20 Best Vacations For Toddlers

A lot of parents dread going on a vacation with their toddlers. They worry that it’s going to be really stressful for their child and themselves. As daunting as it sounds, going on a vacation with your toddler is an exciting thing to do, but only if you plan it right. When choosing where to go for your holiday trips, you have to make sure it’s safe for you both. You want to be able to explore and adventure without worrying about your toddler getting hurt, lost, or not having fun because it’s meant solely for grown-ups. Read on to know which are the best places to vacation with toddlers.


Best Vacation Places to Travel With Toddlers

Let’s get straight to the point. You need child-friendly places to go to when you want to vacation with your toddler. Here’s a list of the best holiday destinations for families with toddlers that we’ve rounded up for you. Have fun!

1. Miami Beach

Along the shores of Miami Beach, you will find families with their kids lined up and enjoying sun tanning at the beach. The crystal clear azure waters of the Atlantic along with blissful walks across the gorgeous white sands make for a perfect vacation with your kids.


Miami Beach, Florida

The beach is located on a South Florida island

Key Features 


  • Kid-friendly and safe
  • Features two main attractions – Jungle Island and the Children’s Museum

Where to Stay 


Hilton Bentley Miami/South Beach and Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbor are the two best spots for staying here.


2. Magic Castle Hotel

If you’re looking for a fun place to travel with toddlers, Magic Castle Hotel would be it. It’s not just any ordinary hotel, it’s a grand kingdom of its own and is a hit for its free ice pops among the kids. The hotel hosts various shows and theatrical performances, and there is also the American Riviera Private Tours nearby which you can take your kids to for a tour as well.



Hollywood is located in a neighbourhood of Los Angeles and is noted for its history for making famous U.S. movies.


Key Features

  • Luxury suites and private bedrooms are available at the hotel.
  • Magic shows and theatrical performances are hosted.
  • Age and dress code restrictions make it a kid-friendly place.

Where to Stay


You can stay at the hotel itself but you’ll need special invitations for that. There’s complimentary breakfast served and the guest service is simply amazing.


3. Captiva Island

Captiva Island gives families a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is located in the Gulf of Mexico and is a destination where you can relax on the azure shore and build sandcastles with your kids. The beach is famous for its kite-making activities too. This is one of the best places to travel with toddlers.



Florida is the southernmost state in the U.S.  Its border is shared with Georgia and Alabama.


Key Features

  • Build sand castles, hunt for seashells, and enjoy kite-making activities.
  • Beach condos are available alongside vacation homes for rentals.
  • Kids love painting on coconuts here.

Where to Stay

Jensen’s Gulfside is a group of cottages available for rent on the island. You can also stay at the Tween Waters Inn which is a mile south away if you’re looking for more amenities in the area.

4. Stowe, Vermont

Stowe, Vermont is loaded with many kid-friendly attractions and scenic pathways. It is Mother Nature’s playground for toddlers and you can take your kids hiking, tree climbing, and play hide-and-seek in the bushes whenever you want. The fresh mountain air will do wonders for their health and emotional well-being.



Stowe is an enchanting town with snow-capped mountains located just north of Vermont.


Key Features

  • One of the best minimalist vacation spots for toddlers and adults
  • Features activities like hiking, walking trails, and natural landscapes
  • Booming bowling scene at Stowe Bowl

Where To Stay


The best places to stay in Vermont with toddlers are the Phineas Swann Inn and Spa at Montgomery Center and The inn at Weathersfield at Perkinsville, VT.

5. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Explore the countryside and go on adventure trails with your kids at the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It’s a popular destination that’s toddler-friendly featuring gorgeous outdoor settings.

Pigeon Forge

You will find Pigeon Forge located to the east of Tennessee.


Key Features

  • Hometown of famous singer Dollywood
  • Amusement parks, dinner theatres, and shopping malls are available in the downtown area
  • Popular for its mountain settings and hiking trails

Where to Stay


Many family-friendly hotels and cabins are located near the Smoky Mountains. Creekside RV Park and the Courtyard by Marriott are two popular places to stay here.

6. Lake Ozark, Missouri

Lake Ozark is popular among toddlers due to its boating scene and is a picturesque destination for anyone who craves the outdoors.



