12 Safe Search Engines Designed for Kids

12 Safe Search Engines for Kids to Filter Out Unwanted Content

The internet has turned into a must-have resource for the tech-savvy generation of youngsters and kids these days. It can offer way more than what’s needed for your children’s homework and comes with its downsides and risks. Thankfully, many search engines are designed to protect your kids from the risks while allowing them access to appropriate content.

12 Kids Safe Search Engines

Here is a children’s search engines list featuring search engines that are suited for kids of different age groups.

1. Kiddle

The kiddle search engine is popular among parents and children as it offers access to appropriate WebPages and filtered out content to children while providing adults and educators with adequate control and resources on internet use and safety. The search results are delivered in a ‘kid-friendliness’ fashion with the top search returns being designed specifically for kids, and the results get incrementally sophisticated as the search goes further. The content, however, goes through their filters to remove malicious or deceptive content. The display also has big thumbnails to make it easier to go through the results and get a better idea of what’s in it.

2. Wacky Safe

Wacky Safe is a Kid’s Search Engine by Microsoft which is kids-safe and rated “E” for everyone to use. It is made in the form of an app that’s specially designed for PCs and Android OS. The browser is meant for a high degree of safety, and it only allows access to just enough information that is appropriate for your child’s age and filters out harmful content. It claims to provide an “Ultra safe” browsing environment for the kids and blocks inappropriate images, videos and websites. It also restricts access to adult social media sites and comes with a text-to-speech feature that converts search results to speech.

3. KidRex

This one is a search engine that is powered by Google custom search with features that are optimized for children and not to mention, a cool T-Rex. With the aid of Google Safe Search, the KidRex safe search engine eliminates explicit, harmful or inappropriate content from showing up on the search. It also filters out websites maintained by their database as explicit or classified as inappropriate under their keyword category. The search engine is also ad-free and intuitive to use with a content of educational value to be found easily on the top searches. Using their removal tool, it is also possible to request the editors to block sites that you may consider not right for children.

Safe Search Engines

4. Safe Search Kids

Safe Search Kids is another search engine powered by Google that is one of the top choices among parents for children’s internet browsing. Available as a downloadable app for Android phones, it is a platform for kids to safely look for what they need while they are shielded from malicious sites. The search tool automatically activates Google Safe Search when kids are using the engine so parents can rest assured their kids are in a secure domain.

5. Kidzsearch

KidzSearch employs some strong security protocols to return ‘strict search’ from Google and works similar to when you have a strict search set up on the computer. Aimed at children ten years and older, it has an online encyclopedia with rich information suited for kids. It also links to informative articles and has a message board where children can leave behind questions that pertain to their homework or projects. Instant searches for music, pictures, games, news and other educational content can be accessed at a section on the page making it easier for children to search what they need categorically.

6. Ask Kids

Ask Kids is a search engine powered by Ask.com and its collection of web resources. The page looks like a school notebook and appeals to children and adults. Along with the search box, the page comes with five preset categories of search- Schoolhouse, Videos, Movies, Games, and Images to better localise the search for the content the kids are looking for. Although the page borrows its features from Ask.com, it keeps it simple for the kids. They can jump from search to videos or images, find related information, expand the search and link to other information.

Search Engines Safety

7. Yahoo Kids

Yahoo Kids is the gateway to websites and URLs in Yahoo’s directory that is exclusively for children. The engaging and colourful homepage is so full of quick links to content that you shouldn’t be surprised if you take a while to find the search box at the top. The search results can be picked from three sections- Results on the Web, Results in Yahoo! Kids or Results in the Yahoo! Kids Directory.

8. KidsClick

KidsClick is owned and run by the School of Library and Information Sciences (SLIS) and is not an internet filter according to its page. It is a directory of 600+ strong subject lists which can be accessed by kids for their assignments or information. The website is clean and ad-free as it links only to a list of good sites dedicated only for educational reference.

9. Study Search

Study Search is the Google search engine with Google SafeSearch and customised for kids in Australian schools. It taps into the databases of prescribed sites for primary and secondary Australian schools. Australian Librarians, teachers and site volunteers have built a database of worldwide links for the school system and are a great resource that can be used by anyone around the world.+

Search Engines Safe for Kids

10. GoGooligans

This is another safe search engine for kids which is also friendly toward kids with disability. It uses the Google index and SafeSearch to regulate sites and avid inappropriate keywords from getting uploaded. An option of choosing from 38 different languages helps with efficient searching and their calm colouring methods help make search easy for the children. Spam reporting and the use of Query refinement technology also aid in the smooth use of the site by the kids.

11. Aga-Kids

Aga-Kids is a colourful and fun search engine for kids where you can choose between visual and text search. The search results show up as animated and interactive thumbnails. Since the search engine links only to websites made for children, the search results may be limited.

12. Quintura for Kids

The Quintura for Kids Platform is powered by Yahoo and is designed to use a keyword cloud to offer a more visual way of searching. The search is done by entering a keyword in the search box and modify it keywords offered by the cloud. It displays a total of five results per page. Another useful feature is clicking on the surrounding icons that direct you to the five preset categories of search-Animals, History, Music, Games, sports and recreation.

Search Engines Safe for Children

Each search engine comes with different features that appeal to children of different ages, but all have built-in safety features that make them great search engines for kids.

Introduce these 12 safe search engines to your kid, and you won’t have to worry when he uses the internet. These search engines provide age-appropriate content and filter out unnecessary information that is not suitable for a child. As your child explores these sites on his own, he will gain a sense of understanding and responsibility. He will also be content that you trust him. A sense of self is important for any child, but you need to ensure his overall development.

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