10 Best Throwing A Frisbee Games For Children

10 Exciting Frisbee Games for Kids

Frisbees are fun toys that everyone loves to play with. The way Frisbees take off into the air after a launch is exhilarating, making us want to keep at it. To kick the fun up several notches, you can organize several Frisbee games that involve more people and challenging activities. Once you learn how to control the curve and the flight of a Frisbee, you can use your skill to strike targets at a distance at fun games. The next time you arrange an outdoor party, be sure to try out one of these frisbee sport ideas. 

Benefits of Playing Frisbee Games for Children

Playing with Frisbees is a physical activity that requires you to be outside in a big space. Because of this, it has several benefits. 

  • Arm strength and coordination develop well in kids by throwing a Frisbee. It takes a lot of precise motor control to ensure the Frisbee doesn’t fly off to unintended places.
  • Frisbee games involve running, chasing the toy, or running to fetch it for a second throw. 
  • Running and playing build endurance and agility in children. 
  • Trying to catch a Frisbee thrown by an opposite person takes a lot of hand-to-eye coordination, and it also requires kids to chase the flying toy, giving them plenty of workouts. 
  • Many Frisbee games require children to jump in the air as they run to catch the flying toy. The exercise builds both speed and power in leg movements.

Interesting Frisbee Games That Children Will Enjoy 

Here are some great Frisbee games that are great for all occasions: 

1. Frisbee Lawn Bowls

Frisbee Lawn Bowls

The Frisbee lawn bowls are the most basic Frisbee game everyone can play regardless of their experience with Frisbees. You will need a few Frisbees, a dozen if there are at least 10 people, and a tennis ball or a baseball to act as a target. You can also use a gaming target mat to score better points and make the game fun for a larger crowd.

  • To play the game, the participants will have to stand in line and wait for their turn to toss the Frisbee.
  • Whoever throws it closer to the bulls-eye gets the most points in the round.
  • Alternatively, whoever manages to land their Frisbee on the ball with playing without a target wins the round.

2. Frisbee Throwing Race 

Frisbee Throwing Race

The rule of the game is simple: you never let the Frisbee hit the ground! You will need at least two people or even numbers to make up different teams to play this game.

  • Draw a line between the teams and have them stand 10 yards apart.
  • At the start of the game, each team will toss the Frisbee to the other side, and the other side must catch and toss it back.
  • To win the game, one team should go 20 rounds or more without dropping the Frisbee to the ground.
  • Alternatively, you can split the crowd into multiple groups of two and have a winning team. 

3. Frisbee Kan Jam

The kan jam frisbee game is one of the most fun games with this toy. Being an advanced game, it is perfect for teenagers and adults. You will need a few Frisbees and two rubbish cans or large cardboard boxes to play the game.

  • Split the players into two teams and place the garbage cans 20ft apart.
  • Taking turns, each team will have players who will toss trying to land in the rubbish can and players who will deflect the incoming Frisbees into the rubbish cans.
  • The players are only allowed to deflect the Frisbee in the air and not catch it.
  • Scoring points can be based on the following rules:
    • If you strike the garbage can, your team gets the point.
    • If your teammate deflects the Frisbee into the can, your team gets two points.
    • You get three points if you can throw the Frisbee directly into the other can. 

4. Frisbee Tennis 

Frisbee Tennis

You will need a tennis court to play this game. Divide the players into two teams spread across the tennis court.

  • The game requires the two teams to serve each other over the net, and the other team should try to catch the Frisbee.
  • If the receiving team can’t catch one three times in a row, the serving team gets the point.
  • If the serving team throws a Frisbee off-point, the receiving team gets the point.
  • You can play the game for a set number of points, such as 10 or 15.
  • The team which gets there first wins. 

5. Frisbee Soccer 

Frisbee Soccer

Perhaps the most fun game is Frisbee soccer. This game is best played on a soccer field with 6-10 players on each team. The game rules are the same as typical soccer rules, with both the teams trying to score goals.

  • Each team needs a goalkeeper like typical soccer, and the team which scores the most goals under time wins.
  • To make it harder to score a goal, you can add a minimum distance beyond which the Frisbee cannot be thrown into the goal post. 

6. Disc Golf 

Disc Golf

Disc golf has become a highly popular sport since it combines Frisbee with golf.

  • The game rules are similar to golf, except that you will be tossing a Frisbee into a basket.
  • The Frisbee discs for this game are specifically designed to be heavier and fly longer distances.
  • The person who manages to score the basket with the least number of throws will be the winner.
  • Because of its popularity, the game has a range of accessories and disc golf kits available for children of all ages. 

7. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

The ultimate frisbee game is a combination between American football and soccer. The rules are also similar, and the game is played on a soccer field.

  • You will need 7 players on each team at least.
  • The players will have to line up at the opponent’s end of the field and catch the Frisbee.
  • Players who hold the Frisbee are not allowed to move as long as they throw it, and the rest of the players can move around to catch the disc.
  • The game can be played to 15 points or more and have a time limit of 60 to 100 minutes.

8. Beach/Pool Jumping Frisbee 

Beach/Pool Jumping Frisbee

This is an exhilarating game where your friends take a picture of you catching a Frisbee mid-air while jumping into a swimming pool or on the beach.

  • It is essential to set up right to get the perfect shot.
  • Have a friend ready with the camera to your left as you run into the flying Frisbee and catch it mid-air.
  • The person who manages to give the most athletic or appealing pose while catching the Frisbee wins! 

9. Frisbee Hot Potato

Frisbee Hot Potato

This is basically the hot potato game with a Frisbee!

  • Have all the players stand in a big circle with the distance between each being at least ten feet.
  • Set a timer on a mobile phone and start from one random player.
  • The player can throw the Frisbee in any direction they choose, and the rest of the players continue.
  • Players who fail to catch the Frisbee are out of the game, and the person holding the Frisbee when the timer goes off is also out. 

10. Hula Hoop Frisbee Throws 

Hula Hoop Frisbee Throws

This is simple but a surprisingly difficult game to play. You will need a few hula hoops and Frisbees to play this game.

  • Hang the hoops from a branch using a rope spaced out a few feet apart in the park.
  • The game is to throw as many Frisbees through the hoops as possible.
  • The player who scores the most points wins. 

Frisbee games involve plenty of physical movement through running, jumping, and throwing, and they are great for developing motor functions in children and as party games. Challenging Frisbee games such as Frisbee soccer need a big space, and a spacious backyard will do for most. 

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