11 Romantic Valentine’s Day Home Decoration Ideas

Romantic Valentine's Day Home Decoration Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! February 14 has become a terrific occasion to spend quality time with our loved ones. You’re probably planning a special dinner with your husband and kids. Why not jazz up your house with classy Valentine’s Day decorations that are handmade, cheap but perfectly glorious?

When you start thinking about decorations for this special occasion, there’s one unifying theme – hearts! This is the day of love and there’s no setting that’s complete without colourful hearts in reds and pinks. So, how to decorate a Valentine heart?

We have compiled for you 11 decoration ideas that need very little resources and time. You can work on them together with the kids and surprise your husband no end!

Homemade Valentine’s Day Decoration Crafts

1. Paper Hearts

So incredibly easy to make that your toddler can help too! Make this a Mamma-Baby activity this Valentine’s and paste these paper hearts everywhere – down the curtains, along the window panes, over the bed…All you need is some double-edged tape and creativity!

Paper Hearts

2. Blooming Hearts

Hearts can grow in vases! Collect some twigs and branches from your garden, or make paper ones out of thick brown paper. Then stick paper hearts onto them to resemble blooming flowers. You can arrange this vase at a central location in your home.

Blooming Hearts

3. Heart Garlands

Use some thick thread to tie the paper hearts you made in #1 and voila, you have a heart garland! These look stunning when put up as streamers in your bedroom or even your dining area. You have a cheap but pretty Valentine’s Day dinner decoration ready!

Heart Garlands

4. Potted Potpourri Hearts

This is one of the best table decoration ideas for Valentine’s day, especially if you have some potpourri lying about. Put in a big felt heart and dolls from your little one’s nursery. What you will get is a cute and fragrant centre table look for Valentine’s.

Potted Potpourri Hearts

5. Conjoined Heart Balloons

This one has the potential to become one of your tot’s favourite Valentine heart decorations! Club lots of red and white balloons into heart formations as shown below and suspend them from your curtain rods using strings and sticky tape. This is also a great selfie background!

Conjoined Heart Balloons

6. Knit Wool “I Love You”

Here’s a perfect activity to satisfy the knitting enthusiast in you and also ensure hubby dear has a wonderful, handmade gift. This is a great Valentine home décor idea for your child’s room too. It will always reassure him of Mamma’s love!

Knit Wool “I Love You”

7. Wooden-Feel Block Hearts

If you are more creatively inclined, this project is for you. To make these hearts, you can use light cane, felt, thick and flexible paper or even wires. They are very durable and serve as great dinner-counter Valentine heart decoration ideas.

Wooden-Feel Block Hearts

8. Heart Windchimes

Slightly more difficult to complete but a stunning decoration idea if you manage to pull this through! You need plastic or light metallic hearts of various sizes and strings to suspend them with. Make sure you end jingling bells at the ends or metallic rods of varying thickness. A melodious Valentine this!
Heart Windchimes

9. Rose Bouquet Hangings

The rose is considered to be the eternal symbol of love. Why go around looking when you can make these pretty rose decorations at home? Make bouquets using red and white roses and tie them together with pieces of string. They look especially beautiful in outdoor settings such as the garden or balcony area.
Rose Bouquet Hangings

10. Hearts in the Garden

If you have a backyard or an outdoor garden, you can try out this unique heart decoration. Use plastic hearts to ensure they are water and weather proof. If you plan to have a candlelight dinner in your backyard, you can even intersperse them with twinkling fairy lights.

Hearts in the Garden

11. Red Themed Bedroom

Finally, here’s the easiest idea that is also one of the most effective. You don’t need a specific decoration to pull this off. Instead, you need to arrange a lot of red goodies in your bedroom such that the overall effect is immensely romantic. Think red bedsheets, paper lamps, cushion covers, cutlery sets and fleece.

Red Themed Bedroom