How to Make a Baby Laugh: 15 Funny Things to do

15 Amazing Ways To Make Your Baby Laugh

There are few things in this world as precious as your baby’s laughter. Babies start to smile after three months, and from then on they lose no time in learning to laugh, squeal, and giggle with delight at things that amuse them. A child’s laughter can be quite infectious and soon everyone around is bound to break into smiles. This is sure to make you want to have your baby laughing as often as possible!

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How to Make a Baby Laugh?

Finding the right triggers is important and once you have these identified, you will get your baby laughing in minutes! Here are some things that might help you get your baby to chortle with glee every time.

1. Funny Sounds

Speaking in a strange voice can be amusing to your baby. Imitating a favourite cartoon character or holding your nostrils when talking can elicit a good deal of laughter over and over again. Certain sounds such as slurping, hiccups, chomping, imitating a car or motorbike revving up etc., can have a similar effect on the baby.

2. Eskimo Kisses

Rubbing your nose against your baby’s gently is sure to be greeted by a few giggles every time. Physical contact with baby is also a way of bonding with your child. Quite a few babies are likely to want an encore about 100 times each day!

3. The Peeking Game

This has been a favourite with babies from time immemorial. Simply put up your hands in front of your face and say “peek”. Then move your hands or peek at them saying “boo”. Or you can also hide behind furniture and surprise baby when he or she comes looking for you. Knowing that you are going to pop up from behind whatever is obstructing the view can keep your baby engrossed for a long while.

The peeking game

4. Photos of Babies

Smiling faces of other children are likely to evoke a similar response from your little one. Pictures of babies being naughty or dressed in costumes are also likely to set off your baby on a laughter riot.

5. Make Some Noise

What seems like noise to us might actually seem like music to your baby! Just the sound of paper ripping can be enough to set off some babies while others start off when they hear the sound of power tools such as a hand drill or small saw. So find some old newspapers or a handy tool and get ready for some laughs from your little one.

6. Tickles All the Way

Of all the things that make babies laugh, tickles win hands down. An added advantage is that it is a fun activity for you too. Some babies have a few ticklish spots on their body while the slightest touch can set others off. So, find what sets off your baby and get ready for some laughs.

7. This Little Piggy

The interactive ‘This Little Piggy’ story game where you run your fingers along baby’s hand and arm is sure to become a favourite soon. Tell baby about the five little pigs as you count on baby’s fingers and start up the arm ending in tickles. After the first time, the anticipation of what is about to happen will be enough to have baby giggling even as you start.

8. Soft Toy Fun

You can try some play-acting with soft toys to make your baby laugh while telling a story at the same time. Or you can just use the soft toys to tickle your child and keep them giggling. Make sure the soft toys you use are hypoallergenic and lightweight so baby can handle them as well. Include toys of different colours, shapes, and sizes to bring in some variety every time.

Soft toy fun

9. Find Some Live Animals

If you are thinking about what makes babies laugh, then animals need to be near the top of your list. If you have pets at home, then you do not have to think too much. Just get baby to watch the antics of your pets for a while and soon the laughter will start. Soon, it will become a daily routine for baby. And if you do not have pets at home, just take the baby out into the yard or for a walk and point out the dogs, cats, and birds. This way you can also start teaching baby to appreciate nature at an early age.

10. Play the Munching Game

Babies of all ages love to be cuddled and snuggled. Physical contact is an essential part of bonding with your child and you can make use of it to have your baby in peals of laughter. As you cuddle your little one, say that you are going to eat up that little finger and pretend to chomp off the finger with soft touches of your lips. This type of munching is a hit with babies of all ages and even older children.

11. Turn on the Silliness

Babies find it funny when things are out of the ordinary. So, doing something silly like placing a funny hat on your baby’s head or your own is bound to amuse your munchkin. Jumping like a monkey or walking in a funny manner is also sure to have your baby in fits of laughter.

12. Recruit Siblings

Spending time with siblings is something that keeps babies happy at all times. They tend to find everything that their older brother or sister does really funny. All the sibling needs to do is be themselves! Babies are often happy watching their sibling play, dance, or sing and likely to break out into laughter every now and then at their antics. If there is no sibling, then cousins and the neighbourhood kids will also do just fine!

13. Chasing Game

If your baby is crawling around, then a chasing game might be the sure-fire way to get some laughs. Get down on your hands and knees saying, “I’m coming to get you” and watch your little one chuckle with delight and speed up on all fours across the house. The game of pretending to ‘catch’ never gets old when it comes to babies.

Chasing game

14. Be a Copycat

It is said that imitation is the best form of flattery. When it comes to babies, read that as ‘the best form of entertainment’. Simply keep copying your baby’s actions, facial expressions, hand movements, and sounds for uninterrupted moments of laughter and joy.

15. Get Some Exercise

Put your baby on his back and slowly stretch out an arm and a leg, preferably from opposite sides. Then, move those limbs back towards the chest. Repeat with the other set of limbs and see how your baby responds. While the baby is on his back, hold both legs with your hands and move them in an air pedalling motion. This also helps get rid of any excess gas that baby has while keeping him happy and giggling. You can also get the baby some exercise by sitting him on your knee and bouncing him up and down like riding a pretend horse.

Making a baby laugh is not just fun, it is also a good way of spending some quality time bonding with your child one-on-one. And it is not just the baby who will be having all the fun; seeing your baby have a good time makes it a memorable and enjoyable occasion for you too. No better way to forget all the stress and chaos of a busy day than to hear some shrieks of happiness from your bundle of joy!

NOTE: This information is just a guide and not a substitute for medical advice from a qualified professional.

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