120 Boy & Girl Names That Mean Warrior

120 Boy & Girl Names That Mean Warrior

A name represents a person’s personality. We know you would always want your little one to grow up into someone strong and smart. So, give your little bundle of joy a name that signifies his smartness and warrior-like quality. These baby names are sure to leave an impression on the person who will hear them. Choosing the best name for your child is a daunting exercise. If you have decided on a particular meaning, there are hundreds of names conveying it. A ‘warrior’ name conveys a person who can protect, defend, fight, be resilient and be strong-willed against injustice and discrimination against the weak. Help your child instil warrior-like features and qualities with the help of fighter meaning names.


Baby Girl Names That Mean Warrior

We present you the list of 60 baby girl names of various origins which essentially convey the meaning of a female warrior or a fighter, the brave, tough, born to lead girl. Numerous historical and modern tough women inspire young little girls to excel and lead in all spheres of life and we hope you find a suitable name from this list of female names for warrior. We like to make the name of choosing a pleasurable family experience for those who are expecting their cute little ones with great excitement.

Name Meaning
Aife If you are looking out for a name that means princess warrior, then Aife is the right choice. It is spelt Aoife in Irish, which means a ‘great warrior princess’.
Alessia This sassy and confident Italian girl’s name means ‘defending warrior’.
Aloisa This word is of German origin. It means ‘renowned warrior’, a girl who would grow up showing qualities of a good warrior.
Alexa This amazing Greek name means ‘protector of mankind’.
Amana This lovely name is of Swahili origin, the lingua franca of the great lakes region of Africa. This baby girl name means a ‘warrior at heart, loyal and faithful’.
Andrea This lovely name means ‘strong’, an essential quality to be a warrior. It is a name of German, Italian and English origin.
Armani A name of Italian origin; it means ‘warrior’, indicating the baby girl would be a great fighter all the way.
Armina It is a name of French origin, meaning ‘army man’. It suggests the girl would be highly disciplined and courageous.
Beadu This word has its roots in an old Norse name, which means ‘helpful battle maid’. From Borghildr who killed the Sun every night as per mythology.
Bellatrix This cute name means ‘female warrior’ in Latin. It is the star on the left shoulder of the Orion constellation.
Bellona A Roman name derived from the Latin word Bellum; it is a Goddess of war, probably Roman’s first warrior deity.
Brianna Another warrior name for girls which conveys the meaning ‘strong, virtuous honourable’. It is a name of Irish origin.
Bridget This name has Gaelic or Irish origin. It means ‘exalted one, power’ It comes from Brigid or Brigh meaning ‘strength.
Cammi It is a French origin name. This cute short name means ‘noble’; it is a variant of Camilla who is the swift-running warrior maid in Virgil’s Latin poem Aeneid.
Cahira This unusual name has an Irish origin and means a ‘warrior’. This name has a vast 11 variants to choose.
Carla This cute name means ‘one who has strength’, with a French, Latin American origin. It is a variant of Carmilla who was the swift-running warrior maid.
Clodovea This name has Spanish origin and means ‘, famous warrior’. It is the female equivalent of Clodoveo.
Dealla This gorgeous Irish name means ‘protector’.
Deandra Deandra, the lovely sounding name has roots in Germany. It means a ‘divine protector’.
Delmira This name also has its origin in Germany. It means a  ‘noble protector’, implying that she is a noble person who protects all.
Diamond For your daughter’s sharp features and amazing qualities, this Old English name means ‘untamed’ or ‘invincible’.
Dustine Dustine means ‘female warrior’ or ‘Thor’s stone’ and is of American origin.
Edme This spectacular Scottish girl’s name means ‘protector’.
Edwige This name has a French origin which means ‘war. Parents can choose this trendy high sounding name for a strong baby girl
Elda Elda has French roots and means ‘, warrior’. This lovely name is a perfect choice for your cute and tough baby girl.
