby’s size is that your doctor will now know if your baby is a girl or a boy as the genitals are fully formed. Let’s just say that your avocado-sized baby is as good as a fully functional human being. Keep in mind that at 16 weeks pregnant the baby size may also vary more depending upon different medical factors.

Common Bodily Changes

Common Bodily Changes

Since your baby’s body and weight have already changed at the onset of 16 weeks, it is hardly a surprise that you will face certain changes in your body during pregnancy at the end of this week. For starters, you will be curvier than before and may have to wear bigger clothes.

You will notice that you have fewer mood swings, a beautiful glow on your face, and you will feel less nauseated. Your biggest worry at this point will soon be stretch marks, besides the well being of your baby.

Symptoms of Pregnancy at Week 16

By this time, you are likely to get adjusted with the usual symptoms of pregnancy. It is, of course, safe to say that some symptoms are likely to continue until the end of pregnancy, while new ones will develop as each week progresses.

  • You may experience backache now owing to the weight of the foetus.
  • Your breasts will certainly be bigger and will continue to be sensitive.
  • Your eyes will be more sensitive owing to the changing hormones.
  • You may end up being constipated more often.
  • You may also be forgetful owing to the hormonal changes that your body is constantly undergoing.

Belly at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy

At times you might struggle to catch your breath. This is because your baby is growing, gaining weight and generally feels free to move around your belly. More importantly, there will be quite a bit of activity inside your belly as your baby might have started kicking or simply moving around, and you might want to be careful because muscle twitches and gas are still common in the 16th week of pregnancy.

Ultrasound Scan at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy

The ultrasound at the 16th week will show the maturation of organs. Your baby’s taste buds will form and so will his eyebrows, hair, and eyelashes. Since your baby can now identify voices and sounds, it indicates that the tiny bones of the ears, as well as the tympanic membrane, will have developed.

In addition to the ultrasound scan, your urine might also be tested during this week to check for diabetes and other diseases. Besides that, the usual signs of your baby’s growth such as heartbeat, maturing organs, movement and sensitivity towards light can all be charted.

What to Eat

What to Eat

Apart from the well being of your child, the other thing you will mostly worry about at the 16th week of your pregnancy is food. While most of you may have overcome the aversion or cravings for certain kinds of food and smells and started eating in the usual manner, some may find it difficult even now. Listed below is a suggestion of what you should be eating. Ensure that you eat at regular intervals so as not to starve or make your baby starve.

  • A bite of chocolate may do you good, but as a regular practice, continue eating fruits and yoghurt which aid digestion in addition to providing necessary nutrients.
  • String cheese is an excellent choice for those craving salty foods as it is rich in calcium and proteins.
  • Include a range of vegetables in your diet to make sure your baby gets the nutrients essential for growth.
  • Make sure you consult a doctor and take proper vitamins supplements. These ensure that you get the nutrition that food can alone not suffice.
  • Lean meat, little red meat, fish, eggs, pulses are all good choices to include in your diet as they contain easily-digestible proteins.
  • Make sure you include iron, vitamin C, and calcium in your diet to supplement it.

Care Tips

This is the time when you should start taking extra care of yourself. Eating properly will benefit your weight gain, as it is important to have the strength to bear the weight of your baby. Make sure you do not perform any task in excess as this may have a negative effect on your unborn baby.


  • Exercise or walk to relieve your backache or leg cramps.
  • Remember you aren’t eating for two. You are simply providing nutrition to yourself and your baby. So, go for mindful eating and not overeating.
  • Get plenty of rest and adequate sleep.
  • Stay hydrated without increasing soft drink consumption.
  • Think positive and stay cheerful as that will go a long way to improve mental health.


  • Drink too much caffeine as it can have a negative impact on your baby’s overall health.
  • Indulge in heavy workouts as they may leave you exhausted.
  • Starve yourself or your foetus.
  • Stay in an unhygienic state.
  • Ignore your oral health.
  • Stress yourself out.
  • Shy away from asking for help as and when required.

What You Need to Shop For

You can be pregnant or you can choose to be stylishly pregnant. If you prefer stylish, shop for bright maternity dresses that make you feel comfortable and good. Invest in good shoes, preferably with soft padding that will relieve the muscles of your feet. Comfortable tops and button-up maternity kurtis look great and are very convenient too. Bella Mama has a lovely range of maternity night suits and nighties that are ideal as comfortable sleepwear. Get a good anti-stretch mark cream or oil because your skin will keep expanding. Do buy some lotions and creams because your skin will feel dry. Don’t forget to invest in a practical handbag that can stock up your essentials. Also, purchase eye drops that provide a cooling effect that can help relax your eye muscles. Oral care products are important too. Finally, don’t forget to purchase good parenting books.

A thorough idea of what to expect during pregnancy can keep you ready to overcome the challenges that you may likely face during this period. Don’t stress, enjoy each and every moment, and have a great pregnancy!

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