15 Limerick Poems for Kids: Examples & How to Write Them

15 Witty Limerick Poems For Kids

Poetry of all forms is fun and exciting. Especially poetry, which is specially designed to tickle your bones. Limericks are funny poems of five lines which are good for having a good laugh for everyone. The silly poems are especially good for the kids, both for reading and making. The creativity of the kids is unleashed as they learn to write rhyming lines and words to form a limerick. Writing witty and funny limericks also makes them use their word knowledge and learn more words to be creative. So it is a good way for parents to develop the creativity of their kid. In this article, we will discuss in-depth what Limerick poetry is, some examples of children’s Limericks, and how you can come up with your own!

What is a Limerick

A limerick is a funny and short poem of five lines written in a distinctive rhythm. The limerick for kids is easy to understand and with funny lines that attract the kids. The rhythm of a limerick is AABBA where A and B stand for number of words. So the first, second and fifth lines have equal words and third and fourth lines have equal words. Also in a limerick, the first, second and fifth lines are written longer than the third and fourth lines. So the longer lines are A and shorter lines are B. The ‘A’ lines should be of 7-10 words/syllables and B should be 5-7 syllables or words. The kid-friendly limericks are extremely funny and are best for a good laugh.

Origin Of Limericks Poem

Limericks were first made famous in the 1800s by Edward Lear in his book “Book of Nonsense”.

How to Write a Limerick for Children

Limericks are five-line silly poems which are easy to write. These funny poems need not really make sense.

The steps to write limericks are:

1. Line Count and Rhyme

A limerick has five lines and the first, second and fifth lines have similar rhyming and same syllable count, typically 8 to 9 words. And fourth and fifth have same rhyme and are of 5 to 6 syllables.

2. Rhythmic Pattern

One needs to ensure the first, second and last line is in same beat or rhythm or rhyme with each other. In simple words they should have same rhythmic pattern. Similarly the third and fourth lines have same rhythmic pattern.

3. Try Singing It

To make sure the words and lines rhyme with each other, try singing them or saying them aloud. When we read out aloud we get the feel of rhyme and beat.

4. Be Creative

Be creative with the words and lines. Don’t think too much about the lines making sense, just go with the flow and keep your focus on rhythm. If get stuck, try the fill-in-the-blanks method, where you can write the lines with the rhyming words missing and then you can fill in to make the limerick.

5. Think of a Theme

One really good way of coming up with a limerick is to think of a theme. You can get creative around this chosen theme and then gradually start writing your limerick. 

6. Come up with a Character

You can make up a character and then write a limerick depicting what happens in the character’s life. It can be based on the character’s personality, life, or even a situation they find themselves in. 

How To Teach Your Child To Write Limerick?

Start by introducing your little ones to basic limericks so that they can understand easily. Then you can proceed to guide them through writing a limerick. Encourage them to use their own creativity, word, and flow. 

Famous Limerick Examples for Kids

Children’s limerick poems provide good laugh for kids. Funny limericks for kids can even be enjoyed by adults for a good laugh. Some of the best limericks for kids are:

1. Young Fellow Named Matt

An ambitious young fellow named Matt
Tried to parachute using his hat.
Folks below looked so small
As he started to fall,
Then got bigger and bigger and SPLAT!

– Graham Lester

2. Old Man of Dumbree

There was an old man of Dumbree,
Who taught little owls to drink tea;
For he said, ‘To eat mice,
Is not proper or nice’
That amiable man of Dumbree.

– Edward Lear

3. A Circus Performer Named Brian

A circus performer named Brian
Once smiled as he rode on a lion.
They came back from the ride,
But with Brian inside,
And the smile on the face of the lion.

– Anonymous

4. The Bicycling Poodle

The bicycling poodle he saw
Made the cop on the beat drop his jaw;
It was easy to tell
That it rode rather well,
Though its hand signals truly were paw.

– Graham Lester

5. A Mouse in Her Room

A mouse in her room woke Miss Dowd
She was frightened, it must be allowed,
Soon a happy thought hit her
To scare off the critter
She sat up in bed and meowed

6. Pirate of Boulder

There was a bold pirate of Boulder
Whose cutlass was slung from his shoulder.
He’d mighty fine notions
Of plundering oceans,
But his mom said: “Perhaps, when you’re older.”

– Graham Lester

7. The Easter Bunny

There once was a nice Easter bunny
He hopped around looking very funny
He injured his leg
While hiding an egg
Then he didn’t feel very sunny

8. The Star

There once was a wonderful star
Who thought she would go very far
Until she fell down
And looked like a clown
She knew she would never go far.

9. Old Man with a Beard

There was an Old Man with a beard,
Who said, “It is just as I feared! —
Two Owls and a Hen,
Four Larks and a Wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard.”

10. Baby Lou

There once was a baby named Lou
And he grew and he grew and he grew
And he grew and he grew
And he grew and he grew,
But he stopped when he reached six foot two.

– Graham Lester

11. Friendship 

If a person would have several friends,
Here’s the thing upon which it depends;
are you willing to share
when there isn’t much
and burn up your day from both ends

– Steve Mckee

12. Gerbil Remedies

A creature of charm is the gerbil
Its diet exclusively herbal
It grazes all day
On bunches of hay
Passing gas wth an elegant burble

13. He Should Have Shaved

There was an old man with a beard
Who said, “It is just as I feared!
Two owls and a hen
Four larks and a wren,
Have all built their  nests in my beard!”

14. Pie’s the Limit

I know a schoolboy from Dubai. 
Who was baked by mistake in a pie
To his mother’s disgust,
He emerged through the crust
And exclaimed, “What a good boy am I!”

15. Cat Spat

There once were two cats from Kilkenny.
Each thought that was one cat too many,
So they started to fight
And to scratch and to bite.
Now, instead of two cats, there aren’t any. 


1. Which Is The Most Famous Limerick?

Hickory Dickory Dock is the most famous Limerick. 

2. Which Is The Oldest Limerick?

It is believed that Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote the first Limerick in the 13th Century. It was penned in medieval Latin and is the oldest surviving Limerick.

Kids will enjoy reading and making funny limericks. These five-line poems are easy to make and will increase the creativity and word power of the kids. So, encourage your kids to create limericks and enjoy laughing with them.

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