Top 120+ Nicknames For Charles


Looking for a cute nickname for Charles? Your search ends right here. Just cue us. Choosing a name for your baby can be an adventure on its own that makes the experience memorable. Charles is one such classic moniker that never goes out of style and makes wonderful choice for baby boys. Common nicknames for Charles can appeal to and suit a wide range of children with diverse personalities. If you are on a frantic search for a one-of-a-kind nickname for this name, then these Charles nicknames will certainly interest you! Plus, these funny and adorable nicknames will bring a smile to anyone who hears it.

Meaning and Origin of Charles

The name Charles comes from the Old English word “ceorl,” meaning “free man.” Derived from the German name Karl, Charles is the French spelling that means “free man.” “Ceorl” was initially used to distinguish a free person from a bondsman or slave (“thew”) and a noble person (eorl). Charles became immensely popular in France during the Middle Ages due to the fame of Charles the Great, also known as Charlemagne.


Most Popular Nicknames for Charles

Funny nicknames for Charles shouldn’t come off as rude or can’t be mispronounced. If you’re running low on ideas to settle on a nickname, here is a list of cool nicknames for Charles that might make heads turn.

  1. Chase
  2. Charlie
  3. Chip
  4. Charl
  5. Chucky
  6. Chaz
  7. Charly
  8. Karly
  9. Chuck
  10. Karl
  11. Cal
  12. Arlo
  13. Lee
  14. Karel
  15. Chuckie
  16. Chad
  17. Charlton
  18. Char
  19. Gnarly Charlie
  20. Huck
  21. Les
  22. Cha-riffic
  23. Chaddy
  24. Cholly
  25. Carlie
  26. Chary
  27. Charley Chilly
  28. Xarles
  29. Churls
  30. Charlow
  31. Carlo
  32. Ceorl
  33. Charleson
  34. Harl
  35. Carolus
  36. C Scotty
  37. Sir Charles
  38. Charley Chubby
  39. Charles Dicky
  40. Charlmagne
  41. Charmeleon
  42. Carlitos
  43. Charming Charles
  44. Charley The G
  45. Chug Char
  46. Charloman
  47. Chorly
  48. Chara
  49. Charlot
  50. Cale
  51. Chaps
  52. Cash
  53. Chazzy
  54. Big Daddy C
  55. Chappie
  56. Searlas
  57. C-Man
  58. Charlie Chap
  59. Charlil
  60. Chakson
  61. Arly
  62. Carl-E
  63. Chazy Chaz
  64. Cheesecake
  65. Cheeto
  66. Chick
  67. Chaa
  68. Chabby
  69. Charlito
  70. Charlie Doo
  71. Lil Charlie
  72. King C
  73. Charlie Sheen
  74. Up Chuck
  75. Charley Marley
  76. Charlemagne
  77. Charzzy jazzy
  78. Charmander
  79. Charly Boy
  80. Charley hardy
  81. Charlie Buk
  82. Charlie Chopper
  83. Charles The Good
  84. Charley-Smalley
  85. Trickie Charlie
  86. Duck-Chuck
  87. Chu-Chu
  88. Charmz
  89. Peanuts
  90. Chazzy Doodle
  91. Chas
  92. Chuddle
  93. Chilly Willy Charlie
  94. Charlie Bark
  95. Charlie The G
  96. Charley Chuddle
  97. Saint Charles
  98. Lord Charles
  99. Tiger Blood
  100. Babbs

Funniest Nicknames for Charles

What nickname is it if it is bland or boring? That’s why we bring you some funny and LMAOfying funniest nicknames for Charles:

  1. Char-icky
  2. Charles Bronson
  3. Kaarlo
  4. Chaplin
  5. Charley-Lolly
  6. Charlie Chaplin
  7. Charlie Cheesecake
  8. Charlie Doo-Doo
  9. Prince Of Wales
  10. Charles Chuckles
  11. Chicky
  12. Chuck Palahniuk
  13. Char-licky

Unique Petname for Charles

These unique pet names for Charles are sure to light the person when they hear their nickname.


  1. Charlotte
  2. Harley
  3. Charles Barkley
  4. Cha-Cha
  5. Charlie Choco
  6. Charlie Choker
  7. Up-Chuck
  8. Charlie-hooch
  9. Chucky Chuck
  10. Charley Chuggie
  11. Charlie Smiley
  12. Charles Chaplin
  13. Champ

Popularity of the Name Charles

popular name for boys in the US for over a century, Charles lost favour in the second half of the twentieth century. However, even at its lowest point, it sat at No. 63 in 2010. It has, however, made a comeback, rejoining the top 50 for boys in the US, ranking at 46 according to the latest 2020 Social Security Administration data.


Famous Celebrities With the Name Charles

From pop-culture references to authors, politicians, and royals, celebrities named Charles offered a significant inspiration source for parents. Here are some personalities with the name Charles who can make your child equally famous as them:


Name Who He Is

  • Charles Adams American Cartoonist
  • Charles Babbage English Mathematician
  • Charles Bronson American Actor
  • Charles Bukowski American Poet
  • Charles Barkley American Athlete
  • Charles Darwin English Scientist
  • Charles Grodin American Actor
  • Charles Baudelaire French Poet
  • Charles Curtis American Politician
  • Charles G. Dawes American Politician

Variations of Charles

Countless alternatives of Charles have gained popularity among both sexes. Here are some variations of the name Charles that have earned appreciation in other nations and cultures:


Name Origin

  • Karlos Armenian
  • Karl Bulgarian
  • Carles Catalan
  • Karlo Croatian
  • Karel Czech
  • Carl Danish
  • Kaarel Estonian
  • Kaarlo Finnish

Charles makes a dapper pick due to its distinct Ch- prefix and enviable meaning that upholds the spirit of freedom. This masculine name can be dressed up and down to form unique nicknames for Charles. Even after enjoying years of popularity, Charles remains an elegant yet friendly choice for the present generation.


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