Missouri is located in the U.S. and Lake Ozarks is located in central Missouri to the north of Ozarks.


Key Features

  • Famous for boating and sightseeing
  • Cabins and rentals are available
  • Fishing, golfing, and biking are popular activities here

Where to Stay 

Tourists prefer staying at Dave’s Hideaway Motel and the Old Kinderhook Resort here.

7. Washington, DC

If you’re wondering where to travel with toddlers, take them for a tour around Washington, DC. The neighbourhoods there are sprawling with several attractions like museums, parks, art exhibits, picnicking areas, and so much more.


Washington is located in the District of Columbia which is the capital of the United States.

Key Features 

  • Known for The White House and National Museum of Natural History
  • U.S. Botanic Garden is a hit among toddlers
  • Has many amusement parks, eateries, and monuments

Where to Stay

There are budget hotels close to the Capitol Hill Hotel and if you’re looking for luxury accommodations for your family, try out the Washington Plaza Hotel.

8. San Diego, California

San Diego is perfect for going on family vacations with toddlers. From the historic Old Town area to the tours of the Whaley House, you will find many interesting monuments, museums, kids’ activity centres, and more here.

San Diego 

It’s located in California in the US along the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Key Features 

  • Kid-friendly safari parks, beautiful residential areas, and world-class tourist attractions
  • Capitol Hill and Georgetown areas are great for sightseeing
  • Booming arts and culture scene
  • Home to the San Diego Zoo

Where to Stay

North Park is a colourful neighbourhood with plenty of museums nearby and if you’re staying with hungry toddlers, book at hotels in the Old Town Area.

9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From obstacle courses to tours of the zoo and enjoying swimming in pools, Philadelphia is a destination that’s designed not just for families but toddlers too.


Philadelphia is a city located in the United States of America in Pennsylvania.

Key Features 

  • Popular for the National Constitution Center, Kids Castle in Doylestown, and the Morris Arboretum
  • Please Touch Museum and Children’s Playhouses are wildly popular here
  • Mini-golf courses, carousel rides, and historic locations at the Old City

Where to Stay

Kid-friendly hotels in the city are Warwick at Rittenhouse Square, The Inn at Penn in University City, and Loews at Center City.

10. Port Aransas, Texas

Enjoying toddler-friendly vacations at Port Aransas is a surefire way to craft pleasant memories with your family.

Port Aransas 

It’s located in the US on Mustang Island along the Texas coast.

Key Features

  • Local art shows, a three-day beach festival, and cool playgrounds
  • Red Dragon Pirate Cruises and the Port Aransas Beach
  • Kid-friendly aquariums, museums, and observation towers

Where to Stay 

Popular kid-friendly hotels in the city are the Shark Reef Resort, I.B. Magee Beach Park and Amelia’s Landing Hotel.

11. Highland, New York

If cowboys and the Wild West are your things, take your toddlers to this city.


Highland is located in the Ulster County of New York City in the US.

Key Features

  • Pony rides, and all-inclusive kids’ resorts
  • Interactive playgrounds, indoor water parks, and skiing programs for toddlers

Where to Stay 

The High Line Hotel on 10th Avenue is toddler-friendly and allows pets. There are also the Crosby Street Hotel and the Loews Regency New York for toddler-friendly vacations here.

12. Scottsdale, Arizona

Want to take your toddlers for a desert safari? Try Scottsdale in Arizona.


Arizona is located to the southwest of the USA.

Key Features 

  • Hotels offer kids’ programs, family concierge services, and more
  • Toy train rides, baby wading pools, and miniature golf courses
  • The Grand Canyon and desert regions
  • Temperatures during spring and fall make it ideal for sightseeing

Where to Stay 

Hyatt Place Scottsdale/Old Town offers family-friendly accommodations and there are many affordable but hipster hotels and resorts found on Hayden Road.

13. Lake Champlain, Vermont

This holiday destination is widely known for its camps and lake resorts

Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is located in the Lake Champlain Valley between the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Key Features

  • Family-friendly activities like watersports, fishing, treehouses, etc..
  • Qualified caregivers to take care of the kids

Where to Stay

The Tyler Place family resort is the perfect place for the family to unwind after indulging in the many activities there.

14. Sea World, San Diego

This adventure park has lots to offer. Add water park, theme park, and up-close adventure with sea animals to the list!

