150 Pretty Flower Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

150 Unique Flower Names for Boys and Girls

Naming children after Gods or powerful figures has been the norm for many years. There are many parents who prefer naming their children after natural aspects, such as by using beautiful names that are inspired by flowers. The colour, nature, fragrance and usage of the flower all come together in its name as these qualities are associated with your little one for his delicateness, beauty, and aroma that spreads around.

Beautiful Baby Girl Names Inspired By Flowers

Beautiful Baby Girl Names Inspired By Flowers

Here is a flower-inspired girl names list that we’ve put together for you.

Name Meaning
Acacia Acacia is the name of a shrub with yellow or white blossoms. The name is named after a botanist and means “immortality”.
Aboli Very popular in Maharashtra. They have an orangish hue to them that signifies strength. These are used in gajras quite frequently for decoration.
Alice A tweak on Alyssa, which is the name of a very popular flower.
Alyssa Derived from the sweet Alyssum flower which means rational
Amaara “A flower that will never fade away”
Angarika The flower that holds the strength of fiery flames, but is just as beautiful.
Aster A star, A purple flower that looks similar to daisy
Ayana “Beautiful flower”
Betony A flower that blooms in summer and has a minty smell.
Blossom To flourish, A cluster of flower
Calla Calla is a delicate variant of Lily meaning beautiful.
Chitrabhanu Flower which is fit to be a crown
Crisanta A golden flower, Chrysanthemum
Daffodil A beautiful flower.
Debasmita A prominently Bengali name. Having the fragrance and beauty of a flower, which can make even a God smile.
Eshal This name is used widely in girls hailing from Muslim communities; a flower found in heaven.
Evanthe A Greek name meaning “blooming”.
Fazluna Used in Parsi households; a flower that blooms in a desert
Fern A stylish and beautiful plant with a calm attitude.
Floria The flourishing nature of a flower, which is gently feminine too.
Galanthus A unique floral name referring to milk flower.
Ganika Conscious, Jasmine flower
Gul Flower or a rose.
Gulnaz As cute as a flower
Hana A popular name popular among Hebrew, Slavic, and Czech regions. The name means “blossom”.
Hazel A popular fruit, but also a yellow flowering plant. The word has a mysterious feel to it.
Henna Flowery fragrance of the mehndi
Hyacinth A purple flower that is known for its stability and peaceful nature
Ivy A flower that symbolizes faithfulness, a creeper
Juhi Jasmine
Kashni A flower, Lordess Laxmi, a special girl
Ketaki A flower with a cream-coloured texture
Keya A monsoon flower; Speed
Krishnakali “The bud of Lord Krishna”
Kumud A lotus and its connection to the Earth
Kusum The safflower is also called by this name. As its shape also denotes the power and strength of fire
Lily The delicate and slim beauty of the flower of the same name
Lunasha A very rare name in Indian usage; “as beautiful as a flower”
Malathi A beautiful flower fit for a king
Marguerite French name for daisy
Mariam A flower, beloved, beautiful women
Marigold A flower that is seen as a symbol of Virgin Mary, Name of a small golden and yellow flower
Meenal A flower that can only be found in the holy heavens
Naisha A flower that is quite special.
Nargis The wonderful daffodil flower.
Neerja Also spelled as Nirja, Neeraja or Niraja; the Lotus flower, associated with Goddess Lakshmi
Nilofer Another popular name that has been derived from the lotus flower
Pahi The petal of a flower
Parul A pink coloured flower with 5 petals whose beauty is quite admired
Prajakta The most fragrant flower of them all
Preethika A fragrant flower and the feeling of love
Pushpanjali The act of offering flowers to a higher entity
Rajanigandha The unwavering aroma of a flower
Reyhana A flower that can be found only in paradise
Rose The most popular flower with sheer beauty.
Ruhi Taken from a pink coloured flower; “emerging from the soul”
Saee A flower as the companion of a woman
Samrina Found popularly in Muslim girls; the delicateness of a flower
Sanaz Pride of the king, Graceful, A flower
Sayali The spellings of this name have numerous variations; a white coloured delicate flower
Shamira A variant of the chameli flower which has a wonderful aroma
Sharon A region that is filled with beautiful roses
Shefali A Jasmine flower and its beautiful fragrance
Shivli Another prominent Bengali name for the jasmine flower; which emanates an intoxicating fragrance
Suryamani A flower appears like the sun’s gem
Vaijanti This is a flower that is considered quite holy and used in many offerings to the God
Viola A spectacular violet flower; an enchanting musical instrument
Yasmin Another popular name for Jasmine that has found its way from the middle-east
Yutika An entire collection of flowers
Zara Variations include Zahira, Zaira; the blossoming of a flower.
Zinnia Quite frequently observed in Parsi families. This harkens to a wild variant of a domestic flower that has a lot of energy associated with it.

