10 Types of Face Masks and How to Select the Right One

10 Types of Face Masks and How to Find The Perfect One

Charcoal masks, gold masks, glitter masks, face masks have been around so long that they are taking on newer forms everyday. Before going ahead and picking out fancy face masks, it is best to understand which one is for you. Let’s break them down, shall we?

Who doesn’t love a pampering session? Especially if it draws out impurities and leaves your skin feel super-soft and radiant. Facial masks hydrate your skin, remove dead skin, tone your face and remove any tanning the sun may have caused.
What is important while picking out a face mask is finding the right type for your skin.

Types of Face Masks and What They Do

1. Cream Face Masks



cream mask
Perfect for: 
People with dry to normal skin.

Cream masks are heavily moisturising and mostly have an oil base. They will usually contain hyaluronic acid which will moisturize dry skin cells, making them plump by retaining the moisture. If you have dry skin, look for a cream face mask containing hyaluronic acid. Some of the newer cream masks containing algae extracts help to tighten and firm the skin.

2. Sheet Masks

sheet mask

Perfect for: There’s one for every skin type

Sheet masks have taken over the world, especially the social media world with most bloggers donning these. It is recommended that you do not rinse the residue of the sheet masks after use, instead seal in the liquid with a good moisturizer.

3. Clay Masks


clay mask

Perfect for: Normal to Oily Skin

Clay masks are occlusive, just like sheet masks. This basically means they close the skin off to air. This makes your brain naturally send skin plumpers to the skin that is covered. At the same time, the ingredients in the mask, detox and nourish the skin. If you have acne, look for a clay mask that mentions clarifying ingredients or sulfur to treat your breakouts and prevent redness.

4. Peel-off Masks

peel off mask

Perfect for: Mature skin

Remember your mum using these as a kid and you’d love to peel them off for her? Peel-off masks come in paraffin wax, gel or plastic bases. The tighten the skin temporarily and also stimulate blood circulation. Certain peel-off masks also claim to remove blackheads, like the new charcoal mask.

5. Gel Masks

gel mask

Perfect for: Sensitive and dry skin

Gel masks have a cooling effect that makes them perfect for sensitive or easily inflammed skin. Gel masks contain an infusion of antioxidants and collagen that help skin recover quickly. They are also great for rehydrating parched skin.

6. Exfoliating Face Masks

exfoliating mask

Perfect for: All skin types except sensitive skin

Exfoliating masks give your skin shine by ridding it of dead skin cells. They also purge your skin of oil and grime that is deep in your pores. Exfoliating masks that contain fruit enzymes from papaya and pineapple get this done best. Hydroxy acids like glycolic acid and lactic acids also helps it removing deep-seated dirt. Exfoliating masks dry out your skin so be sure to drink plenty of water and moisturize after use. The exfoliating action of these masks allows your skin to be in the best position to absorb nutrients so this is the best time to feed your skin with a soothing, nourishing face pack.

7. Thermal Masks

thermal mask

Perfect for: All skin types

Thermal masks gradually heat up after application. The warmth opens up pores and encourages the skin to breathe.

8. Warm-oil Masks

warm oil mask

Perfect for: Mature skin

Warm-oil masks usually contain a mixture of oils like almond oil, olive oil and vitamin-e oil. They work best for mature skin as they replenish skin of lost elasticity and moisture. They also soften skin texture. Oil masks are great for people with dry skin too.

9. Natural Masks

fruit mask

Perfect for: All skin types

Natural masks use the rejuvenating qualities of fruits, veggies and grains to provide skin with nourishment, exfoliation and moisturization. Fruits like papaya, orange, banana and tomato are commonly used in masks. Cucumber and potato are used in face masks because of their cooling and anti-blemish properties.

10. Trending Masks


Perfect for: Anyone that loves a new trend!

You can pick from glitter masks to galaxy masks, charcoal masks and golden ones, there’s a trending mask for everyone!

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So go on, try out these masks for yourself and test their claims. You’ll never know just what your skin could look and feel like if you don’t try them. Limit your masks to once a week to avoid irritation or breakouts. This will give you enough time to keep scouting for a mask that suits you best!

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