Sahabiyat Names: 150 Female Sahaba Names for Baby Girl

The Sahabiyat or Sahaba were the exalted ladies associated with the Prophet Mohammad and propagated Islam with him. They not only devoted themselves to Islam, but they also boasted of socio-political and educational achievements. They became female icons of wisdom, acumen, courage, resilience and loyalty. Their sacrifices apparently earned them a promised place in paradise. Their exemplary tales of glory have come down the ages and have inspired parents to name their newborn girls after them. Today, we are going to explore some Sahabiyat names for girl babies inspired by Sahaba ladies.


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Beautiful Sahaba Names for Girls

Here is a list of top Islamic Sahaba girl names with their meanings.


1. Aaliyah/Aaliya/Alia/Aalia

Exalted and high in rank, status, greatness, and glory.

2. Aamina

Honest, Faithful.

3. Aaminah

One who is Trustworthy, faithful, peaceful, honest, someone who is protected from all that causes fear.


4. Aa’ishah

One who has a good life.

5. Aisha/Ayesha/Aysha/Aishah

Alive, living; one with a good life; prosperous and affluent.There were 8 Sahabas with this name.
One of them was Ā’ishah bint Abī Bakr(Mother ofthe Believers), the youngest wife of the Prophet.


6. Aminah/Amina/Amna

Truthful, trustworthy, safe, faithful, honest. Aminah bint Wahb was the Prophet’s mother.


7. Aqrab


8. Arwa/Arwaa

Agile, beautiful, gracefulness. One with the name of Arwa was a cousin of the Prophet.


9. Asiyah

One who helps and heals weak people.

10. Asma

Precious, beautiful, exalted; high or great;loftier than others. Asmā’ bint Abu Bakr was the daughter of Abu Bakr’s and Aisha’s sister. Inspired by her father she was the 15th person to embrace Islam.


11. Atiqa/Aatikah/Atika/Aatika

Emancipated; generous; noble; beautiful lady; someone with the sweet smell of perfume; a colour or substance full of purity. One of the Sahabas Atiqa bint Zayd was famous for various reasons. She was a poet; she was married to Muslim men who died as shahids; she was also known as the wife of Umar bin Al-Khattab,the second Caliph.


12. Ayman

Righteous, Righteous, Moral.One of the Sahabas Umm Ayman was the second mother of the Prophet. She looked after the Prophet after the demise of his mother Aminah. This is a unisex name, but primarily used for girls.


13. Azbah

Delightful, charming.

14. Badiyah/Badia

The desert land; the countryside as in the areas on the city outskirts; someone who starts or initiates something; someone who is visible and prominent.


15. Bareerah

Pious. One of the very famous Sahabas had this name. She was a slave who was finally set free by Sayyidina Ayshah RA, wife of the Prophet.


16. Barzah

A narrator of Hadith that are sayings of the Prophet.

17. Budailah

Something or someone that stands in the stead of another.

18. Buhaisah

One who is walks around with pride, Boldness and bravery.


19. Buhayyah

Beautiful and radiant. Two Sahaba’s had this name.

20. Busrah

Good news, Glad tidings, Good omen, Face, Visage.


21. Durrah/Durra/Dora

A bead of pearl.

22. Farwah

Name of a companion, Crown, Wealth.


23. Fasham

Big, large, spacious.

24. Feerozah

Precious Stone, Daughter of Al-Mazfar.

25. Firozah


26. Fizza/Fiza/Fizzah/Fidha

Spreading; breeze; silver.


27. Fukaihah/ Fukayha

Joyful and merry.

28. Ghufailah

Ignorant and oblivious; One who unknowingly neglects or
overlooks something.


29. Ghufairah

Mercy; a kind of tulip (Tulipa humilis); name of youngest wife of the Prophet Aisha’s slave.

30. Hababah

She was a narrator of hadith, A daughter of Ajlan.


31. Habibah

Favorite, beloved, dear; a relative of the Prophet.

32. Hafsah

A young lioness; This name belonged to one of the wives of the Prophet. She was one of the first to memorize the Quran as well.


33. Halah

Light surrounding the moon. She was a relative of the Prophet.

