15 Easy & Creative Paper Plate Crafts Ideas for Preschoolers

15 Creative Paper Plate Craft Ideas For Kids

Weaning away kids from digital gadgets is one thing, but getting them interested in something else is a whole other challenge. As parents, our exposure to paper crafts has been limited to schooling, with a few of us pursuing it later as well. When looking for paper plate craft for 2 year olds, you might even be wondering if that’s a possibility. Well, it is. And there are tons of craft items your kids can make and have fun while doing it.

Simple & Easy Paper Plate Crafts for Children

A pig's face drawn on a paper plate

Here are some easy craft ideas using paper plates for kids.

1. Paper Plate Photo Frame

A simple way to immortalize a loving photo.

What You Will Need

  • Paper plate
  • Child-friendly scissors
  • Photo
  • Paints and crayons
  • Glue

How to Make

  1. Take the scissors and cut out the central portion of the plate.
  2. Colour the plate with paint and crayons, decorating it beautifully.
  3. Pick a favourite photo, either of your kid or the family and stick it behind the plate with some glue. Stick it in such a way that the best part is visible in the central portion.
  4. Place the plate in the bedroom or hang it from a nail.

2. Paper Mosaic Design

Creating an abstract painting like no other.

What You Will Need

  • Scraps of coloured paper in multiple colours
  • Glue
  • Pencil and a sketch pen
  • Paper

How to Make

  1. Take a paper and sketch an interesting shape on it such as a star, or a funny face. Sketch only the outline.
  2. Darken the outline using a sketch pen and add small details, if required.
  3. Take the coloured papers and tear them into pieces of various sizes.
  4. Start placing coloured paper pieces to fill up the drawing. Advise children to tear the pieces further so that they fit the image properly.
  5. Apply some glue and stick the pieces that are in the final position.
  6. Once completed, use the sketch pen to draw more details as necessary.

3. Paper Watermelon

Learning the nuances of the fruit in a fun manner.

What You Will Need

  • Paper plates
  • Paints or crayons
  • Watermelon seeds or lentils
  • Glue

How to Make

  1. Fold the paper plate in half to create a semicircle.
  2. Hold the semicircle, as if to resemble a half cut watermelon.
  3. Paint the curve edges of the plate in green. Paint the inner portion in red.
  4. Once painted, stick the watermelon seeds or lentil seeds on the red area of the plate. This will make it appear like a real watermelon.

4. Paper Tiger Mask

The easiest way to learn paper plate mask making for kids of all ages.

What You Will Need

  • Large paper plate
  • Paints
  • Orange and black cards
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Elastic
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to Make

  1. Take the paper plate and paint the entire back section of it to be yellowish orange in colour.
  2. Once the paint has dried, paint curved black stripes horizontally on it.
  3. When that paint has dried up as well, place the paper plate on your face and mark the eye locations from the other side.
  4. Use scissors to cut out eyeholes properly.
  5. Take 3 pipe cleaners and twist them in the middle. Stick them in the centre of the plate to form the whiskers.
  6. Cut a black card in the shape of a triangular nose and stick it on top of the whiskers.
  7. Cut an orange card in two triangular ear shapes and stick those to the upper section of the plate where the ears should be.
  8. Make tiny holes on either side of the plate and slide the elastic band through them. Adjust the length to fit your face.

5. Paper Alien Flying Saucer

Make your own alien and welcome it in your home.

What You Will Need

  • White paper plates
  • Silver paint
  • Brushes
  • Snazzy pattern card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Transparent plastic cups

How to Make

  1. Paint the bottom side of the plates in silver colour.
  2. Sketch an alien shape on the pattern card and cut it out using scissors. Keep flaps at its base which can be opened up.
  3. Paint some eyes on it.
  4. Stick the alien to the centre of one plate. Put a plastic cup over the alien and stick the cup to the plate as well.
  5. Flip the other plate and stick it to the other plate under it, making it a flying saucer.
  6. Hang it from a hook in your room.

6. Paper Plate Hand Fan

Feel like a king or a princess with a nice handmade fan.

What You Will Need

  • Paper plates
  • Ice cream stick
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Scissors

How to Make

  1. Fold the paper plate in half, making a semicircle.
  2. Draw two lines from the centre of the straight edge to each curved side at a small angle.
  3. Cut along these lines to create a fan-like shape. Stick the edges together so that it stays firm.
  4. Colour the plate from the outside in a nice drawing.
  5. Glue the ice cream stick on one side and use it as a hand fan.

7. Paper Plate Rocking Animals

Bring the animals to life as they rock on the table alive.

