10 Incredible Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Did you know that walking barefoot can have a positive influence on your health? This is because the negative ions present in the earth balance out the positive ions present inside yourself, creating a balance that will give you improved health. When walking barefoot, the pressure points on your feet get activated and give your body energy.

Amazing Benefits of Barefoot Walking

There are many health benefits to your body if you walk barefoot. Here are a few below:

1. It Can Control Insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping at night and often find yourself sleepless even till the wee hours of the morning, you may be suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia which is a type of sleep disorder. It is believed that one of the benefits of walking barefoot on grass is that your insomnia can be cured.

2. Improves Eyesight

There is a pressure point on your feet which is believed to be connected to the nerves of your eye. Walking barefoot can stimulate this pressure point and help improve your overall eyesight.

3. The Nervous System can be Improved

Walking barefoot at home can stimulate specific acupuncture points in the foot, and this will, in turn, stimulate your nerves and veins, thereby improving your nervous system. Diabetic people who experience pain from varicose veins can relieve it if they walk barefoot on a regular basis.\

4. Immunity can be Increased

Children love to play around barefoot. Since walking barefoot stimulates the nervous system, it also helps in increasing one’s immunity by making one stronger and less susceptible to disease.

Happy Pregnant Woman Walking Barefoot

5. Increases Energy

One of the benefits of walking barefoot on sand is that it gives you resistance and this stimulates the pressure points on your feet. You may find it difficult to walk on the sand for a few days, but as your feet get used to it, you will develop more strength in your legs and body. Your energy level will increase and keep you active during the day. You get the same benefits by walking barefoot on pebbles or barefoot on stones.

6. Helps Menstrual and Hormonal Issues

When your hormones are not in balance, you will experience physical and mental problems. Women who have premenstrual syndrome often have mood swings, headaches, stomach pain, a gain in weight, acne, constipation, and other issues. Walking barefoot on the ground can help ease many of these symptoms.

7. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is caused by damage to your body’s cells, which may lead to complications like cancer, ageing, heart issues, and other problems. Walking barefoot helps the electrons in the ground act as anti-oxidants and reduce inflammation in your body.

8. Cardiovascular Activity is Improved

As we discussed, walking barefoot helps improve the nervous system. This, in turn, helps improve blood circulation in your body. More blood circulation means a healthier cardiovascular system.

9. Maintains Blood Pressure

Your stress levels automatically come down when you walk barefoot as the nerves in your feet are stimulated, releasing stress. This is similar to when you get a foot reflexology massage. Since your stress comes down, your blood pressure also gets stable.

10. It Clears Your Mind and Improves Mood

If you have a lot of internal chatter going on in your head and suffer from mood swings, walking barefoot in snow or on the grass can help you relax and focus on the present. Your body absorbs negative electrons through the earth which helps create within it a balanced bioelectrical environment.


You may still have a few questions on the benefits of walking barefoot. Below are a few questions and their answers:

1. Can You Get Diseases From Walking Barefoot?

As long as you are walking on a clean surface and not on harmful substances like chemicals or sludge, there is no reason to think that walking barefoot will give you diseases. You should also make sure you do not have any open cuts on your feet when you walk barefoot to avoid infections.

2. Does Walking Barefoot Cause Back Pain?

Walking barefoot does not cause back pain but instead reduces any pain that your body may experience. Since walking barefoot grounds the body and reduces free radicals, it can help heal your back pain and loosen any tight muscles.

3. Is It Safe To Walk Barefoot On The Beach?

If you are aware of what is in front of you while walking and avoid stepping on sharp rocks or glass, it is quite safe and healthy to walk barefoot on the beach.

4. Does Walking On Grass Improves The Eyesight?

There is a pressure point on your feet that connect to the nerves of your eye. Walking barefoot stimulates this point which in turn helps better your eyesight.

Walking barefoot on the grass, on the beach, or soil helps improve both your mental and physical health by strengthening your feet, improving your nervous system, and reducing stress. So remove those shoes and take a walk!

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