34. Halimah

Gentle, mild-mannered female; wet nurse/foster mother of the Prophet.

35. Hasanah

Smart, young, desirable, good, beautiful female.

36. Haula

Cross-eyed female; sometimes also a not so intelligent female.

37. Hazimah

Iron hearted and strong-willed; steadfast, firm, resolute.

38. Hazmah

Resolve, Prudence, Determination, Judiciousness.

39. Hind

Flock/herd of camels. One of the mother-in-law of the Prophet had this name.

40. Hukaimah

Decisiveness, Wisdom.

41. Hukaymah

She was the daughter of Umaymah daughter of Ruqayqah.

42. Hurairah

Kitten or a small/baby cat.

43. Huzailah

One who is thin or slim.

44. Ismah/Isma

Virtue, purity, safeguarding.

45. Jahdamah

She was a female companion of Prophet SAW,one who has speed and haste in walking,Badness in behaviour.

46. Jameelah


47. Jamila/Gamila/Djemila/Džemila/Jamillah/Djamila/ Jamyla/Yamila

Beautiful, graceful.

48. Jarbaa

A sky full of stars; gorgeous and humorous girl; dry weather with no rain.

49. Jasrah

She was a narrator of hadith.

50. Judi

Praised, Jewess.

51. Jumail

The Nightingale bird.

52. Jumaimah

Plenty, profusion, abundance.

53. Jumanah

Silver colored pearl.

54. Jumaymah

Name of female companion.

55. Juwairiah

A young female. One of the Prophet’s wife.

56. Juwayriyya

Young woman, damask rose

57. Kabeerah

Great, immense, senior, mighty.

58. Kabshah

A sheep of two to four years.

59. Karima

Gracious, generous; a friend.

60. Khansa

Some sort of insect, possibly a fly.

61. Khawlah

One who has beautiful features,loneliness,a female deer.

62. Khulaisah

Gazelle; pure, pristine, wholesome.

63. Kubaishah

Leader or chief.

64. Kulthum

Someone with a chubby face.

65. Lailaa

Inebriation; intoxication.

66. Layla


67. Lubaba

Pure, clean.

68. Lubna/Lubana

Wish, desire, hope.

69. Luhayyah/Luhyah/Nuhayyah

A very nice gift, present or endowment; something that makes someone wise, sensible. Luhayyah was the name of the wife of the second Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab.

70. Maarya

A lady having fair complexion.

71. Manee`ah

Protector, defender.

72. Maria

Sea of sorrow, sea of bitterness

73. Mariya

Purity, chastity.

74. Mulaikah

A letter, piece of paper or parchment.

75. Naila

Gracious, benevolent.

76. Najiyah


77. Naseeba

Luck, share; appropriate, befitting, proper; noble, ladylike.

78. Nusaibah

Someone born into an important family and with a respected lineage; beautiful hair of a female.

79. Nusaybah

The person with a good lineage

80. Qailah

Siesta or catnap at midday; This is also the title of Yemeni rulers and a female camel who is milked at midday.

81. Qareebah/Qariba

Near, close.

82. Qutayla

A leader

83. Rabab

White coloured cloud.

84. Rabda

A female ostrich.

85. Ramlah

A grain of sand.

86. Rubai

A palatial house, fortress or plaza.

87. Rufaidah

A group or tribe of people.

88. Rakheelah

Melodious voice, soft voice

89. Rayta

The narrator of hadith

90. Ruman


91. Rumaysa

A bunch of flowers

92. Rumaithah

A cluster of small desert trees.

93. Ruqaya

Superior,Gentle, Goddess Of Beauty.

94. Ruqayyah

Gentle, soft, mild-mannered. One of the daughters of the Prophet.

95. Safiyya

Pure, clean.Safiyyah bint Huyayy was one of the wives of the Prophet.

96. Sahla

Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing.

97. Sakina

Peaceful, serene, tranquil; devout.

98. Salamah/Salma

Peaceful, healthy, safe and sound; flawless or without a fault; whole.

99. Samaa

Sky; heaven; exalted.

100. Sammaa


101. Samraa

One with a brown or olive colored skin or skin that is neither too light nor too dark.

