200 Latest & Modern Baby Girl Names

Trying to choose a name for your beloved daughter is nothing what it seems like. Knowing the various Indian baby girl names with modern Hindu meanings that can be properly understood poses itself as the first obstacle. Nevertheless, there are ways around that as well. Figuring out the origins of the name can provide a good idea of what they might mean. This is why it works to your benefit to look for a list of modern female names that can provide them with both and then make a proper, informed choice.


Picking the perfect name for your little girl may seem tough, but our Baby Names tool makes it easy. Sort through our wide list of names and meanings by gender, religion, numerology, what have you, and choose the one that stands out. Its as simple as that, and makes for a fun activity with your spouse and family.

List of Latest & Modern Baby Girl Names With Meanings

We have put together a comprehensive list of the latest & modern baby girl names that can get you started with your choices and put you in a good position to make the right decision for her.


1. Aadhya

The first power.

2. Aadita

The origin of everything in the universe.

3. Aadrika

Someone who is as tall as a mountain touching the high skies.


4. Aagam

The girl whose birth signifies the arrival of good times.


5. Aahana

The first ray of light that emerges from the rising sun.


6. Aakriti

Known for the feminine form present in a girl.


7. Aalia

Praise and applause.

8. Aarvi

The girl whose birth brings peace and calm.


9. Aarzoo


10. Aashi

The bringer of smile and joy in the lives of her people.


11. Aashni

Someone who has the power to strike lightning with her presence.


12. Aatmika

Someone who connects with everybody through her soul.


13. Aayat

Verses in the Quran.

14. Abirami

A hybrid of tradition and modernity, with a reference to Goddess Lakshmi.


15. Aboli

Someone who is as gentle and sweet as a flower.

16. Abhitha

Abhitha is a South Indian name having Sanskrit origin. It means a fearless or courageous woman.

17. Afroza

A gorgeous name for a girl filled with the intensity of a fire.

18. Alisha

A popular name for a girl from a noble family.


19. Amulya

A precious person that is invaluable to everyone

20. Anwesha



21. Badrika

A girl as sweet and healthy as a popular fruit.

22. Balbir

A lovely Punjabi name for a girl who is brave and mighty.


23. Bani

Goddess Saraswati

24. Bhaagya

A girl whose birth brings forth good fortune and luck.

25. Bhakti

A beautiful Hindi name referring to devotion or prayer.

26. Bhargavi

A name derived from the daughter of Sun in mythology.


27. Bhavya


28. Bipasha

This name has Sanskrit Indian roots and is an Indian feminine nw name meaning “the Beas river”.


29. Caroline

A girl who brings endless joys in everyone’s lives.

30. Chahat

A girl longed and desired by many.


31. Chandrani

Someone who prefers to be married to the moon.

32. Channan

A rare name for today’s girls that are as fragrant as sandalwood.


33. Charulata

A beloved Bengali name for a girl as wonderful as a creeper plant.

34. Charvi

Extremely beautiful.

35. Chhavi

The reflection of God’s beauty in a person.

36. Chintanika

Chintanika is a popular Bengali name meaning Intelligent or thoughtful.

37. Chloe

A beautiful feminine word meaning “blooming”.

38. Daksha

The earth.

39. Devina

Devina is a popular feminine name of Scottish origin. It means “beloved”.

40. Dakshayani

Goddess Durga.

41. Darpali

Someone who makes her parents proud.

42. Dayita

This rare and unique baby girl name means “beloved”.

43. Deepshikha

A girl as strong and bright as a flame of fire.

44. Devaki

A traditional name referring to the mother of Lord Krishna.

45. Dhaarani

The protector of all life, our Mother Earth.

46. Dhriti

A girl with courage and determination.

47. Dhwani

The essence of music and sound.

48. Dia

As bright as a lamp.

49. Divya

A very common and popular name for a heavenly girl.

50. Dnyanada

A rare name for a knowledgeable girl.


The manifestation of Godly light.

52. Ekanshi

A pretty rare name for a girl who is part of a whole.

53. Ekta

The one who brings people together with the strength of unity.

54. Elsa

Someone who is precious.

55. Ena


56. Edha

This is a name having Indian roots. The meaning of Edha is Sacred or Wealth.

57. Fahima

A lovely Muslim name for an intelligent girl.

58. Falguni

Another traditional name for the beauty of the feminine.

59. Fara

The beauty of the setting sun.

60. Firoza

A popular Indian name for a girl as precious as a gem.

