15 Simple & Easy To Do Crossword Puzzles for Preschoolers & Kids

15 Fun Crossword Puzzles for Preschoolers and Kids

While it is important for children to learn new spellings and brush up on their vocabulary, they rarely look at reading as a fun activity. This is where crosswords come in. They are not only an interesting way of keeping your child busy while doing something productive but also fun as they are more like riddles that your child will love to solve.

Why Are Crossword Puzzles Good For Your Child?

From being a healthy distraction for your child to helping him improve important life skills, here are some reasons as to why crossword puzzles are good for your child:

  • Help improve your child’s reading skills
  • Improve spellings
  • Helps gain general knowledge on different topics
  • Improves your child’s thinking and processing time
  • Helps build problem-solving skills in your child
  • Helps develop memory
  • Enable your child to focus
  • Help improve observation skills
  • Prepares your child for taking tests
  • Serves as a way to bond with your child
  • Sparks interest in reading and writing

Easy Crossword Puzzles for Preschoolers (Age Group 4-6 Years)

It is always best to start off with the development of important life skills early in life and as already mentioned; crossword puzzles are a great tool for many parents and teachers to help their child develop an interest in reading. Here are some easy preschool crossword puzzles that are best suited for your child:

1. Shape Names

There is more to shapes than squares, circles and triangles; something your child will soon learn with this fun crossword. It includes pictures of shapes, which your child will have to look at and complete the puzzle where a few letters from each shape are given as clues for your kids.

Names of Shapes

2. Food Names

This crossword will introduce your child to the world of food and it comes with pictures that are numbered. Your child needs to simply look at the picture and fill in the name of the food and drink in the corresponding boxes. You can discuss the benefits of each food item with your child, their tastes and whether they are dessert foods or main meals.

Names of food items

3. Animal Name Puzzles

We have different classes of animals like birds, reptiles, primates and mammals. Use animal crosswords to teach your child about the different animal species in the world. You can discuss the sounds they make, the food they eat and whether they are domestic animals or wild animals.

Animal Names

4. Guess The Colour

Our world is full of colours, and your child will need to learn how to identify different colours. Crossword puzzles that will help your child learn colours by associating them with objects that are commonly found in certain colours will make learning colours a lot of fun for your child.

Names of colours

5. Fruit Puzzles

Fruits are colourful, delicious and healthy and make some amazing desserts. Your child can learn the names of fruits, and you can tell him which of his favourite treats are made from them and what they are good for. The puzzle will give your child the first letter of each fruit as a clue so that your child will have something to go on other than just an image.

Fruit Puzzles

Interesting Crossword Puzzles for Children (Age Group 7 to 8 Years)

Based on different themes and different levels of difficulty, crossword puzzles can benefit children of all ages. Here are some crossword puzzles that you must consider getting for your child.

1. Mysterious Word Puzzles

This fun puzzle will require your child to find hidden words in a jumble of alphabets. The words to find will be given on the side of the puzzle. This is one of the crossword puzzles for kids with answerswhich are given in the bottom corner of the page. However, try not to allow your child to see the answers before attempting to solve the word puzzle on his own.

Word Puzzles

2. Sport Puzzles

From common sports such as basketball, golf and tennis to sports that are unheard of, such as polo and fencing, sports puzzles are a great way to introduce your child to the world of sports. You can also explain to your child how each sport is different and requires different skills. Your child can learn that there is a sport suited for everyone.

Sports Puzzles

3. Music Puzzles

This crossword with musical instruments will make an expert out of your child. Not only will he be able to identify the different types of instruments, but you can also aid his knowledge by giving him some extra information and explaining to him how the instruments are played and what genre of music each of the instruments features in.

Music Puzzles

4. Hospital Puzzles

There are many more things related to the hospital than just doctors and nurses. With this puzzle, your child will know all about the different things that take place in a hospital and the terms used to describe them. He can learn all about tests, roles of hospital staff and their importance. This crossword will require your child to find the words hidden in a jumble of alphabets.

Hospital Puzzles

5. Christmas Puzzles

Children love Christmas, but they still have a lot to learn about it. Use a crossword puzzle to help familiarize your child about the different terms associated with Christmas and explain why and how the traditions have become so important to many people around the world.

Christmas Puzzles

6. Kitchenware Puzzles

This puzzle has illustrations about all the things one can find in the kitchen. Crosswords that are based on things found in the kitchen can improve your child’s vocabulary when it comes to the basic things in life. You can further enrich his GK by explaining the functions of these objects.

Kitchen Puzzles

7. Guess The Months

The months of a year are important, but learning them and how to spell them can be boring for your child. With this crossword, you need only unscramble the letters to improve your child’s spellings & help him remember the months of the year.

Names of Months

8. Space Word Puzzles

Teach your child all about space with crossword puzzles based on the subject. Your child will learn the names of numerous things related to space such as rockets, the solar system and anything else that can be found in outer space.

Space Word Puzzles

9. Math Crosswords

Improve your child’s skills in math with simple and fun math problems in a crossword format. He will learn to add and subtract like a pro after solving these puzzles.

Math Puzzles

10. Transport Puzzles

Today we have many means of transportation and it is worth educating your child about all the modes available. Other than the commonly seen cars, buses and bikes, your child will learn about others such as submarines, rockets and excavators.

Transport Puzzles

The entire family can have fun trying to solve a crossword puzzle so it is also an activity that can be used to promote family bonding. If you have children of similar ages, or your child has friends over, you can play some crossword puzzle games by giving them the same puzzle and a time limit to see who finishes first.

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