Emlyn This name has English roots and means ‘brave and a noble warrior’. It implies that the girl fights for the right cause.
Fianna A trendy Irish name meaning ‘band of warriors’, derived from the word fiann.
Gerry Gerry is a baby girl name with an English origin. It means ‘spear warrior’ indicating a strong personality.
Gertude This name has a German origin. Gertrude means ‘adored warrior’, a girl whose courage will be liked by all.
Harlow It is an English origin name. It means ‘army. It was made famous by the glamorous blonde Jean Harlow in the 1930s.
Hera This lovely short name is of Greek origin. It means ‘hero, warrior’. In Greek mythology, Hera is the queen of Gods.
Hilda A name of German origin which means ’battle woman’. This name is still trendy in Sweden and can turn out to be a popular choice.
Ilma This sweet name has a German origin. It carries the meaning of ‘resolute protector’ suggesting that she is very reliable.
Keilee This name has a Gaelic, Irish origin. Keilee means ‘warrior, protector’.  A similar-sounding name is Kayleigh of Scottish origin meaning ‘warrior.’
Kella It is a baby girl name from Ireland meaning ‘warrior’. This short name is perfect for a baby girl warrior.
Louella This lovely name has its roots in France. It means ‘famous warrior, renowned fighter’. It is an excellent choice for your cute little one.
Louisane A beautiful popular name with roots in Germany. It means a ‘renowned warrior’, suggesting that the baby would be known as a fighter.
Marcella This warrior baby name is of Latin origin. It means ‘young warrior’, implying that the baby would be tenacious all along.
Meredith This sweet-sounding name is of Celtic origin. It means ‘protector of the sea’ implying she will rule and protect nature.
Mina Mina is an eccentric Dutch name for ‘protector’.
Myla Myla is a Germanic name meaning ‘soldier’.
Nakano Nakano is a Japanese girl name meaning warrior.  It is a popular name or surname in the country with many people going in for this.
Odile This lyrical name is of French origin and means ‘prospers in battle’.  She is the one who wins her fights in the right way.
Ouisa This name means ‘renowned warrior’ or a ‘famous warrior maiden’. Ouisa is a shortened form of Louisa, which is the feminine form of Louis.
Philomena This name means ‘lover of strength’, a combination of words Phil ‘friend, lover’ and menos ‘strength, courage’. It is of Greek origin.
Rosabella This cute name has its roots in Germany. It means a ‘noted protector’. The parents can hope to see their daughter known in society for her positive attributes.
Rosetta With a royal feel, Rosetta could be a perfect pick for your little girl. The German name means ‘noted protector’.
Ritza This short name has a German origin. It means a ‘noted protector’. She will become a famous fighter for justice.
Romilda It is a German baby name meaning a ‘glorious battle maiden’. Derived from the old German name Romhilde.
Sandra This reliable name is the feminine form of Alexander. It means ‘protector or defender of man’. Sandra Bullock is one famous personality with this name.
Sasha This worldly Russian name means ‘defending man’.
Tesha This new name is from India. It means ‘survivor’. In old Greek, Tesha means ‘hunter or harvester’.
Tilly This name is of German origin and means ‘battle-mighty’. It is a diminutive form of Matilda.
Trudy Trudy means ‘adored warrior’. It has a German origin. The girl will become famous for her fighting qualities.
Valda Valda means ‘battle heroine’ or ‘famous ruler’ and is of German origin. It is a lovely name for your cute heroine.
Valentina Derived from Valens meaning ‘strong vigorous and powerful’, it is the feminine form of Valentine.
Vigga It is the female version of the male Viggo. This name means ‘war or battle’ and is of Scandinavian or Danish origin.
Zandra A unique name starting with ‘z’ means ‘defending men’. It has a Greek origin.
Zelda Zelda is a warrior baby name of German origin. This rare exotic name starting with ’z’ means gray fighting maid’.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Warrior

Here, we present to you a list of 60 baby boy names which convey the meaning of a ‘warrior’, of a fighter who is physically and mentally strong all through his life. Have a great time picking a suitable name from this list of male warrior names.

