15 Best Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

15 Best Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

Indoor plants are an amazing way to bring vibrant colours and nature into your home. They are also good at purifying the air inside your room. You could fill the empty corners with big and majestic looking plants, or you could decide on filling the small spaces with small potted plants. They are perfect for adding greenery to your home.

Small Indoor Plants to Spruce Up Your Home Space

Here are some great plants you could keep at home.

1. Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss cheese plants have lush green leaves with distinctive holes, and they can grow to fit any space in the room. They make a stunning statement; the reason this plant is one of the most popular indoor plants at present. The plant prefers a warm climate kept away from sunlight. They also benefit from regular cleaning using a soft, damp cloth.

Swiss Cheese Plant

This plant also enjoys a fairly moist condition, so it is best to avoid artificial cooling and heating. They will also need a monthly feeding during the spring and the summer when they are planted in containers. Naturally, they like climbing, so it is best to provide a trellis or stake for support.

2. Devil’s Ivy

Also known as pothos or golden pothos, Devil’s Ivy is a forgiving and fast-growing vine that is well suited for any position in the house. They could be kept in glass vases or potted in hanging baskets but no matter where they are kept, they will always remain stunning and are super low-maintenance. The leaves are heart-shaped and waxy.

Devil's Ivy

The colour of the leaves depends on the cultivar. They do not require regular fertilization and are highly drought-tolerant. You should water them every once a week. The best time to grow this plant is during the summers by placing the cuttings in jars of water to encourage rooting.

3. Mass Cane

Thanks to its hardy nature, this plant is often an office staple and is popular among beginners. Mass Cane has long, green leaves with green stripes and light yellow running through them and often grow really tall with stalky stems.

Mass Cane

If you are looking for large plants, then this is a fantastic option. The plant can tolerate low light but is best placed in indirect bright light. You will only need to water it once a week. However, they are not the best indoor plants if you have pets in the house since this plant is toxic to cats and dogs.

4. Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is among the best indoor plants to keep the air clean and a very popular house plant. This plant has dark, glossy, green foliage with beautiful white flowers. They usually grow up to 65 centimeters and thrive in bright and indirect light. They are the best indoor plants for low light, but that might affect the way they bloom.

Peace Lily

You should water the Peace Lily once a week during the summers and less often during the winters. They are prone to root rotting and hate wet or soggy soil, so it is best if you keep the soil dry before watering. Make sure your children or pets do not chew them as they are poisonous and might cause severe discomfort if ingested.

5. Bromeliad

These rosette-forming perennials make for simple, low-maintenance houseplants. When they are grown indoors, they do well in shallow pots and must be kept in medium to bright light. You can water them less during the winters.


During the summers, you can water them by filling the central cup once a week. To prevent stagnation, make sure you flush it on a regular basis. They are not heavy feeders which means that you will need to give a slow-release fertilizer only once every season.

6. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Otherwise known as the Snake plant, this is another low-maintenance indoor plant that originates from Southern Asia and Africa. The leaves of the plant have pointed tips which is why they are known as Mother-in-Law’s tongue. This succulent, upright plant grows up to two meters. They are also extremely hardy.

Mother-in-Law's Tongue

They don’t wither easily which makes them a good option for those who tend to neglect their plants. They should be kept in direct sunlight for a few hours during the days. They can tolerate shade but might take a longer time to grow. Moderate water is required. The soil can be kept slightly damp during the summers but must be a little drier during the winters.

7. Zanzibar Gem

This plant has a stunning look and has been known to be almost indestructible which makes them perfect for those who neglect plants. They are really drought-resistant and can survive without water for a long period. This plant is native to Africa and has green and deep glossy leaves. Zanzibar Gem plants are very hardy because of their ability to store water in their tuber.

Zanzibar Gem

Make sure you do not overwater them or make them sit in water. In fact, this plant thrives when you do not prefer to water them too often. Watering them once a month is enough and they are best placed in a bright to lightly shaded area. Never keep them in direct sunlight as they might burn.

8. Anthurium Andraeanum

They are originally from Columbia and feature dark-green and long, leathery leaves. They produce red, pink, and white heart-shaped flowers that can last for many weeks. The flowers are actually leaf-like bracts that surround a cylindrical spike.

Anthurium Andraeanum

They require bright sunlight to bloom, and the soil must be kept evenly moist during the summers and dry during the winters. You could fertilise them every two weeks in summers with high-phosphorus liquid fertiliser.

9. Maidenhair Fern

This is a beautiful addition to your home. Their leaves are light green and feathery with soft, shiny stems. They would make a wonderful hanging plant. They are really fragile plants and require neither too much light nor too little.

Maidenhair Fern

They should be grown well in a warm spot with little humidity. You can create your own rainforest environment. All you have to do is fill a saucer with pebbles underneath the potted plant. Pour water into the saucer and when the water evaporates, it will make a humid microclimate around the plant.

10. Rubber Plant

Otherwise known as Rubber Fig, they contain shiny leaves of burgundy and dark green and are on trend when it comes to indoor plants. You can either encourage them to grow into a large indoor plant or let them stay small in a little pot.

Rubber Plant

They are temperature-resilient and a hardy option that requires indirect, bright light with weekly watering during the summers and monthly watering during the winters.

11. Baby Toes

This plant hails from a succulent family. They are called baby toes because of their small stature and their resemblance to an infant’s little toes. They are a really wonderful attraction due to their unusual look.

Baby Toes

They grow well in indirect sunlight and need to be well drained. These plants are best as a tabletop decor but can also be placed in any room of the house.

12. Chinese Money Plant

These pretty plants are well known for their round and beautiful leaves. They are also called missionary plants because, during the 1940s, Norwegian Missionary Agnar Espergen took cuttings of this plant home.

Chinese Money Plant

This is how the plant eventually spread throughout the world. They are very easy to propagate. They only require partial shade and need to be well-drained. They also act as excellent shelf decor.

13. Areca Palm

This plant can grow anywhere in the house with indirect sunlight. The leaves will turn yellow if they are exposed to direct sunlight for a really long time. Areca palms can grow as high as 30 feet when they are kept outdoors, but when placed indoors, they are restricted to about seven feet.

Areca Palm

You can decide to put the plant in a small container. This way the crowded roots will help to limit the size of the plant. The plant is a very effective humidifier. You can water them enough to keep the soil moist except during the winters.

14. Aloe Vera

This brilliant plant clears benzene and formaldehyde from the air. It is also a common fact that they are very good for having a great complexion. Aloe plants like to be warm and dry instead of cold and wet.

Aloe Vera

This is why you should water the pot only when it is dry. The best placement of his plant in the house is near a sunny window. In full shade, the aloe will not grow. Do not water the plant if you have newly repotted them because the roots should settle in.

15. Indian Basil

Commonly known as Tulsi, this plant is very low-maintenance and has several medicinal properties. They are one of the best indoor plants for oxygen and are good at purifying and improving the quality of air.

Indian Basil

You can plant it in a simple pot. The plant requires regular sunlight, and you will need to water it regularly.

Indoor plants are an amazing idea for home decor. These plants not only enhance the look of your home but also purify the indoor air. Start by choosing from your favourites and see where they fit.

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