10 Amazing Health Benefits of Climbing Stairs

10 Surprising Benefits of Climbing Stairs that Everyone Should Know

Exercising is an essential part of our lives, and everyone should attempt to get at least 25 minutes of exercise on a daily basis to stay healthier longer. Human beings were not made for a sedentary lifestyle. While there are many gyms that have the best professional equipment and space to get in a good work out, you can save some time and money and just work out at home. You can use something as simple as a flight of stairs to get a great workout. Not only is that very simple, but it also has many benefits.

What Are the Health Benefits of Climbing Stairs?

Here are some benefits of climbing stairs as an exercise:

1. Weight Loss

There are definitely several benefits of climbing stairs for weight loss. Just go up and down the stairs for at least five minutes every day to get in a good workout and to help your body shed the extra weight and give you energy.

2. Tones the Body

Your body and stamina will improve as you get in the habit of climbing stairs. Your muscles will begin to get toned, and your body shape will become more firm and improved. When it comes to climbing stairs, 20 minutes should be your goal every day.

3. Good for Blood Pressure

Climbing stairs ensures better heart health and blood pressure as it helps to unclog the arteries. This will eventually improve the heart rate and boost your overall health with better blood flow.

good for blood pressure

4. Lowers Risk of Mortality

 Climbing stairs provides such good exercise for the body that your overall health tends to improve. Just starting off slow will ensure that you soon form the habit of climbing stairs, getting your daily exercise and lowering your rate of mortality.

5. Mental Health

Even the mind gets refreshed as your body pumps blood and you get an adrenaline rush from the simple act of climbing stairs. The risk of developing mental health issues goes down dramatically. Stress and anxiety will not be able to seem so overwhelming once your body is in better shape.

6. Builds Stamina

At first, you may experience leg cramps and some pain, but the more you stick to it, the better your stamina will become in the long run. You will soon find yourself energised and capable of so much more than you thought possible when it comes to physical activities.

builds stamina

7. Diabetes

Climbing stairs improves blood pressure and blood sugar and helps to keep the symptoms of diabetes at bay. Any weakness that the problem brings with it will be cancelled out if you keep up the habit of climbing stairs.

8. Fights Headaches

Studies have shown that climbing stairs will have great results when it comes to fighting against dreaded headaches. This is because it improves the overall flow of blood, which makes it difficult for knots to form in the tender nerves that cause headaches.

9. No Extra Expenses

By choosing to climb stairs, you are getting the benefits of a body work out that you can get at the gym – only, you are not paying anything. Climbing stairs is convenient and can be done in your house or apartment complex without burning any holes in your pockets.

no extra expenses

10. No Skill Required

Some people find it difficult to work out because they are not sure if they are capable of the moves required. For climbing stairs, you don’t have any such thoughts or fears. It is easy and everyone can benefit from climbing stairs daily as long as they are not suffering from problems with their legs.


For those who want to know more, here are some frequently asked questions about climbing stairs as an exercise.

1. How Many Flights of Stairs Is a Good Workout?

Though climbing stairs is an excellent workout, you should aim for as many as you can. Do not just climb one flight of stairs and expect there to be a difference. Start off with four flights of stairs and try to aim for eight flights every day. This will ensure that you will have a proper work out where your muscles will really feel the work. Try climbing stairs 2 at a time for an even more intense work out.

2. Is Walking up and Down Bad for the Knees?

Sometimes, stair climbing can be the answer to your knee problems, but other times, it can make it worse. Your doctor will know how much you can handle, so be sure to mention it to them.

If you do not have any major medical problems with your knees, there should be no problems with climbing stairs for exercise. If you are someone who has previously had or currently has a small problem with your knee, you may want to consult with your doctor before you decide that you want to include this type of activity into your daily exercise routine.

Even if the problem seems small, too much weight on the knees or too much activity may aggravate the condition, making it worse. If your doctor says that it is alright, you can start exercising by climbing stairs.

3. Is Climbing Stairs Better Than Running?

Both running and climbing stairs are great forms of exercise. They are simple, and they provide you with many benefits. Still, stair climbing seems to have a few more benefits over running as it performs certain duties better. Climbing stairs can help you lose more calories than running, and it will also help to strengthen your lower body. Climbing stairs pretty much forces your body to fight against gravity and move upwards, carrying the weight of your body with it. This way, you burn more calories than you would while running.

Another reason why climbing stairs is so much more beneficial than running is because of the accessibility of the area. It is not so easy to find a stretch of land where you can run in peace without the danger of being hit by a vehicle or some other problems. Stairs are pretty much available to anyone and everyone as they are there in apartment buildings, workplaces and any building that has an elevator. Going so far as to choose to climb stairs instead of taking the elevator is a great start to your stair climbing exercise, and climbing stairs backwards can add a change to the routine and make it more challenging.

is climbing stairs better than running

4. Who Should Avoid Climbing Stairs As a Form of Exercise?

Those who are suffering from hip or knee problems and those who have acute heart conditions should refrain from climbing stairs as a form of exercise. If you have shaky limbs, you must also avoid this type of exercise as there is an increased risk of falling and injuring yourself. Anyone who suffers from any of these problems should always consult their doctor for more advice about this form of exercise. It is better to avoid making problems worse.

5. Is It Beneficial to Climb Stairs During Pregnancy?

Climbing stairs during pregnancy definitely comes with risks. The biggest is that you may trip and fall, which would be catastrophic. Climbing stairs for day-to-day reasons is reasonable, but when you are trying to use the stairs as a form of exercise, it becomes very risky when you are pregnant. As you begin to grow bigger, your centre of gravity will change, making it difficult for you to keep going up and down as easily as you may have once been able to. It is best to avoid this kind of exercise to avoid risks related to falling, which could result in a miscarriage or a problem that may show up later in pregnancy or after birth.

While it may seem nice to go to the gym and work out, it is sometimes more practical and beneficial to work with what you have. Everybody has stairs in some form and can easily incorporate the stair climbing exercise into their daily lives. Only those who have actual medical reasons not to should avoid it. Climbing stairs is even more beneficial than running, so if you are not a particularly big fan of running, you can turn to this handy way of exercise to help keep you fit, lose weight and tone your body.

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