10 Things That Secretly Damage Your Skin

10 Everyday Mistakes That Secretly Damage Your Skin

Skin is a waterproof layer that covers our body and protects inner tissues, cells and also our nervous system. For a sense organ that serves so many vital functions for your body, it is important that you include a thorough wellness routine. However, what if there are secret things ruining your skin without your notice?

All your best laid plans for skincare may come to zilch if you don’t bring into consideration everyday things that damage your skin from the core! We bring you a list of seemingly unassuming things that can harm your skin if not nipped in the bud.

Your Skin’s Secret Enemies You Didn’t Know Were Culprits

1. Sleeping

If you have a habit of sleeping side-ways, your chances of getting wrinkles at an early age increases! Avoid pushing your face against the pillow so you don’t wake up one fine morning to see facial lines that apparently sprung overnight! Start sleeping on your back instead.


2. Too Much Swimming

Swimming is good for your overall health and fitness. But not the chlorine that comes as an unwelcome guest! Even if you take shower after a good swim, the chorine in the pool’s water might still cling on and clog your skin’s pores. This makes your skin vulnerable to breakouts and pigmentation. Ensure that you use a soap which gives out more foam to completely remove any traces of chlorine.

Too Much Swimming

3. Hot Showers

What’s wrong with a relaxing hot shower? Well, long hot water showers dry out your skin and deplete it of essential moisture. In the long run, it makes your skin dry. Try to use luke-warm water instead. If you find your skin is turning red, step out immediately.

Hot Showers

4. Excessive Intake Of Sodium

Sodium, though an essential element for our body, can suck out moisture when taken in huge amounts. This can leave your skin dull and dry. Cut down on the salt intake in your food to reduce your consumption of sodium.

Excessive Intake Of Sodium

5. Too Much Sugar

Well, too much sugar can put you at risk for diabetes, but bad skin? It seems excessive intake of sugar hits your skin’s collagen levels and might make it saggy. Yet another reason to cut down on sugar!

Too Much Sugar

6. Contact Lenses

Wearing an outdated lens or spectacles forces you to shrink your eyes, thus creating fine lines around them. Visit your eye specialist and get your eyes checked regularly to ensure you wear the appropriate powered lenses.

Contact Lenses

7. Dry-Cleaned Clothes

If this has you turning up your nose in disbelief, read this. The plastic covering on your freshly laundered clothes allows them to absorb more skin-harming chemicals! Use clothes-bags to carry your laundry around or remove the plastic covering as soon you get home.

Dry-Cleaned Clothes

8. Tweezing

While shapely eyebrows are every woman’s dream, tweezing them too often will leave your skin damaged. it also inhibits hair growth and can leave your brows too thin. Always wash your tweezers with an anti-bacterial solution and close your open pores with the help of a hot towel.


9. Passive Smoking

Even if you don’t smoke, standing next to a person who does will make your skin sag. The harmful nicotine and tar in cigarettes is extremely dangerous to the skin. Avoid coming in contact with cigarette smoke as far as possible.

Passive Smoking

10. Over-exfoliating

Exfoliating your skin regularly increases the glow and removes external dirt. What then is the problem? Well, too much exfoliation removes the natural oils of your skin. Balance your scrubbing sessions with proper moisturization.



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