102. Sara/Sarah

Female full of greatness or glory; princess

103. Sarinnah

Beautiful, elegant

104. Sawdah/Sawda

A place full of palm trees; powder.

105. Shifa

The healer, healing

106. Sirin

Wife of prophets

107. Sobia

Noble woman, good woman

108. Sumayyah

Special, unique

109. Summaya

High above; saint. The first female martyr in Islam.

110. Tamazur/Tamadhur

White, radiant, brilliant.

111. Taw’amah

A person who is a twin of someone else.

112. Tayyiba Bint-e-Wahab

Good, pure, good-natured, sweet.

113. Thubaitah/Subaitah

Set, firm or established at a place; stable and unwavering.

114. Thubaytah

Daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-Ansariyah, She was among the early Muhajirs to Madina and a distinguished woman comapnion.

115. Umamah

Young mother; three hundred camels.
The Prophet’s granddaughter had the same name.

116. Um-e-Ralah

The act of bowing; paying homage; worshipping or prayer.

117. Umm Qais

Mother of Qais.

118. Umm Salamah

Mother of Salamah.

119. Ummul Fazl

Name of a Sahabiyah, Mother of Al-fadhl.

120. Umniyah

Wish, hope, desire.

121. Uwaimirah

A visitor; a place which is well inhabited and prosperous;
long-lived; a snake.

122. Waraqa


123. Yusairah

State of great comfort and no struggle; affluence.

124. Zaaidah/Za’idah

One who cooks food for a journey;
one who develops and flourishes.

125. Zabiah

Companion, Lovely, Graceful, Beautiful.

126. Zainab/Zaynab

Some sort of decorated and aromatic tree. Name of one of the daughters of the Prophet.

127. Zajjaa/Zajaa

A female ostrich; a female with thin, attractive eyebrows.

128. Zareenah

A companion of Prophet.

129. Zunairah

Flower found in paradise

130. Zurrah/Dhurrah

Millet, a type of plant producing grains.

Sahaba Names for Girls in Quran

Here are some names of Sahaba females that are inspired by the holy Quran. As these are inspired by the Quran, you can rest assured that their meanings will be divine and enchanting. 

1. Aknaa

Female with a belly that bulges out.

2. Amah

Slave; a female companion.She was the daughter of Khalid Bin Saeed, She was the daughter of Khalid Bin Saeed,

3. Amrah

Headgear (hat, turban). There were 20 Sahabas named Amrah.

4. Afraa

Blonde; fair-skinned.

5. Baghoom

Female with a soft, feminine, high-pitched voice with which she sings to her child.

6. Barakah

Blessing, approval, and profusion. There were 3 Sahabas with this name.

7. Barrah

She was the aunt of the Prophet SAW.

8. Fakhitah

One who walks with pride. Sahaba Fākhitah bint Abī Tālib was the Prophet’s cousin and joined Islam after the Prophet conquered Mecca

9. Haalah

A crescent-shaped ear-ring.

10. Nahdiah

Nahdiah means Hope

Spiritual Sahaba Girl Names

If you are inclined more towards spirituality, then these Sahaba names for baby girls will certainly interest you. You can choose a suitable name that fits well with your daughter’s personality.

1. Atiya/Atiyya

Donation, grant, gift.

2. Barwa`

Colour, hue.

3. Faazilah/Fadhilah

Noble, gracious and honourable; excellent and superior.

4. Fariah/ Faari`ah/ Feriha/ Fariyah

A travel way (raised road/water channel) in the mountains.

5. Fatimah/ Faatima/Fatema

A child that has been weaned off breast milk. One of the daughters of the Prophet has this name.

6. Furai`ah/ Furayaah

Tall, high, lofty, great.

7. Ghumaisaa/Rumaisaa

Name of the star Sirius.

8. Hammanah/Hamna

Holy sparrow; a relative of the Prophet had this name.

9. Atheelah

Born into a good family or from an honoured lineage.
There were 3 Sahabas called Atheelah.

10. Bushrah

Good news or good omen.

Naming your little one can be an important task. It is something that she will carry for the rest of her life. These are some names inspired by Sacred Sahabiyat that you can consider for your baby girl. It is best to discuss the name with your partner and arrive at one that will suit your little girl the most.

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