Name Meaning
Aaron Aaron is a popular name meaning ‘high mountain’.
Ajax Ajax has a Greek origin. It means ‘strong warrior’. Parents can choose this implying that the baby boy will grow into a brave fighter.
Albern This classical name has English roots to it. Albern means ‘noble warrior’ who fights for justice, being noble as well as sturdy.
Alexander Who would not want their baby boy to be an Alexander? This famous name has a Greek name and means ‘defender of men’.
Alger The warrior name for boys, Alger has an English origin. It means a ‘clever warrior’ implying that the boy would be a good strategist.
Andrus This exotic name is the Estonian equivalent of the word ‘warrior’. You can choose this for an offbeat name.
Barron This name is of English origin and means ‘warrior’. This name is a variation of the title Baron. The name implies royalty as well as toughness.
Berenger This reliable name is for a baby boy who is a ‘warrior fighting with a spear’. It has German roots.
Birendra This name has Indian Sanskrit origin. Birendra means ‘king of warriors’.
Boris Who doesn’t know Boris Becker? This name is of Slavic origin. Boris means ‘to fight’, and the great tennis player was a great fighter.
Bomani This name is of African origin that means warrior. In Swahili, Bomani means ‘strong soldier’ and is a popular name.
Caddock This name has roots in England. It means ‘war-ready, battle sharp’. This name implies the baby boy would become a talented strategist.
Cadogan This name has got a Welsh origin. Cadogan means ‘honour in battle’. This name has a great history with many early Welsh leaders sporting this surname.
Callan This name is highly prevalent in Scotland, its place of origin. It means ‘rock, battle’ signifying a warrior as solid as a rock.
Chevy This name is in the US top 1000 and has a French origin. It means ‘horseman, knight’. Short form of Chevalier.
Danahue It is an Irish name which means ‘dark fighter’. Select this if you are looking out for a new trendy and sweet name for a tough boy.
Dieter This name has a German origin. Dieter means ‘warrior of the people’. Derived from German theud ‘people’ and hari ‘army’.
Duncan This name is of Scottish origin, which means ‘dark warrior’. This famous name is present in many outstanding literary works.
Dustin This name is of Norse, Scandinavian origin. Dustin means ‘brave warrior’. Related name is Thorstein, Thor’s stone.
Earl This name is of English origin and an aristocratic title for nobles. It comes from the old English eorl ‘nobleman, warrior’.
Ebba Ebba is a amazing choice for those looking for a powerful name. The name Ebba means ‘strength of an animal’.
Einar Einar means ‘lone or bold warrior’. This name from Norway implies that the baby boy would have the strength to face everything alone against all the odds.
Eloy This name has Spanish origin, and it means mighty warrior’. It has Latin, Spanish and even a French connection.
Ethan Ethan is a common boy’s name for its pleasant-sounding feel and meaning. The name means ‘strong’.
Evander This name is an extended version of the famous name Evan. This Scottish, Greek origin name means ‘bow warrior, strong man’.
Finian This masculine name is of Scottish origin. Finian means ‘handsome warrior’, a pride of any parent who wants to see his boy become a tough, handsome young man.
Gerald It is a popular German name. Gerald means ‘warrior who fights with a spear’, a combination of modern with ancient.
Gideon If you are looking out for a Hebrew name for a warrior, then Gideon is an excellent choice for your strong and brave baby boy.
Griffin Griffin is a mythical name for ‘strong lord’.
Harold This name is of Scandinavian origin, which means ‘army ruler’. Associated with King of England before Norman conquest, it is making a return.
Herman Herman is of German origin. It means ‘soldier warrior’. It is a famous ancient name and is making a strong comeback in recent years.
Herve This name is of French origin meaning ‘battle worthy’. The baby boy will grow into a man worthy of any life battle.
