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13 Reasons Why You Should Consider Switching to Menstrual Cups and Ditching The Pads

Want to make your life easier…and cheaper? We’ll give you the lowdown on menstrual cups. Wait…before you say no, read these 13 reasons why you should switch to menstrual cups!

What if we told you a way to make your period days cheaper, safer, and a whole lot better? Many moms are switching over to menstrual cups on their period and not many want to go back to pads and tampons ever again! What is a menstrual cup? It is a feminine hygiene product that is made of super-flexible silicone that you basically insert into your vagina, like you do with tampons. It is built to collect menstrual fluid. Basically instead of absorbing period blood, it collects it till you have to change it.

If you aren’t sure what this feels like, check out this Vlogger’s first time using a menstrual cup to know exactly what it feels like down there.

Here’s why you should try using a menstrual cup.

1. One Menstrual Cup Lasts FOREVER

Well, with proper care they can last up to 10 years! But that’s a whole decade of your period sorted.


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2. This Obviously Means You’ll Save Money

Most menstrual cups cost between INR 400 – 600. That’s an amazing deal even if it lasts you half of a decade, don’t you think? Definitely only a fraction of the cost of sanitary pads and tampons.


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3. You Won’t Have To Empty It for Upto 12 Hours

Most pads or tampons need to be changed every 5-7 hours depending on your flow. Menstrual cups give you about 5 extra hours between emptying.


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4. Less Visits to the Chemist

Your chemist visits become an annual trip if you wish to change your cup annually. Of course, if you want to pick up other fun supplies, you will go more often than that. Because we all know how absurd period cravings can be!


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5. It Holds More Liquid

A menstrual cup holds five times the amount of period blood than a tampon does, and definitely more than a pad too. This is a blessing for women with heavier flow!


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6. No Chemicals Going Up There

No BPA, no latex, no chemicals and no dye or other horrible additives in your vajayjay! Tampons might contain bleached rayon, which is a carcinogenic substance. And even if it wasn’t, the idea of getting bleach up there is horrific, right? We all know how much it burns our faces! Sanitary pads aren’t so innocent either, although, we will admit they are less invasive.


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7. Lesser Leaking

Once you learn to insert the cup properly, it forms a suction. This means that all the liquid is sealed inside the cup till you have to remove it. Only after the recommended time will the cup become heavy and may shift, causing leaks. The claim is that a menstrual cup needn’t be emptied for up to 12 hours so if you time it right, you won’t have to keep checking uncomrfortably for stains everytime you get off your chair.


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8. We Know You’ve Had a Child…

Menstrual cups come in two sizes, so mums are loving them all the more! There’s a larger size for right after childbirth; no more changing 10 pads a day!


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9. Sleep Better

Whether it’s your second period night where you are almost sure you are going to stain your sheets (so you put a towel on the bed) or no, the menstrual cup will last way longer than anything else. Since they go up to 12 hours, you can sleep comfortably knowing that you are sorted for the night. No more bumping your toes on bed edges in the night whilst searching for your pads.


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10. Do You Know What TSS is? Well you won’t have to worry about it…

Toxic Shock Syndrome is a bacterial condition that can actually be fatal. If your tampon absorbs more than your flow, you risk tiny bits of cotton shredding and sticking to your vaginal walls. Sounds scary, no? It is! It is the perfect breeding place for bacteria! You are totally immune to this risk if you use menstrual cups.


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11. Mess Free Sex on your Period!!

YES! If you wear tampons, you probably feel a bit “dry” in there, right? This is because the cotton in the tampons can strip your vaginal walls of their natural wetness. When you are sexually aroused, tampons could absorb all your natural lubrication and make the ride a little uncomfortable. Menstrual cups claim to make way for a smooth ride! You’ll just have to test that claim for yourself.


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12. No More Chaffing

Yep, no more stealing your baby’s diaper rash cream or squeezing out that tube of Vaseline to combat pad rashes anymore. No pads equal no rashes. Hurray! Also, there’s no more dampness when you sit or walk. Yay for no squishy feelings in your panties.


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13. You’ll Understand Your Body Better

Since the cup collects all of your period blood, you’ll be able to figure out just how unique your cycle is. You’ll get to know the exact quantity and what your flow is like in detail. You’ll be thanking us the next time your gynac asks you all of those confusing questions about your period! You’re welcome!


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We’re on board for trying out menstrual cups for two main reasons -Less Expensive and Eco- Friendly! Especially after the GST on Sanitary Pads hit us in the nether regions! However, these cups may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I mean, you could have had a baby come out of your hoo-ha but you’d rather not insert a squiggly silicone cup in there, right? Your body, your rules!

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