Unique Flower-Inspired Names for Baby Boys

Unique Flower-Inspired Names for Baby Boys

Here are some flower names for boys that are derived from flowers.

Name Meaning
Aaron A special name used primarily by Christians; a unique flowering plant
Akhtar Popular in Muslim families; a flower as bright as a star
Alarka The sanctity of a white lotus
Alder With an old-school charm, the name Alder comes from the alder tree.
Amit As beautiful as a flower
Amlankusum Everlasting flower, unfading flower
Ankur The buds and blossoms of a flourishing flower
Anshum A garland of flowers that resembles the rays of the sun
Anthony The structure of a flower
Aparajita Name of a flower; Unconcured, undefeated,
Armaan The wonderful amaranth flower; wish
Arnit As beautiful as a flower
Arvind Multiple variants including Aravindhan; the lotus flower
Babrak A Little basilica flower
Bakul A sweet-smelling flower
Calix A Latin-origin name, Calix encloses a flower
Elm A crisp and fresh name coming from a tree that blooms white flowers
Florus A suitable boy’s name with modern-ish charm
Gajijen Flower’s fall
Guldeep A lamp that has been shaped out of a bouquet of roses
Gulfam A boy whose face resembles the beauty of the rose
Gulshan A garden of roses
Gulzar A garden full of roses
Harkamal The God who resembles a lotus flower
Indivar A pleasant Hindu name referring to blue lotus
Jared A Hebrew name meaning rose.
Jasminpreet A lovely flower
Juhit The male version of the popular name “Juhi”; the beauty of Jasmine flower
Jyotishkar A person consisting of the beauty found in a flower
Kamaldeep The brightness of knowledge from the lotus flower. Multiple variations of this refer to other qualities
Kamlesh The holiness of lotus is elevated by a person who is the god of all lotus flowers
Kanwal Another word that shows the openness of the lotus
Ketak A grand flower that is meant to be for the kings
Kunal Used widely in North India since it is another name for the lotus flower
Kusumit A blooming flower
Livsharan A person as holy as the lotus that are accepted at the God’s feet
Mallikarjun Jasmine-like flowers that are white in colour
Mandar A large firm flower that is purely found in the heavens above
Meerab Paradise Flower
Mrinal The lotus flower
Nalesh A name that befits a king of all flowers in the universe
Nasreen A name with a slight feminine touch; a wild blue flower
Neeraj The brilliance of the sun to the outward petals of lotus
Neerajpaul A person who protects the sanctity of the lotus flower
Padmanabhan The emergence of lotus from the navel
Pallav A flower that has just begun to emerge from a new bud
Pankaj A very popular name in India which combines the holiness with the lotus flower’s beauty
Parijaat A flower that blooms in the heavens and is meant for the gods
Prabhkamal The very flower that is chosen by God himself
Prasoon The blossoming of flowers
Priangu  A flower which has medicinal value, someone who is charming and loving
Pushpinder The lord of flowers
Rajiv The grand nature of the lotus flower
Rajkamal The emperor of lotuses has a name for himself as well
Rehan A Muslim name; a heavenly flower that is favoured by the gods
Rochan Pronounced like the name “Roshan”, the red coloured lotus
Rohi A flower, a music that touches the heart
Sai Kumar A frequent name in South India; flowers offered to everyone
Shehroze The emperor of roses
Shimul A beautiful flower
Shirish A flower that is known to be found on the rain tree
Sreevas The wealth attained by accepting the lotus flower
Sumandeep Wise, cheerful, A flower
Suryakant The brightness of the sun assimilated in the fragrance of a flower
Taureek The lotus flower
Uday A direct connection to the blue coloured lotus that signifies the rising sun
Vakul Cleaver, Attentive, another name for Lord Shiva, A flower, Circumspect, Patient
Vanajaksh A boy with eyes resembling a lotus
Zafran Gold stigma of a flower
Zayan The brightness and the grace of the jasmine flower

Beautiful Gender-Neutral Names Inspired By Flowers

We hope you find these unisex flower names useful.

Ash A Hebrew name derived from the Ash tree.
Indigo A popular flower name that creates purplish-blue dye.
Olive The name Olive comes from a tree that gives fruit-bearing medicinal properties.
Ren A Japanese name meaning Lotus.
Sage A crisp name of an aromatic herb. It is popular among the modern generations.

There might be tons of girl names that mean flower or are derived them, but various names for boys can be found with the same meaning too. Traditionally it might be so that most flower-based names are meant for girls. But in today’s day and age, parents can feel free to name their kids as they please.

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