What You Will Need

  • Paper plate
  • Plastic eyes
  • Feathers or other fabric
  • Coloured paper
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Stapler

How to Make

  1. Fold the paper plates in half and paint each half to resemble the exact same animal.
  2. Once the paint is dry, stick fabric paper on it to make its skin or some feathers on it if you’re making a bird.
  3. Paint a little more to make it look realistic.
  4. Cut the coloured paper to make a tail, or multiple strips of the paper to make a frayed tail for a bird. Cut a smaller section for a mouth or a beak.
  5. On the front end, place the plastic eyes where the face is and stick them there.
  6. Invert the plate and place on a flat surface. Give it a gentle push and watch it rock back and forth.

8. Paper Plate Snowman

Who needs snow to build a snowman when you have paper plates!

What You Will Need

  • Small white paper plate
  • Large white paper plate
  • Black coloured paper
  • Small multicoloured paper
  • Sketch Pens
  • Glue

How to Make

  1. With the large plate as the body and the small plate as the face, glue together to form the basic snowman structure.
  2. Use a black sketch pen and draw its eyes, mouth, and buttons on its body in circular dots.
  3. Use the black paper to cut out a hat and stick it on top of the snowman.
  4. Cut out small strips from the black paper and use it as twigs to stick and make the snowman’s hands.
  5. Use the coloured paper to cut out a tie and a nose for the snowman.
  6. Hang the snowman on a wall.

9. Marble Styled Paper Plates

Create some stunning visual patterns on the plates.

What You Will Need

  • Shaving cream
  • Paints
  • Cookie sheet
  • Straw
  • Icecream stick
  • Paper plate

How to Make

  1. Place the cookie sheet flat on the table. Squirt copious amounts of shaving cream on it in a circular shape, large enough to cover the plate.
  2. Pour a few drops of two to three colours of paint on it. Combinations of blue and green are highly preferred.
  3. Use the straw to mix the paint and cream together, creating a pattern.
  4. Take a white coloured paper plate and press the bottom portion onto the cream. Press it till it the whole bottom portion is covered in paint.
  5. Pick it off by its side and use the ice cream stick to wipe off the paint of its edges
  6. Let it dry and you will have a paper plate in a marbled styled texture.

10. Paper Plate Sunflower

One of the most interesting paper plate craft ideas for preschool kids.

What You Will Need

  • Paper plate
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Beans and corn
  • Scissors

How to Make

  1. Paint the edges of the plate in varying shades of yellow and orange.
  2. Paint the central part of the plate in brown to resemble its core.
  3. Paste beans and corns in the centre portion and let it dry.
  4. After it has dried, cut the outer edges in the shape of petals.

11. Paper Plate Tennis Racket

You don’t even need a court to play tennis with this.

What You Will Need

  • White paper plate
  • Sketch Pen
  • Paint
  • Scrap paper

How to Make

  1. Paint the edges of the plate in your favourite colour.
  2. Once it is dry, use the matching sketch pen and draw multiple criss-cross patterns in the centre of the plate.
  3. Do the same with another plate, making two rackets.
  4. Roll the scrap paper into a ball and start playing tennis with it.

12. Paper Plate Water Wheel

A fun-filled and interesting machine made with your own hands.

What You Will Need

  • Paper plate
  • Paper cups
  • Stick
  • Glue

How to Make

  1. Paint the paper plate in your favourite colour.
  2. On the other side, start sticking the paper cups along the curved edge of the plate. The open end of each cup has to face in the same direction. Keep good space between each cup.
  3. Once all cups have been stuck and dried, poke a hole in the centre of the plate and insert the stick. Check if the plate can rotate freely.
  4. Use a small bucket of water and make your own water wheel with it.

13. Paper Plate Doughnut

Not edible, but just as beautiful and delicious!

What You Will Need

  • Paper plate
  • Pink paint
  • Coloured rice
  • Glue

How to Make

  1. Paint the paper plate using pink colour.
  2. Cut out the central portion in a circular shape, so that the plate resembles a doughnut.
  3. Apply glue on the edges of the plate covering the whole area.
  4. Sprinkle the coloured rice on top of it and let it dry. Your paper doughnut is ready.

14. Paper Plate Clock

Learn to keep the time and read it well.

What You Will Need

  • Paper plate
  • Paint
  • Sketch Pens
  • Pin
  • Coloured cardboard

How to Make

  1. Colour the paper plate in your favourite colour. Let the colour be light.
  2. Use the sketch pen to draw numbers along the edge of the plate.
  3. Cut out two strips from the coloured cardboard for the hour hand and the minute hand.
  4. Place one end of each in the centre and thumb a pin through them.
  5. You can now teach your kid to read time and play with it.

15. Paper Plate Ring Toss

Craft can be turned into a game as well.

What You Will Need

  • Paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Cardboard tubes

How to Make

  1. Paint the paper plates in multiple colours.
  2. Cut out the entire central portion of the plate, keeping only the edges. These are now your rings.
  3. Place the cardboard tubes at a distance and toss the rings around the tubes for a fun game.

Making fun objects and toys out of everyday items can be quite a creative exercise. Items of art and craft for kids with paper plates have a lot of potential in making games, props, decorative items, that they can use to decorate the house or play around with friends.

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