13 Cute Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Surprise Your Loved Ones

13 Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
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You’ve been blessed with a special gift this holiday season and are just dying to share the good news. You could call everyone for dinner and make a toast, but why not make it even more meaningful with creative Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas?

Expecting soon? Congrats! Joy takes on a whole new meaning when couples find out they’re going to have a baby. It’s compounded when it all falls during Christmas. There’s nothing better than the holiday season to share your happiness and excitement with family and friends.

Pregnancy Announcements for Dads to Be

What’s more exciting about this Christmas is that you get to be the Santa gifting surprise of a lifetime to your hubby. These are some really innovative ways you can drop that ‘good news’.

1. Hide the news in the tree

Hide the news in the tree
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Make your good news a part of your Christmas decoration. Paint a Christmas decoration ball with the announcement of the arrival of the bub. Imagine looking for presents and finding the ultimate one!

2. Pet message delivery

Pet message delivery
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If you own a pet, make them a part of this news. Write your message on a piece of paper and attach it to your pet’s collar and let him greet your husband on Christmas. Indeed a merry Christmas!

After trying to conceive for a long time, this woman gave the ultimate Christmas surprise to her husband. His reaction is priceless!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1I6oKqdUak]

Pregnancy Announcements for Grandparents

Getting to know that your baby is now having a baby of her own is a joy that is unparalleled. Breaking the news with a dash of Christmas spirit will only multiply this happiness.

1. A glimpse of the ultrasound

A glimpse of the ultrasound
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Use Christmas gifts to announce your pregnancy. Attach an ultrasound image of your child along with a message on to-be grandparents’ presents. The reactions will be priceless!

2. Gift a personalised onesie

Gift a personalised onesie
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How about wrapping a onesie that tells your parents that someone is arriving soon to meet his/her grandparents? A perfect Christmas gift.

3. Hide the message in a plate of dessert

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Christmas and desserts go hand in hand. Serve a slice of cheesecake cake on a message inscribed plate that reveals the message to the to-be grandparents. Definitely, a sweet, lovely (and tasty) way to spill the beans!

Pregnancy Announcements for Friends and Family

Happiness only multiplies when you share it with your near and dear ones, and what better occasion to break the news than when everyone gets together?

1. A message on the cake

A message on the cake
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Surprise the family by icing your happy news along with the due date on the Christmas cake. Celebrate the happy news together!

2. Family tree photo frame

Family tree photo frame
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Another clever idea to make your announcement is to get a family tree photo frame and fill it up with everyone’s pictures. Leave one frame empty and insert your message, complete with tiny bows.

3. Family picture trick

Family picture trick
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After the Christmas party, get everyone ready for a family photograph. Instead of the usual ‘cheese’, say “We’re pregnant!”.

Pregnancy Announcements for Instagram

Social media announcements are the new thing. While everyone will be busy uploading pictures of their Christmas decoration and celebration, you can use the medium to Spread the joy. Use these creative and cute pictures on Instagram and spread the news to the world.

1. The 3 Stockings

The 3 Stockings
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Hang 2 stockings with your and your partner’s name on it and add a tiny one on the side with a question mark. This one certainly makes for a very Christmas-y pregnancy announcement!

2. Blue and pink theme

Blue and pink theme
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A cute Christmas pregnancy announcement idea is to decorate the Christmas tree in blue and pink with baby items like booties, onesies and tiny milk bottles. These pictures are Insta worthy and will surely convey your sweet message!

3. Cute greeting cards

Cute greeting cards
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Make ‘ expecting a baby’ Christmas cards with images of footprints representing you, your partner and your child or one with your sonogram image and post the same on Instagram. Your warm festive wishings with an additional dose of happiness will definitely brighten the Christmas spirit.

4. Say it with balloons

Say it with balloons
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Take a couple of pink and blue balloons and add your message with the due date to let your friends and family know you’re expecting. A very merry Christmas indeed!

Whether you’re expecting for the first time or the third, announcing your pregnancy in a creative way can make the news even more special. Do you have an extra special idea to announce your pregnancy?