Humphrey Humphrey Bogart fame, this ‘peaceful warrior’ meaning is derived from two Germanic elements hun ‘warrior’ and frid ‘peace’.
Igor This name is of Scandinavian, Russian origin. It means ‘heroic warrior’ or ‘warrior of peace’ from Ingyar, who was the warrior of Ing, Norse God of peace.
Ivor The Irish origin name means ‘archer, bow warrior’. It is from the combination of yr meaning ‘bow’ and arr meaning ‘warrior’ derived Norse name Ivarr.
Jimmu Jimmu is a ‘name that means divine warrior’. It is of Japanese origin. It comes from jim meaning ‘God’ and mu meaning ‘military’.
Junaid This name is of Arabic origin and means ‘warrior, soldier’. It is a popular Muslim name in many countries.
Kane Kane means ‘warrior’ and is of Celtic, Japanese and Hawaiian origin. It is popular in Australia as a first name. Citizen Kane considered one of the best movies ever made has also popularised this name.
Kaiden This name is of Celtic origin and means ‘warrior’. You can choose this slightly unusual name which is a variation of Kaden.
Kelly This joyful and positive-vibed name means ‘warrior’.
Kimble This poetic name is a classic English name and means ‘chief of the warriors’ Parents can choose this name to see their baby reach the pinnacle of success.
Liam This worldly name is a perfect pick for those looking for a cool-sounding name with deep meaning. Liam means ‘resolute defender’.
Louis This name is of German, French origin meaning ‘renowned warrior’. This name is making a comeback with Sandra Bullock and British royals naming their child Louis.
Ludovic This name is of Scottish, Italian origin. It means ‘famous warrior’. Name your baby boy Ludovic to see him emerge famous and brave.
Luigi It is a classic Italian name with many famous namesakes. It means ‘renowned warrior’, implying the boy will be brilliant and a fighter all the way.
Ludvig This name is of German origin. The lovely firm name Ludvig means a  ‘respected warrior’ an attribute which you would like to see in your baby boy.
Magnar Magnar means ‘a feared or especially strong warrior’. This powerful word implies that the boy will be a powerhouse of a man as he grows up.
Madisen It is one of the names that mean a ‘powerful warrior’. It is a variation of the name Madison.
Max If you are looking for a crisp and short name, this two-syllable name would be an ideal choice. Max means ‘the greatest’.
Morgan Morgan is a sophisticated-sounding name meaning ‘sea warrior’.
Murphy This name has an Irish origin. Murphy means ‘sea warrior’. It comes from an old Irish name Murchad. This name has a connection with ship mechanism also.
Naois This name carries the meaning ‘mythical warrior’ and is of Celtic origin. This lovely poetic name is an excellent choice for your baby boy.
Neron Neron is a unique and mostly unheard-of name meaning ‘strong’.
Oscar It is a well-known name made famous by the popular awards. This Irish name means ‘champion warrior, God spear.’
Owen Owen means a ‘young warrior’ of noble birth and is of Welsh origin. This name is becoming increasingly popular with many actors sporting this name.
Roger Now the name is made more popular by the celebrated champion Tennis player Federer; Roger means a ‘legendary famous warrior’.
Ryder It is a common name derived from the old English ridere meaning ‘mounted warrior or cavalryman’.  Choose this for a trendy name.
Tiger Well, this fierce boy’s name exudes everything a warrior or a soldier has it. The name Tiger symbolises ‘power’ and ‘energy’.
Usbeorn This name has an English origin and means ‘a divine warrior’. You can choose this name if you need qualities like good strength of character, discipline and fair play in the boy.
Werner If you are you looking for an unusual name to convey the meaning ‘protector, army’, you can choose Werner. This name has roots in Germany and England.

We have taken great efforts to present this list of 100 active names to you to choose one from for your brave little one. We wish you good luck and a happy choice!

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