61. Gargi

The strength and serenity of Goddess Durga.

62. Gina

A powerful woman.

63. Gitali

The bringer of music and melodious songs.

64. Greeshma

The fascinating beauty of the summer.

65. Gul

Another name for a flower.


A girl with a voice of the humming bees.

67. Haasini

Someone filled with joy and laughter.

68. Hradini

This is a beautiful Hindu name that is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘lightning’.

69. Hannah

A popular Christian name for a graceful girl.

70. Hansa

A girl growing up to be a woman with a swan’s beauty.

71. Hardika

A heart filled to brim with love.

72. Harini

A girl with the grace of a deer.

73. Harsha

The manifestation of absolute delight.

74. Hemangini

The girl with a golden skin.

75. Himani

Another name derived from Goddess Durga.

76. Hrishita

The bringer of joy and satisfaction in her life.

77. Idaya

Goddess Parvati.

78. Iditri

A very rare name for a girl filled with praise.

79. Inaaya

The quality of empathy.

80. Indira

The bringer of wealth.

81. Ira

A girl who has the watchful eye of the Goddess.

82. Iravati

A lovely name for a girl as bright as lightning.

83. Ishani

The wife of Lord Shiva.

84. Ishika

The paintbrush of God.

85. Ishita

Someone desired by all.

86. Jagriti

The one who awakens all minds.

87. Jannat

Someone who belongs to the paradise.

88. Jivika

Source of life.

89. Jiya

Someone who is extremely close to the heart.

90. Kairavi


91. Kanak

A girl with a golden heart.

92. Kanisha

Someone who is beautiful.

93. Kerani

Kerani is a popular female name of Indian origin which  means Sacred Bells.

94. Karishma

The popular name for a miraculous girl.

95. Kashvi

Another interesting name for a girl that shines brightly in her life.

96. Kavya

A woman who is filled with the beauty of poetry.

97. Keya

Quite a rare name derived from a rare flower.

98. Kiara

Quite a modern name for girls with great jet black hair.

99. Kinjal

A river bank.

100. Krupali

The one filled with forgiveness.

101. Lavleen

Someone lost in the feeling of love.

102. Lekha

A girl who is the author of all destinies.

103. Lily

A girl as tender as the flower.

104. Mahika

Someone who is as gentle as the dew drops in the morning.

105. Mahiya

An exaltation of the biggest joy.

106. Manali

A bird.

107. Mannat

A special prayer for the lord.

108. Miraya

Miraya is Popularly believed to be a variant of the name “Meera” and means ‘a sincere devotee of lord Krishna”.

109. Mani

Jewel, something precious as jewel.

110. Marsha


111. Maya

A girl filled with the mystique of God’s creation.

112. Mehek

The harbinger of beautiful fragrances of life.

113. Mrudula

A soft-spoken and gentle woman.

114. Myra

A medicinal herb; a girl who is holy in nature.

115. Nandita

A woman carrying the quality of happiness within her.

116. Ninarika

Niharika is a popular feminine Indian given name which means a Nebula or Galaxy in Sanskrit.

117. Navya

The bringer of all that is new and fresh in the world.

118. Netra

A girl with eyes of a goddess.

119. Niharika

Derived from Sanskrit origins – the fragility of a dewdrop

120. Nimisha


121. Nirali

A girl like no other.

122. Nitya

Someone who is regularly in presence of her people.

123. Ojal

A bright vision of tomorrow.

124. Ojaswini

A person of grace and beauty of the feminine form.

125. Padmavati

A popular name for Goddess Lakshmi.

126. Palak

The gentle eyelid of a woman that brings calm and silence.

127. Pankhuri

Flower petals.

128. Parnika

Pranika is a baby girl’s name that means ‘a small leaf’ and ‘an incarnation of Goddess Parvati.

129. Parinaaz

A popular name amongst Parsi families for sweet fairy-like daughters.

130. Prakriti

The manifestation of Mother Nature herself.

131. Prisha

A girl who is God’s most holy offering to mankind.

132. Puruvi

The magnificence of the east sun.

133. Rachana

A celebration of the feminine power to create life.

134. Ragini

A girl containing the rhythm of music in her essence.

135. Ratna

The beauty of precious gems.

136. Reesha

A feather.

137. Reha

The destroyer of enemies.

138. Riya

A woman with a voice as melodious as it can be.

139. Romila

Someone who is felt in the heart.

140. Ruchika

An attractive and brilliant girl.

