15 Unbelievable Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow

15 Proven Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow

Pillows have become an integral part of our sleep accessories. And it is not surprising because they are introduced to us right from a young age. If a person gets used to sleeping with their head on a pillow, it is difficult for them to fall asleep without a pillow. But the question is, are pillows really beneficial? Do they help us sleep better or improve our health or would it be better to get rid of them?

15 Incredible Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow

Sleeping without a pillow can be very beneficial for your health. We know if you are used to sleeping with your head on a pillow, it will be hard for you to give it up, (you may not sleep sound for a few nights) – but once you know the benefits, you might want to rethink! Here are several ways in which sleeping without a pillow can be beneficial to you:

1. Prevents Back Pain

Bad posture is the main reason why so many people suffer from back pain, and one of the main reasons for bad posture is the wrong pillow choice. Some people choose pillows that work against the natural curve of their spine, which results in more curvature of the spine. Sleeping without a pillow is a lot better for you back than sleeping with the wrong pillow.

2. Prevents Neck Pain

When we sleep, our neck should be in parallel alignment with the mattress. But when we sleep with our head on a pillow, our head is either pushes the neck upward or is bent down, which is one of the causes of frustrating neck pain. A wrong pillow can worsen your sleeping posture, which is why you should try to sleep without a pillow. Without a pillow, your head will rest in a natural position and it will also prevent nerve damage. Furthermore, it will also relax your strained neck muscles.

A woman with pain in her neck

3. Prevents Acne And Wrinkles

When sleeping with a pillow, many people have a habit of sleeping on one side, with their faces resting on the pillow. A pillowcase is a breeding ground for bacteria, and if you sleep with your one side of the face, it may get transferred to your face. This might result in breakouts and acne. You may also get wrinkles, as they are caused by the pressure of your head resting on your pillow all night long.

4. Improves Bone Alignment

The day to day grind affects different people in different ways, and also depends on their posture. Sleeping without a pillow will help reduce the effects of this and bring your posture back to normal.

5. Prevents Stress

Sleeping with a wrong pillow can disturb your sleep since you might keep changing your position. And if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you might tend to be more irritable and stressed out during the day. But without a pillow, you will sleep better. With the improvement in the quality of your sleep, your stress levels will naturally decrease.

6. Prevents Insomnia

Sleeping without a pillow can improve the quality of your sleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night or are insomniac, try sleeping without a pillow, you’ll drift off to sleep pretty quickly!

7. It Can Improve Your Energy Levels

We know you are thinking, “how can sleeping without a pillow improve energy levels?” Well, there is no direct connection, but it can! Once you give up pillows, you will no longer experience pain in your back and neck. Your body will get the required rest it needs and you will sleep better. And because of quality sleep and ample rest, you will wake up the next day well rested and energetic. A good night’s sleep can have a miraculous effect on your body!

Woman feeling energetic

8. Enhances Creativity and Memory

Quality sleep can improve one’s creativity and memory. Our mind uses the time that we are sleeping to sort through all the information that it stores during the day. The better you sleep, the better this is done, and the better your memory is. When sleeping without a pillow, you sleep better and your body gets ample rest! And a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

9. Reduces Allergies

Many people have a dust allergy, and sleeping on pillowcases and pillows that are not changed regularly can worsen the allergy. Bacteria, dust, dirt and other things tend to settle on and into the pillow over time, and when it comes into contact with your face and breathe in so close, it might worsen your allergies. No pillows will mean fewer chances of allergies acting up!

10. Improves Your Posture

When you sleep on pillows that are too thick, your neck gets pushed into a curve that becomes permanent over time. This affects your posture. Sleeping without a pillow can improve your posture.

11. Prevents Flat Head Syndrome

When a baby’s head becomes flat on one side because of the unnatural position of sleeping on a pillow, it is called Flat Head Syndrome. By not giving a pillow to your baby, he will sleep in a natural position and prevent your child from developing the flat head syndrome.

12. Prevents Depression

Sleeping without a pillow gives you better sleep, so if you avoid the use of a pillow, you will reduce your chances of getting depressed. Not getting enough sleep can ruin your mood rather quickly during the day, which might lead to depression in the long run. By giving up pillows, your quality of sleep with improve and your mood will be better, and there will be fewer chances of you getting depressed.

13. Helps Repair Damaged Cells

When we sleep at night, our body heals and repairs any damaged cells. With interrupted sleep, the healing and repairing process gets affected. By sleeping without a pillow, your sleep quality improves, and your body gets a chance of healing itself.

14. Prevents Suffocation in Babies

Sometimes when a baby has too many pillows or pillows that are wrong for him or her, accidents may happen. A baby may suffocate under the pillow or may hurt the neck if it gets settled in an odd position. Your baby will get better sleep without a pillow.

A baby sleeping comfortably in bed

15. Reduces the Risk of Diseases

Getting a good amount of sleep ensures that the production of melatonin and cortisol in the body remains steady. Cortisol can help the body fight against cancer cells if they are in good supply and in healthy condition. This is why getting good sleep without a pillow can help in the prevention of many diseases and ailments.


Here are some frequently asked questions about sleeping without a pillow:

1. What Are the Best Supported Position for Sleeping without a Pillow?

The best way to sleep without a pillow is by lying down on your back. This will result in your back getting proper support from the mattress, and your neck will be able to remain in neutral position, thus reducing the risk of developing any of the health ailments and physical changes that come with sleeping with pillows.

2. Are There Any Disadvantages to Sleeping without a Pillow?

While there are more benefits to sleeping without a pillow, sometimes, it can be awkward to sleep without a pillow, if you prefer sleep on your side. If you try sleeping on one side without a pillow, you will cause a bend in the cervical spine, which might lead to osteoarthritis of the neck. This will cause the ridges of the spine to become pinched, leading to bone spurs that are very painful.

Those who suffer from glaucoma are also advised not to sleep without a pillow since the condition can worsen if you are lying flat. The fluid pressure in the eyes tend to increase when a person is lying flat, but when using a high pillow to keep the head elevated, the pressure in the eyes decreases.

3. Does Sleeping without a Pillow Can Prevent One from Snoring?

Sleeping without a pillow is not a solution you should be trying if your aim is to stop snoring. This may even worsen the problem since lying flat will cause the air passages to be partially blocked, which is a major cause of snoring. To prevent yourself from snoring, try other solutions.

Sleeping without a pillow has many advantages, and it is only those who suffer from glaucoma, snoring and who like to sleep on their sides who should think twice about this sleeping style since it will only worsen the situation for them. For everyone else, it will improve your quality of sleep and life in general.

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