Top Reasons to Travel Northeast India Once in a Lifetime

10 Reasons To Explore Northeast India With Your Family!

India is a land of diversity and this makes it a great attraction for global tourists. The country has a number of tourist hotspots, but the Northeastern states are a relatively lesser-explored territory. However, this part of the country is absolutely amazing as it is blessed with nature’s bounty.

10 Amazeballs Reasons to Explore Northeast India

1. Yak safari, Sikkim

You can ride a horse, camel or elephant in other parts of India but for a yak safari, the northeast is the place. Your kids can experience the thrill of this unique ride at the Tsomgo Lake trail.

2. River rafting adventure on river Siang in Arunachal Pradesh

For those with an adventurous streak, experience the thrill of the dangerous rapids on river Siang by taking up a spine-chilling challenge of river rafting through the tumultuous rapids.

3. The dances of Manipur

Raslila, Laihaoroba and Samirkirtana are the traditional dance forms of Manipur, which combine fluid movements with beautiful expressions and definitely deserve a mention when you talk about the best of the Northeast.

4. Sela pass, Arunachal Pradesh

Located at a height of 13000 feet, the Sela Pass in Arunachal Pradesh is one good reason you need to visit Northeast India. A hike to this pass offers an unmatched view of the mountainous terrain along with heavenly weather and an unforgettable adventure.

5. The river cruise of Brahmaputra

One of the biggest attractions of travelling to Northeast India is the river cruise of Brahmaputra, the longest river of the region. The ten-day cruise traverses the entire state of Assam, starting at Dibrugarh and ending in Guwahati, with popular sightseeing like Kaziranga National Park. Enjoy a romantic time with your husband!

The river cruise of Brahmaputra

6. Root bridges of Meghalaya

The heavy rainfall in Meghalaya contributes to the growth of strong and thick secondary roots of rubber trees here. The locals have crafted these into the most stunning aerial bridges.

7. The Sandakphu trek, Sikkim

Another enticing part of the trip to the northeast is the trek to the famous Sandakphu Peak, at an altitude of 11000 feet. Surely, this one is not for the meek-hearted!

8. The Hornbill festival of Nagaland

The rich culture of this state deserves special attention and you can experience it at the famous Hornbill festival of Nagaland, which offers a glimpse of the most amazing art and dance forms of the tribes of the region.

9. The delightful Vawksa Rep of Mizoram

The food of the region is one reason to pay a visit here. Vawksa Rep is a stir fried meat dish with smoked pork, snow peas and green veggies as main ingredients. Salivating already?

10. Tempting taste at Chikhvi, Sikkim

If you’re in a mood to have an adventure with your taste buds, the Northeast is the perfect destination. Try out this tempting dish of smoky-flavoured pork and bamboo shoot strips, served on a bed of red rice.

Get set to plan your next holiday at these picturesque destinations. Your kids and husband will be overjoyed!

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