141. Ruhi

A word with Sufi roots – a person with the soul of the Lord.

142. Rupasi

A girl growing to be a beautiful lady.

143. Ryka

Ryka is an Indian name that means “Born out of a Prayer.

144. Saloni

A very popular name for girls for their eternal beauty.

145. Samaira

The enchanting beauty of a girl.

146. Sara


147. Sarina


148. Sejal

A girl with the purity of flowing water.

148. Shaachi

Someone who carries the beautiful grace of a woman.

150. Shagun

A hybrid of tradition and modern times for a girl who is auspicious.

151. Shanaya

Someone who shines as bright as the morning sun.

152. Shreyashi

The most beautiful of them all.

153. Shuchita

A wonderful and pleasing picture

154. Shyamala

The beautiful sky of the evening

155. Siya

A modern name that is derived from the original name, Sita

156. Soha

A musical creation.

157. Sophia

A popular Christian name for a girl who is filled with wisdom.

158. Stutee

Singing praise to the Lord.

159. Subhashree

Someone who has the power of charm.

160. Suhaani

A pleasant woman.

161. Suhani

A pleasant and pleasing woman.

162. Swara

The very manifestation of the musical notes of nature.

163. Swarna

A girl with a heart as pure as unadulterated gold.

164. Taahira

A rare Muslim name for girls that are absolutely pure.

165. Tamanna

The fulfiller of the wishes hidden in your heart.

166. Tanirika

Goddess of gold.

167. Tanishka

A Goddess made from gold.

168. Tanvee

A delicate and beautiful girl.

169. Tanya

The manifestation of the fairy queen herself.

170. Tara

The shining star of the night sky.

171. Tilaka

A kind of necklace.

172. Tiya

As gorgeous as a flying bird.

173. Trayi

Trayi is a name rooted in Sanskrit. It means a person having deep connection with spirituality. 

174. Udaya


175. Udita

One who has risen.

176. Ujjwala

A girl with a shining heart filled with brilliant light.

177. Uma

The holy union of Shiva and Parvati.

178. Ura

The name Ura is a popular female name of Indian origin meaning The Heart.

179. Urvi

A pretty rare name these days which harkens to Mother Earth.

180. Vaani

The very manifestation of the voice of the Goddess.

181. Valeria

A popular Christian name for girls growing up to be strong women.

182. Vanani

A Forest.

183. Vanya

A gift that has been granted by the Lord himself.

184. Vedika

The very consciousness of the universe itself.

185. Vedanti

Vedanti is a spiritual Indian name meaning “Knower of the Vedas”.

186. Veenu

The beauty of a flute’s note.

187. Vidhi

The bringer of destiny.

188. Vini


189. Vrushti

The beauty of the first rain.


One who is friendly.

191. Waheeda

Uniquely beautiful.

192. Yamka

A pretty rare name for a girl resembling a rare flower.

193. Yara

The bright light.

194. Yashvi

The bringer of fame and fortune in her life.

195. Yuti

A holy name for a holy union of the good in the world.

196. Yutika

Yutika is a Hindu Girl name that means “Flower”.

197. Zaida


198. Zara

A popular name for a daughter who is a princess.

199. Zil

A Girl.

200. Zuhi

The harbinger of light in everyone’s lives


1. Why are modern Indian names for baby girls becoming popular?

The popularity of modern Indian names for girls can’t be attributed to one single factor, as there are many. While a shift towards embracing cultural diversity and uniqueness is one factor, it can’t go unnoticed when parents go back to their roots and heritage and pick names that are meaningful and sounding contemporary. Parents are looking for new and unique baby girl names that have never been heard before. Modern Indian baby girl names are a perfect blend of contemporary taste and exemplary meanings, giving out a spectacular result. In a way, it is like giving a heads up to tradition while keeping things fresh and cool!

2. What are some popular themes for modern Indian baby girl names?

Popular themes for modern Indian baby girl names often revolve around nature, mythology, and wisdom. Nature-inspired names like Aria (air) and Zara (princess) are top picks. Then there are those mythology-based names like Anika (Goddess Durga) and Maya (illusion). Parents also opt for names reflecting strength and uniqueness, such as Aaradhya (worshipped) and Ananya (unique). These themes blend tradition with contemporary flavours, creating names that reflect well in the modern world.

Looking to choose the new latest girl name for your daughter can be quite difficult since some names might sound common while others might be too complicated. Starting off with a few that strike a good balance can help you reach a good decision by yourself.

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