Sea World

Sea World theme park is located in Mission Bay Park in San Diego

Key Features

  • Provision for play areas for toddlers and baby food for infants
  • Facilities like strollers and cribs are available

Where to Stay

Try the Wyndham Garden which is also surrounded by fast food joints and shopping centres.

15. Olympic National Park, Washington

Known as one of the most popular national parks in the USA.

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is situated on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington in the Pacific Northwest.

Key Features

  • Mountains, forests, and water bodies to explore.
  • Enormous trees over a thousand years old that are sure to pique your child’s interest.

Where to Stay

The Sol Duc Hot Springs resort is perfect for unwinding in the laps of nature after a hiking trip with the family.

16. Disney Cruise, Florida

All kids are Disney fans and what better holiday destination than this? This is sure to be remembered as one of the best vacations with toddlers.

Disney Cruise

The Disney Cruise takes place over Florida’s 3 vibrant ports of Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami

Key Features

  • Mediterranean restaurants
  • Camps for infant and toddler care
  • Rides, fireworks and games to engage the kids

Where to Stay

The Disney Cruise is perfect for families and has lots to offer in terms of dining and unwinding for the entire family.

17. Traverse City, Michigan

This destination has something for everyone. Set out on that adventure with your family to find your niche!

Traverse City

Traverse City is situated at the beginning of the East and West of Grand Traverse Bay.

Key Features

  • Popular National Cherry Festival which is a crowd-puller
  • Water sports, dessert stalls, and dog shows which the kids will adore.
  • Music performances and outdoor movies

Where to Stay

The Great Wolf Lodge Water Park with amazing pools and super friendly staff.

18. Mexican Riviera, Mexico

This destination has something for everyone. Set out on that adventure with your family to find your niche!

Mexican Riviera

The Mexican Riviera is a coastline along Mexico’s west coast.

Key Features

  • 24-hour babysitting services
  • Yoga classes for moms
  • Family movie nights

Where to Stay

The Rosewood Mayakoba property offers activities for kids of all ages. It is all-inclusive for families in the truest sense.

19. Legoland, Florida

Every child’s and adult’s dream come true!


Legoland is located in the heart of Central Florida.

Key Features

  • Over 50 theme rides
  • Childcare services

Where to Stay

The Legoland Pirate Island Hotel boasts clean rooms, attentive staff and a special Pyjama party for the kids before bedtime.

20. Hudson Valley, New York

The perfect place for all animal lovers

Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley spans over the Capital District to Yonkers in Westchester County.

Key Features

  • Petting zoos
  • Childcare services for babies and toddlers

Where to Stay

Check out the Rocking Horse Ranch where they have horse and pony rides for the kids.

Survival Tips While Traveling With Your Toddler

Yes, travelling with kids can be overwhelming, but with these tips, you are sure to make the most of your toddler-friendly vacations!

  • Make sure to check with the accommodations if they are all-inclusive and child-friendly.
  • Carry a variety of toys and activity books which will be saviours during those long waiting hours.
  • Make sure you’re stocked on diaper essentials so that you don’t have to worry during emergencies.
  • Plan ahead with your partner how to deal with stressful situations like overcrowded places, and noisy places which could be overwhelming for the child.
  • Make sure your child’s sippy cup is always filled.
  • Pack spare clothes for you and your toddler in case of accidents.
  • Stay on schedule whenever you can but do not guilt trip yourself if routines go out of the window.


1. Is Traveling Beneficial for Toddlers?

Toddlers greatly benefit while travelling as it opens upto them a whole new world of experiences that go beyond their own home.

2. Could Traveling Be Stressful for Toddlers?

Yes, travelling is extremely stressful for toddlers as their routine gets disrupted and they do not know how to regulate their emotions. They may get overwhelmed with the new sights, sounds and changes in schedules.

3. What Do Toddlers Like Doing on Vacation?

Toddlers love to take in new experiences when on vacation. They love to explore.

4. How Can I Keep My Toddler Busy While Travelling?

You can keep your toddler busy with activity books, toys, their favourite meals, etc. while on vacation.

That concludes our list. These places are ideal for taking the best vacations for toddlers in the US. Be sure to plan your itineraries and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

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